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The best gaming desks you can buy right now

The desk is evolving. No longer are desks unwieldy behemoths packed with drawers. They are getting slimmer and cleaner year after year as minimalist desks continue to grow in popularity.

However, a basic slab of wood is not enough for the gaming community. They need a desk made specifically for them, and that’s no joke. The popular simplistic desks are lovely to look at, but they don’t exactly fill the needs of gamers, who generally use more peripherals (and thus have more cables) than regular consumers.

If you’re a gamer who needs a new station to take your gaming experience to the next level, here are some of the best gaming desks to consider.

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Arozzi Arena gaming desk

Why you should buy this: It’s simply the best gaming desk you can buy, hands down.

Who it’s for: Anyone who wants a large and minimalist desk for their gaming setup.

Why we picked the Arozzi Arena gaming desk:

There are a surprising number of gaming desks on the market, and most are packed with features and color patterns that appeal to gamers. However, sometimes the best option is the simplest, as evidenced by the incredible Arozzi Arena gaming desk.

The Arozzi has a sturdy metal frame that is durable and great looking. It’s 63 inches wide and can accommodate even the most intense gaming setups. Best of all, the top of the desk is a microfiber, making the whole surface a functional desk mat.

It lacks some of the features found in other gaming desks, such as a cup holder or headset hook. However, with its massive size, durable frame, and microfiber top, it is the highest-quality gaming desk you can buy. There’s a reason it made our best desks of 2020 list.

Desino 40-inch PC computer desk

Why you should buy this: The Desino is compact and has additions like a headphone hook that make it ideal for gamers.

Who it’s for: Gamers who don’t have a lot of space for their gaming setup.

Why we picked the Desino 40-inch desk:

Desino makes a wide range of gaming desks, but we think its 40-inch one is a great choice because of its compact size. At just 40 inches across, it’s great for bedroom setups or anyone living in an apartment.

Gamers don’t lose anything with that small footprint, though. The front-facing edges turn inward for ergonomic keyboard placement, and there is a cup holder on the right side as well as a headphone hook on the left.

The Desino also includes a raised monitor stand, clearing up some space underneath for a soundbar or additional storage. If you want additional support, you can add crossbars and struts to make the desk more secure.

All of this adds up to make an excellent gaming desk for anyone on a budget or who needs a desk for a tight space.

Wallnew 55-inch gaming desk

Why you should buy this: The Wallnew gaming desk is massive and offers some solid cable-management features.

Who it’s for: Gamers who want a lot of space and want to hide their cables.

Why we picked the Wallnew 55 inch:

Gamers need a lot of space for their setups, especially if they are PC and console players. That’s where a big desk like the Wallnew 55-inch really stands out. The desk is huge and has plenty of space for PC towers, extra monitors, game consoles, and peripherals. There is also a headphone hook on the left side and a cup holder on the right. All of this is supported by T-shaped legs that add stability to the whole setup.

The Wallnew also has one thing that lots of gaming desks are missing: On either side of the back edge are removable covers to feed cables through the desk. That’s great for gamers who want a clean setup. There is even a tray on the other side to hold extra cabling to maximize the tidiness.

If you need a big desk setup with a focus on cable management, the Wallnew 55-inch is one of the best options for you.

Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S">Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S

Why you should buy this: Anyone looking for a compact desk with maximum gamer features.

Who it’s for: Someone who really wants their setup to scream “I’m a gamer.”

Why we picked the Eureka Ergonomics Z1-S:

To say gamers have their own aesthetic would be an understatement. If you are looking to double down on the sharp edges and RGB lighting associated with gamers while still having a comfortable setup, the Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S is the desk for you.

The Z1-S is compact at just 44.5 inches wide, which makes it great for users without a lot of space or who only use one monitor. It’s held up by Z-shaped legs that offer a lot of stability and style. The leveling feet on the bottom also help add to the Z1-S’s stability.

It’s really the top of the desk that shines (literally). The Z1-S has built-in RGB that can be hooked into your computer. That allows the desk to complement the RGB you surely already have. There is also a built-in desk mat, so no need for a mouse pad with this one. Cable-management holes on the back side keep things clean and tidy, and there are a cup holder and headphone hook on the sides.

The Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S is a compact and comfortable desk that provides everything a gamer could possibly need.

Mr Ironstone L-shaped desk">Mr Ironstone L-shaped desk

Why you should buy this: The Mr Ironstone L-shaped desk offers a lot of space and stability for users with big setups.

Who it’s for: Anyone who needs room for work and play.

Why we picked the Mr Ironstone L-shaped desk:

The Mr Ironstone may not have a lot of gamer features like cup holders or a built-in desk mat, but it does offer one thing all gamers need: Space. The L shape offers a lot of space and comfort. It’s great for people with a home office who want their work on one side and their gaming setup on the other.

One side has a raised monitor stand, and you can switch which side has it for maximum customization. The legs are X-shaped, which provides a lot of clearance beneath the desk to hold computer towers. The surface is waterproof and anti-slip, so you don’t have to worry about easily losing drinks or keyboards sliding around.

The Mr Ironstone L-shaped desk is great for people who need a lot of space or need their setup to serve multiple functions.

VIT 63-inch ergonomic gaming desk

Why you should buy this: The VIT 63-inch is a massive desk that is packed with features just for gamers.

Who it’s for: Users who want the largest setup possible with streamlined convenience.

Why we picked the VIT 63 inch gaming desk:

If you take gaming seriously — like, really seriously — you will want a desk that can serve as your battle station. That’s exactly what the VIT 63-inch gaming desk is. This behemoth of a desk is also packed with features designed with gamers in mind.

It comes with everything you would expect a gaming desk to have: Cable grommet, a headphone hook, and a cup holder. But the VIT also has quite a bit more. The center is entirely a desk mat, making the setup more comfortable and convenient for mouse placement. On the right side, there is also a USB gaming handle rack. Here, users can store controllers, game cases, and even their phone. Just hook it up to the USB hub and it will charge all your accessories while you play.

All of this is supported by T-shaped legs that can support up to 260 pounds. The VIT really is a battle station for the most hardcore of gamers.

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