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This Polaroid has Mandalorian ‘armor’ and Baby Yoda instant film

Can’t get enough of Baby Yoda memes? Now The Child can be part of instant film photos too. On Monday, September 21, Polaroid launched the Mandalorian-themed Polaroid Now instant camera and color film, both designed on the Disney+ live action Star Wars series.

Employing the same technology as the original Polaroid Now, the Mandalorian special collector’s edition is housed in a body designed to mimic Mandalorian armor (though, sadly, it’s for aesthetics and not protection). The camera’s material is designed to look like Beskar steel, while the front is branded with both Polaroid and The Mandalorian logos.


The special edition was created in collaboration with Lucasfilm to celebrate the incredibly successful live-action Star Wars series. The second season of The Mandalorian is expected to be on Disney+ on October 30. Earlier this month, the franchise shared the first trailer for the upcoming season, promising more galactic adventures with Mandalorian bounty hunter Din Djarin and The Child.

Launching with the camera, the Child-inspired i-Type film features 12 different frame designs including The Child — more commonly called Baby Yoda — himself. The frames are sepia, purple, or green and feature a character from the series.

The special edition includes the same technology as the Polaroid Now launched with this past March, including autofocus rather than the more common fixed focus found in most instant cameras. Earlier cameras, like the OneStep 2, required switching the focus mode based on the distance from the subject. The built-in flash is also designed to automatically adjust to the light in the room.

The Polaroid Now also allows for double exposures and includes a self-timer. The built-in battery is designed to shoot through 15 packs of film.

With the launch of the Polaroid Now in March, Polaroid Originals went back to the shortened Polaroid name. Polaroid Originals was a rebrand of the Impossible Project, a company that aimed to bring back instant photography and has now become the company that it set out to save.

The Polaroid Now originally launched with a special-edition color series, with one color for each of the hues in Polaroid’s logo, for about $100. The new Mandalorian special edition lists for about $120. While the special-edition camera will cost $20 more, the film pack retails for about $18, the same as the earlier color wave film packs.

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