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Tyler Lacoma

Tyler Lacoma

Former Digital Trends Contributor

If it can be streamed, voice-activated, made better with an app, or beaten by mashing buttons, Tyler's into it. When he's not making the Internet a better place with the latest tech news, Tyler is working in the eco and investment world, writing fiction, or waiting for hiking weather.

Google Docs in Firefox on a MacBook.

How to do hanging indent on Google Docs

The hanging indent is an important layout element for any word processing tool. Here’s how to add this type of indent to a Google Docs file.
Several iPads on a table together.

The most common iPad problems and how to fix them

The Apple iPad is powerful, but it can still run into glitches or issues. Here's our troubleshooting guide on the most common problems and how to fix them.
micosoft edge extensions 70 microsoft laptop feat

The most common Microsoft Edge problems and how to fix them

Having trouble with Microsoft Edge? You may run into issues with the maturing browser, so we provided a list of possible problems and how to fix them with ease.
best google home compatible devices hands on 4652

The most common Google Home problems and how to fix them

Google Home and Nest devices are smart, but they aren't perfect: Here are the most common issues, and what solutions we've found work best to address them.
The Twitch desktop app.

How to cancel a Twitch subscription on desktop or mobile

Is it time to part ways with your Twitch account? Even if you’re only taking a small break from the platform, here’s a guide on how to cancel your subscription.
Razer webcam sitting on top of a monitor.

How to tell if your webcam has been hacked

Has your webcam been hacked? It's a common fear, but how does it happen? Here's how to tell if someone may be watching through your computer cam and what to do.
Person using their laptop on the floor.

How to convert a PDF to JPG on Mac, Windows, and web

Converting a PDF to a JPG isn’t a hard task, and there are several ways to complete the transformation. Plus, we made this guide to help you.
Man in front of iMac.

How to find a Wi-Fi password on Mac

Need to review your Wi-Fi password on a macOS system? Here's how to find it quickly on a Mac so you can make sure it's the right password, update it, and more.
The Grovemade Wood Laptop Stand with other Grovemade desk supplies.

The 7 best laptop stands in 2024

A laptop stand can be a great source of comfort due to increased ergonomics, reduced heat on your lap, and give your laptop better functionality on a desk.
Screenshot showing battery life in Windows.

How to keep your laptop battery healthy and extend its life

Taking care of your laptop's battery will extend its life and keep your machine safe. Here are a few tips to keep your battery health in the green.
A person using a HP ENVY x360 2-in-1 15.6-inch Touch-Screen Laptop sitting on a bed.

What is an RSS feed? Here’s why you should still use one

What is an RSS feed? You can follow many websites without going to the main site or social networking feeds. RSS feeds keep your finger on the pulse of the web.
DirecTV Stream app icon on Apple TV.

What is DirecTV Stream: plans, pricing, channels, and more

AT&T TV has gotten yet another new name -- DirecTV Stream. Here's the latest on what's changed, what's stayed the same, and exactly what subscribers get.
A person works on a computer in a home office.

How to free up RAM on Mac and PC

Are your computer tasks taking up a little too much RAM and causing slowdowns or crashes? Expanding your RAM isn't always possible: Here's what to do instead.
The HP Dragonfly Pro Chromebook on a table.

How to right-click on a Chromebook

Right-clicking on a Chromebook isn’t the same as right-clicking on a Windows or macOS machine. Not to worry though. Your pals at DT are here to help!
Several Microsoft Teams windows and features opened simultaneously.

How to leave a team on Microsoft Teams

Whether you’re migrating to a new team entirely, or simply want to remove yourself from old conversations, here’s how to leave a team in Microsoft Teams.
The capacitive touch buttons on the Dell XPS 13 Plus.

How to disable laptop keyboard in Windows

Is your Windows keyboard getting in your way? You can temporarily disable it whenever you want. Here's how switching off your keyboard works and how to do it.
Close up on the USB-C ports on a Macbook Pro.

USB-C charging laptops: Here’s what you need to know

Charging your laptop with a USB-C connection is convenient and easy. Here's everything you need to know to charge your laptop over USB-C.
A suite of retro games in the Steam Deck library.

How to customize controls on the Steam Deck

Did you know your Steam Deck’s controls can be customized to your liking? Here’s how to reprogram your handheld console to match your gameplay wants and needs.
The official logo for Google Drive.

How to download files from Google Drive

Google Drive lets you download files quickly right from the home page. Here’s how to do it.
how to clean a laptop keyboard

How to clean a laptop keyboard without damaging the keys

If your laptop keyboard is filthy or even just a little dirty, you need a safe way to clean it. Here are the best ways to deal with those sticky keys!
Netgear's Nighthawk RAXE500 tri-band router.

How to change your router’s Wi-Fi password

Is it time to update your Wi-Fi password to something more secure? Our guide will run through exactly how to change your router Wi-Fi password the easy way.
Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 4 11.6, Intel Celeron N4020, 4GB RAM, 32GB SSD, Chrome OS, Platinum Titan.

How to update Chromebooks and Chrome OS

Google works to make Chrome OS one of the more secure operating systems around -- but you still need to keep it updated. Here's how to update your Chromebook.
One of the wallpapers from the Windows 11 sunset theme.

The best Windows 11 themes we’ve tried so far this year

Are you ready to customize your Windows 11 operating system with some excellent themes? These are our favorite themes for the latest Windows OS.
HP Omen 40L Gaming PC on a table connected to a monitor.

What is VSync, and why do you need it?

VSync is a useful tool for calibrating your monitor’s frame-by-frame performance, but is it a necessary feature? Here’s everything you need to know about it.
Gamer using Discord on a gaming desktop PC.

How to appear offline on Discord on desktop and mobile

Would you prefer a little privacy but still want to keep using Discord? It's all about updating your status. Here's how to look like you're offline to others.
Minecraft Savanna Village

How to breed villagers in Minecraft

Looking to grow a Minecraft village or even turn it into your own city? Then you'll need the villagers to start making babies. Here's how to ensure they breed.
Woman in bed looking toward Echo Dot.

How to use all Amazon Alexa alarm clock features

Are you interested in using Alexa on your Echo or other devices as an alarm? Alexa can manage a variety of alarm options, and we'll show you have to use them!
Example of Teams chat.

How to create a new team in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams allows you to organize your group based on different teams for different projects. Here's how to create and customize those Teams quickly!
Man using a 24-inch M1 iMac.

How to check your Mac’s CPU and GPU temperatures

Here's how to monitor your Mac CPU and GPU temperature to help diagnose problems with solutions for both Intel-based and Apple Silicon Macs and MacBooks.
Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) on table.

What an Alexa red ring means and how to fix it

Is your Alexa device showing a red ring that doesn't seem to go away? Don't worry -- it's usually something that's easy to fix. Here's what you should know.
Series of three smartphones showing Outlook on mobile.

How to sync your Outlook calendar with an iPhone or iPad

Syncing your Outlook calendar with your iPhone or iPad is easier than you think. Follow this step by step process to get up and running.
the fbi wants you to reboot your router insecure getty

Wi-Fi not working? How to fix the most common problems

If your Wi-Fi is running slow or just drops out altogether in certain rooms, here are solutions to all your Wi-Fi problems.
The Logitech MX Master 3 mouse beside MacBook.

The best mouse for Mac for 2024

Seeking the best mouse for your Mac? With so many options to choose from, we're here to help you narrow down the perfect mouse for you, no matter what you need.
A Minecraft characters stands by a tree.

How to teleport in Minecraft to speed up your adventures

Minecraft lets you teleport across its map and speed up your adventures. Here's how to teleport in Minecraft, along with tips and tricks to use it properly.