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shutterfly shows take perfect photo using dslr smartphone point shoot cameras guide 1

Shutterfly guide shows you ‘how to take the perfect photo’ with any camera

Shutterfly has launched its "How To Take The Perfect Photo" interactive guide that shows how to get better shots, using various camera types.
Canon PowerShot G3 X

How we test digital cameras

shoots scores tips capturing stanley cup winning hockey photos joseph nuzzo editorial images feature

He shoots, he scores! Tips for capturing the breakneck speed of hockey

8 expertly tested tips for photographing a wedding extra image how to price destination packages  by sara kauss photography

8 expert tips for amateurs on how to take professional-quality wedding photos

Whether you've been asked to photograph a wedding or you're an invited guest, photographer Sara Kauss shares 8 expert tips for shooting memorable moments.
lomography konstruktor review

Learn how cameras (and film!) work with the Lomography Konstruktor

It's easy to dismiss Lomography's new build-it-yourself Konstruktor as a child's toy, but it teaches you the ins and outs of how a film camera works.

Should you get caught snooping around with a camera, say you are doing it for art

A Manhattan Supreme Court justice ruled that artistic "Peeping Tom" photography is considered free speech and protected by the First Amendment.
photography 101 how to shoot 360 degree panoramas reifer ski resort featured

The view all around you: How a pro photographer shoots 360-degree panoramas

Sure, the most basic of cameras can shoot panorama – they're just not so good at it. Photographer Joe Reifer tells us how it's done.

5 areas where cameras still beat smartphones if you want great photo quality

While the general populace are preferring smartphones for casual photography, there are five areas where a traditional camera still excels.
whats new in adobe photoshop cc upsampling

Adobe Photoshop CC filters help salvage photos once deemed unusable

Photoshop moves to the cloud as Adobe shifts to a new online subscription method. Here's a look at some of the highlight features in the new Photoshop CC.
travel photography tips in exotic locales eanon pic1a featured

9 travel photo tips for capturing the best images to satisfy your inner wanderlust

Planning a trip to an exotic locale? Make sure you have a good camera in tow. Here are 9 travel photo tips to help you take the best photographs.
photo assistant apps header

Tested: Apps that turn your smartphone into a photo assistant

Camera makers are increasingly adding Wi-Fi and building smartphone apps to make their products more connected. We take a look at four such apps.
quick guide to the various types of camera lenses interchangeable

Change your glass, change your shot: Getting started with interchangeable lenses

Interchangeable lenses can open up a whole new world of photography. If you're new to lenses, consult our quick guide to the types of lenses available.
photographing kids sports action photography 5

Be the best sports photographer at your kids’ games by following these 6 easy tips

Think running after your kids is hard? Try photographing them while they're playing sports. Photographer Erin Manning offers six easy-to-follow tips.

Printing large digital photos the right way

Economics, not digital, is what’s killing off analog film

profile picture guide

Pro tip guide to social media profile pictures

Different social networks have different unspoken rules on how to make profile pictures work. Here's what to keep in mind before you upload a new photo.
new camera

How to set up your new camera

Camera accessories for the great outdoors

digital cameras micro four thirds explained thumbnail

Digital Cameras: Micro Four-Thirds Cameras Explained

Digital Camera Tips and Tricks: 10 Reasons to Buy A DSLR

Make the Most of Your DSLR

10 Best Ways to Convert Photos, Records, Videos and Tapes

Canon Tricks Out for ELPH’s 10th Birthday

Flash Memory Card Travel Tips from SanDisk