Hillary Grigonis

Hillary Grigonis

Hillary never planned on becoming a photographer—and then she was handed a camera at her first writing job and she's been writing with one hand and shooting with the other ever since. When she's not working as a writer or lifestyle photographer, she's trying to keep up with two toddlers, collecting film cameras or unplugging outdoors.

Go viral faster with Project Rush, Adobe’s upcoming social-first video editor

Designed for social media, Adobe Project Rush is an video editor that syncs across mobile and desktop devices. The app serves as an entry point into video editing for YouTubers and social creators who don't want to pick up Premiere Pro.

Lightroom CC gets synced presets on mobile and batch editing on desktop

Two much-requested features have found their way into Adobe's latest Lightroom CC update. Presets will now sync across desktop and mobile, while batch editing finally makes it way to the program -- albeit, on desktop only.

Adobe Scan can now automatically turn business cards into phone contacts

Tired of physically tapping out new phone numbers? Adobe Scan will now convert snapshots of business cards into new phone contacts using artificial intelligence. The update also comes with new Adobe-powered PDF tools inside Microsoft 365.

Canon’s new large sensor is too big for you, but not for scientists

A CMOS sensor that is almost 40 times larger than a full-frame sensor has been used to capture meteors that researchers couldn't previously spot. The Canon sensor can shoot at 60 fps with the light of a full moon.

The Leica C-Lux mixes classic design with a modern zoom

Leica's classic style meshes with a large sensor, big-zoom compact in the new Leica C-Lux camera. The M10, meanwhile, gets the first special edition treatment inspired by Zagato's Italian car designs.

Photo FOMO: A working Lego camera, and a box that gives cameras sweet moves

How many pieces does it take to build a film camera out of Lego bricks? In this week's Photo FOMO, a photographer vies for Lego approval, Miops moves into camera motion systems, and Fujifilm apologizes for firmware delays.

A.I.-powered 3D 360 Detu Max camera reads like a list of photo buzzwords

3D, 360, AI, HDR, RAW -- the Detu Max appears to cram quite a few features inside an eight-lens 360 camera. The pro-focused camera uses artificial intelligence to allow for object tracking and high-resolution stitches.

Nikon developing a 500mm super telephoto with compact Fresnel design

Nikon will launch a 500mm telephoto lens that's smaller than current options thanks to what's called a Phase Fresnel design. The Phase Fresnel adds a PF to the alphabet soup of lens naming, but it also makes the lens lighter.
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Twitter’s Happening Now, Explore are about to get more personal

Twitter is working to make its experience more tailored to each user's interests. The personalized news will be coming to the Happening Now Section, as well as notifications and a tab inside Explore.

Lowepro shelves the traditional camera backpack design in favor of versatility

The new Lowepro FreeLine BP 350 AW isn't your typical camera backpack. Instead of compartmentalizing gear, the FreeLine uses a padded shelving system that allows for faster customization of the interior.

Shop Stories, not stores, with Instagram’s latest update

As the Stories format continues to grow, Instagram is allowing users to shop the items inside a Stories photo or video. Instagram recently launched stickers that let people shop inside a Story by tapping on the sticker.
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Facebook is messing with your memories as On This Day gets refreshed

Goodbye On This Day, hello Facebook Memories. Facebook's popular throwback feature is getting a refresh and a new name as the three-year-old On This Day feature becomes Memories.