How to check if your PC meets a game’s system requirements

how to check if your pc meets a games system requirements gamer

Gaming on a PC is great, but you shouldn’t even consider buying any game you had in mind before you figure out whether your system is up to snuff and meets the game’s minimum system requirements. Sure, you can Google the name of the game along with terms like “requirements” and/or “specs,” but there’s an easier way to check if your rig has what it takes to not only run the game, but make it an enjoyable experience. After all, there’s nothing like the sinking feeling that comes with dropping $60 on a new game, only to realize that you can barely even run Minesweeper.

Enter System Requirements Lab. System Requirements Lab isn’t really a laboratory; it’s a website. Using it to see whether you can play the latest Bioshock or Battlefield title is a cinch too, and of course, it’s free. We’ll show you how.

How to check if your PC meets a game’s system requirements

Head over to System Requirements Lab by opening your browser and going to, or by clicking here.  From there, select a game from the drop down menu or type the game’s name into the search bar located directly above the list of games that opened when you clicked on the drop down. Once you find the game in question, click on it, and then click the blue “Can You Run It” button below.

You’ll be then presented with three choices. You can simply pull up a page that lists the game’s minimum and recommended requirements to look over them yourself, you can use System Requirements Lab’s web tool which will tell you what components your PC has and how they stack up with the game’s minimum and recommended requirements, or you can download a desktop app. Using the Automatic Detection method is quick and easy; just make sure you have Java installed and that it’s up to date. Otherwise, it may not work. For what it’s worth, the download link for the desktop app isn’t working for us as of this writing. Your best bet is the web tool.

Using the auto detect feature, System Requirements Lab will examine your PC part by part, and tell you whether each part is up to snuff or not. Your CPU and RAM might be good enough, but your graphics card might be the weak link. Maybe your CPU isn’t up to snuff. Whatever the anchor is, System Requirements Lab will tell you, which will also give you a clearer idea of whether or not its time to upgrade one part or another. 

Either way, by using System Requirements Labs, you can swiftly determine whether you can run a particular game or not, helping you avoid making any costly and fruitless purchases.

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