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Premiere Pro can use A.I. to revert a cut video back into separate clips

Adobe’s artificial intelligence platform is now smart enough to automatically carve up an edited video back into separate clips again. In an update rolled out on September 15, Adobe introduced Scene Edit Detection as well as broadcast HDR tools into Premiere Pro, the company’s flagship video editing platform. The update, which also includes some tweaks to After Effects, was announced during the virtual IBC Showcase trade show.

Scene Edit Detection uses Adobe Sensei to recognize and break down clips in pre-stitched videos for faster editing. Premiere Pro’s timeline is organized by clips and scenes, but the new feature separates video clips that were edited and stitched together before being added to the timeline. The option, available in the drop-down menu after right-clicking on a clip, automatically applies scene markers, but editors can also choose to add cuts and create a bin of sub-clips to use the separated video in other projects.


The tool is designed for working with pre-edited video, a scenario that may arise when working on a team, re-using old footage in new projects, or working with some stock videos. The feature also works with editing Zoom videos, Adobe said, placing a  marker at each new PowerPoint slide to easily jump to a specific topic.

Launching in beta only, Premiere Pro is trying out a new quick export option, a shortened version of the export process that offers access to the most frequently used settings including full-size exports and presets for reduced file sizes. The quick export is a public beta, available to users that opt-in to the Creative Cloud beta.


Premiere Pro also sees new broadcast HDR options with the Rec2100 HLG color profile. The update also includes automatic color conversion with manual overrides, as well as support for Apple ProRes and Sony XVAC.

The IBC updates also include changes to Adobe After Effects. 3D Transform Gizmos are different modes that are designed for moving through scenes faster, while also making more precise adjustments when moving objects and layers. The camera tool is also now split into three, with new tools for orbiting, panning, and dollying. Adobe says the new navigation is designed to be both more intuitive and flexible. Both After Effects updates are launching first to the public beta. Adobe hasn’t yet shared an expected launch for these changes to all users.

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