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Best LastPass alternatives for 2021

Whether you’re security-conscious or have a terrible memory, using a free password manager is a great way to free up brain space and secure your most important information. Unfortunately, LastPass — one of the best password managers — has taken steps to sharply limit the features of free accounts, including only being able to use the free version on your PC or mobile devices (no longer both), and users will have three chances to determine which version to keep going forward. Understandably, many free account users are now searching for the best LastPass alternatives. Here are our favorites.

Best LastPass alternatives

Best premium alternative: DashLane


As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for, and if you’re going to spend money on protecting your personal information, it’s best not to cheap out. When it comes to freemium plans, DashLane offers users protection for a single device and up to 50 passwords, including personalized security alerts, the ability to securely share up to five accounts, payment and form autofill, two-factor authentication for said devices, and a 30-day free trial of Premium.

There are two paid plans that DashLane offers, namely Premium and Family. The Premium plan offers users unlimited passwords for an unlimited amount of devices and includes darknet monitoring services and VPN protection for $60 per year. While the family plan features all of the above, it also gives users the ability to share unlimited logins, invite up to five other people, and use the Family Dashboard to manage billing for $90 per year.

Best iOS alternative: Apple iCloud Keychain

If you happen to be an iPhone or other Apple user wondering where you might find an alternative to LastPass, look no further than your own device. If you own an Apple device running iOS 7, iPadOS 13, OS X 10.9, or later, congratulations — you are the proud owner of a device with free, built-in 256-bit AES password encryption that Apple itself can’t read. Should you not have enabled this feature during your iPhone’s installation, go to Settings > User Name > iCloud > Keychain, then toggle iCloud Keychain and follow the on-screen instructions.

In addition to saving and protecting passwords on your phone and enabling Touch ID security to many websites and apps, Keychain can also keep your account passwords current across all connected devices, including Messages, Contacts, Mail, and Calendar. Connecting a new device to your Keychain prompts a security request and asks you to enter a one-time code, and will then automatically update and sync passwords to prevent anything from being lost in translation. Google Chrome users can also use their Apple Keychain to autofill information for websites by entering a six-digit code, providing an additional security factor during web surfing.

Best freemium alternative: Bitwarden


What if we told you that you could have access to a system-agnostic password manager that offered one-to-one text sharing, a secure password generator, unlimited vault items, the option to self-host, and the ability to sync passwords across all your devices for the low, low price of absolutely free? The company behind this incredible offer is the aptly named Bitwarden. Since the company is built on open-source software, anyone can download a free version of Bitward for their favorite web browser or operating system, including Chrome, iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, and much more.

As amazing as getting all that for free is, the Bitwarden Premium account is available for a mere $10 per year. It offers upgrades, including secure file sharing up to 1GB, Bitwarden’s own TOTP Authenticator, emergency account access, vault health reports, and two-step login with U2F, Duo, and YubiKey. Family accounts cost $40 per year and offer Premium account features for up to six users and a seven-day trial of Bitwarden’s Family Sharing Plan.

Best single-device alternative: NordPass

Image of NordPass Homepage
Daniel Martin/Screenshot

Are you someone who wants to make sure that your passwords are protected for free and synced across all your devices while also keeping notes and storing the info for a couple of credit cards? If so, NordPass’s free account has everything you’ve been looking for in one convenient location. NordPass gives users the convenience of saving browser passwords with a single click or tap while remembering your details for auto-login, as well as the ability to import your passwords by uploading a CSV file and ensuring your info is correct across devices. However, NordPass’ free account’s important caveat is that you are limited to using it on only one device, so if you’re alright with that limitation, it’s a great free password manager.

NordPass also offers a Premium tier for $30 per year across six connected devices. This subscription offers the same features above and includes data breach detection, password health monitoring, secure item sharing, and trusted contacts. The Family Premium plan lets you share five passwords with yourself and four other users to enjoy all Premium account features for $48 per year.

Best Android Alternative: Google Password Manager

Gmail App Manage Google Password

Looking to get a handle on your countless Google passwords and Android logins without breaking a sweat? Look no further than Google Password Manager. This handy free-to-use password manager keeps your Android and Google passwords synced every time you log in to your mobile device or Chrome account. All you need to do is make sure that Offer To Save Passwords has been enabled on your PC or Android dive, and you will receive a prompt to do so whenever you enter your login info. Manage them at any time using Google Chrome. Users can choose to save a specific password or save all passwords as needed, allowing users to control the access that various apps have to their devices and manage auto-login for any sites they happen to frequent.

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