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Best GoPro deals: The Hero11 is down to $350

Not only is GoPro one of the most popular names in action cameras, but it’s pretty much responsible for an entire generation of amateur and consumer athletes and adventurers producing professional-level footage of their endeavors. The best action cameras don’t necessarily come cheap, as they have a very small physical form to fit a lot of capability into. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find a GoPro with a discounted price. In fact, right now there are several GoPro deals worth pouncing on. We’ve rounded them all up, so read onward for more details.

GoPro Hero9 Black — $250, was $350

Holding a GoPro Hero9 Black to reveal its on-screen content.

The GoPro Hero9 Black introduces 5K video to the masses, and it’s also able to take 20-megapixel still photos. The battery can last 30% longer than this camera’s predecessor, the GoPro Hero8 Black. One thing about shooting action footage is that it’s often a complicated process to record yourself, but this camera has a lot of technology to help out. It has HyperSmooth 3.0 that helps with horizon leveling, and TimeWarp 3.0 adds the ability to mix time-lapse, real-time, and slow-motion video together into a single clip. This camera also has a larger touchscreen than previous models, and it also has a front display for easier framing when taking selfie videos.

GoPro Hero8 Black — $255, was $300

GoPro Hero 8 Black

While the GoPro Hero8 Black is a slightly older model compared to GoPro’s full current lineup, it’s still incredibly capable. It’s capable of taking 12-megapixel photos, which is the same resolution you’ll find on most iPhone models, and technology like advanced noise suppression actively filters out wind, vibration, and handling noise for clearer audio quality. You can easily stream live to Facebook and YouTube with the GoPro Hero8 Black, and a range of digital lenses include Narrow, Linear, Wide, and SuperView.

GoPro Hero10 Black — $300, was $350

The GoPro Hero 10 Black on a plank of wood.
Andy Zahn / Digital Trends

The GoPro Hero10 Black isn’t a brand new camera, but it has a lot to offer and still stacks up incredibly well against its successor, the GoPro Hero11 Black. It shoots 5.3K resolution video at 60 frames per second, which is a good for zooming in and cropping if you’re editing in 4K or 1080p. You can even record at 8x slow motion and maintain a resolution of 2.7K. This camera has HyperSmooth 4.0 video stabilization that offers improved low-light performance and horizon leveling to keep your footage straight no matter what activities you may put the camera through. Other smart technology includes voice controls, face, smile, blink, and scene detection, and several presets for various recording situations.

GoPro Hero11 Black — $350, was $400

The GoPro Hero 11 Black on a rock with barnacles.
Andy Zahn / Digital Trends

If you’re looking for a camera that has just about everything GoPro has to offer, the GoPro Hero11 Black should be your camera of choice. This camera is a more refined version of the GoPro Hero 11 Black. It can record 5.3K video and take still photos at a resolution of 27 megapixels. It also has GoPro’s newer stabilization capabilities with HyperSmooth 5.0. This camera’s rugged design will be appreciated by athletes and adventurers alike. It’s made to take a beating through mud, snow, or water as deep as 33 feet.

GoPro Max — $400, was $500

A GoPro Max on a tripod in the woods.

The GoPro Max offers several unique features you won’t be able to get with other GoPro cameras. At the top of this list is 360-degree footage. This will allow you to record everything around you, or take incredible 270-degree distortion-free panoramic photos with PowerPano. It has horizon leveling and stabilization technology, and the intuitive touchscreen makes getting setup and recording your activities easy. This camera also has a durable design, and is water resistant down to 16 feet. It also has GPS, motion sensors, a photo timer, and the ability to live stream at 1080p resolution.

GoPro Hero11 Black Creator Edition — $550, was $600

A GoPro Hero11 Black Creator Edition rigged up with accessories against a white background.

The Creator Edition of the GoPro Hero11 Black brings all of the great features of the popular GoPro camera, with a few things tailored specifically for content creators. You’ll be able to film in 5.3K resolution and take still at 27-megapixel resolution, and you’ll be able to do so in a captivating, vlogging-style with this camera. It features a rear LCD screen for intuitive operation and HyperSmooth 5.0 stabilization technology to help you take clear shots even when you’re moving. You can use the Hero11 Black as an ultra-versatile webcam, or to live stream your next activity. It also comes with some additional gear to complete the vlogging setup, including a battery grip that doubles as a tripod.

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