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Want to own a piece of iPhone history? You just got a new chance

Original iPhone in sealed box
LCG Auctions

Are you a fan of the original iPhone? A rare unsealed 2007 model is up for auction, and it could be yours. Just be warned that it will likely come with a very hefty price tag.

LCG Auction is currently holding an auction for an original iPhone, with the bidding starting at $10,000. This iPhone is an original 4GB model, which makes it significant. When Apple launched the iPhone, it only sold a limited number of 4GB models, with the 8GB model being much more popular and widely available.

The auction site notes: “The original 4GB model is considered a ‘Holy Grail’ amongst iPhone collectors. Its extreme scarcity is directly related to its limited production. Debuting on June 29, 2007, alongside the 8GB model, the 4GB model was hampered by slow sales. Buyers chose to pay the $100 upcharge in exchange for double the storage space. The lagging sales resulted in Apple deciding to discontinue the 4GB model on September 5, 2007, just over two months after it was first released.”

Original iPhone in sealed box
LCG Auctions

This is only the third time LCG Auction has offered a 4G original iPhone—the previous two sold for $190,373 (July 2023) and $133,435 (October 2023).

On January 9, 2007, the late co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, announced the launch of the iPhone. Five months later, it was released for $499 for the 4GB version and $599 for the 8GB version. The iPhone was named the Time Magazine Invention of the Year in 2007 and offered many features, including a touchscreen, a 2MP camera, and a web browser.

If you find the price tag of $10,000 or more for a 14-year-old iPhone too expensive, a more sensible option is the iPhone 15 Pro Max, which is currently one of the best smartphones on the market. This model is vastly improved from the 2007 version in size, hardware, and features. The 6.7-inch iPhone 15 Pro Max starts at $1,199 and is available in four colors, all made of titanium. Even the 1TB version is significantly cheaper than the original iPhone, at just $1,599.

If you’re looking for something even “cheaper,” there’s the iPhone 15 Pro ($999), iPhone 15 Plus ($899) and iPhone 15 ($799). Apple also sells the latest iPhone SE budget phone starting at $429.

The original 4G iPhone can be bid on through Sunday, March 24, through the LCG Auction website.

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