Hillary K. Grigonis

Hillary K. Grigonis

Hillary never planned on becoming a photographer—and then she was handed a camera at her first writing job and she's been writing with one hand and shooting with the other ever since. At Hillary K Photography, she works as a wedding and portrait photographer. When she's not writing or shooting, she's trying to keep up with two kids, collecting film cameras, unplugging outdoors, reading or traveling.

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Lust after Leica’s new luxury Summilux-M 90mm f/1.5 and special-edition M10-P

Looking for an unaffordable luxury portrait lens to drool over? The new Leica Summilux-M 90mm mixes high-end optics with an ultra-wide f/1.5 aperture. But at $12,995, few will have the pleasure of actually shooting with it.
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Canon EOS M200 review: Learner’s permit

The Canon EOS M200 shoots mirrorless camera quality with smartphone simplicity. Its compact design and easy-to-use touchscreen make it the "real" camera you might actually bring with you

Lightroom CC update makes imports on iOS and iPad a breeze

Tired of double-dipping with photos in both your camera roll and in the Creative Cloud? Lightroom CC for iOS and iPadOS will now let users skip the camera roll and import directly into Lightroom.

New ‘shady’ research from MIT uses shadows to see what cameras can’t

What if you could look at an existing video and determine what was happening just beyond the camera's view? That's the idea behind new research from MIT that uses shadows to recreate the objects that lie outside the frame.

Cull faster and recover highlights with new tools inside Capture One 20

The new Capture One 20 is here, and with it, a suite of new tools and workflow enhancements. The RAW photo editor adds new options for working with contrast in the High Dynamic Range tool.
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From censorship to VCRs, these are the top Reddit posts of 2019

What were the most popular posts on one of the internet's most popular destinations? Behold, the top Reddit posts of 2019, which cover a variety of topics, from literal poop, to censorship, to VCRs.