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Polaroid Originals is no more — Polaroid is back with a new camera

Polaroid Originals is done reviving the vintage camera name. The iconic camera company is finishing the revival journey it started in 2017 with the Impossible Project by going back to the original Polaroid name. And, of course, with a new instant camera to mark the occasion. The Polaroid Now builds on the design of the OneStep 2, but includes some overhauls designed to make working with instant film even easier.

Previous Polaroids required switching from distant to close-up modes to keep the subject in focus. The Polaroid Now integrates a new autofocus system where that switch isn’t necessary. The change, Polaroid says, helps make using the instant film system even simpler for new users.

That focus on ease-of-use extends to the new flash system, which Polaroid says adapts to the existing light automatically. The battery also sees a boast over the OneStep models, with a lifespan good for capturing 15 film packs with.

While the look of the Polaroid Now takes obvious cues from the OneStep, the design sees a few tweaks, including a more rounded body for a better grip. Polaroid says the new design is easier to hold and more functional.

The Polaroid now will launch in limited-edition models in each of the five colors there were part of Polaroid’s original rainbow logo: Red, orange, yellow, green, and blue. A classic black and white camera will also launch and continue after the limited edition colors are gone.

“In the 70s, Polaroid changed the rules of branding with the introduction of bold, full panel rainbow spectrums across our product lines, inspiring a host of legendary brands to this day,” Polaroid CEO Oskar Smolokowski said in a statement. “As this new decade marks a new chapter in the Polaroid story, it’s a moment for us to celebrate that heritage, while keeping our sights set on the future. The new identity for 2020 reflects this, boldly reclaiming the color spectrum as uniquely Polaroid.”

With the instant cameras, Polaroid is also launching Color Wave, a limited-edition instant film with colorful frames. A black frame version of the iconic Polaroid film is also launching but will become part of Polaroid’s regular film offering.

The Polaroid Now retails for about $100, with sales beginning today. The black frame and Color Wave frames are available for about $17 a pack.

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