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Natt Garun

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An avid gadgets and Internet culture enthusiast, Natt Garun spends her days bringing you the funniest, coolest, and strangest news in tech to make the information overload a bit more digestible. She joined Digital Trends as staff writer after spending five months in Hong Kong and formerly working as an assistant travel writer. Her published works can also be found on Business Insider and Gizmodo. Natt hails from S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University with a degree in magazine journalism. E-mail her at or tweet her @nattgarun.

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Hands on: Dyson Hard vacuum-mop hybrid is better in theory than in practice

The idea of combining vacuuming and mopping in one cleaning machine sounds amazing in theory, but did Dyson truly make the device that will render Swiffer mops obsolete? Read on to find out ...
Smart Home

Hands on: What? Your showerhead isn’t also a Bluetooth speaker?

Those guilty of singing in the shower will find lots of to like about the Kohler Moxie, a showerhead and Bluetooth speaker combination that makes it rain music and get your morning started right.
Smart Home

Stir’s Kinetic Desk learns your sitting habits, nags you into standing up for your health

Standing desks maybe trendy, but they're not the most fun thing to use. Stir's Kinetic Desk will quietly nudge you when it's time to stand so you'll remember to switch between exercise and rest.

UK man gets his toy gun mistaken by startled passerby, armed siege ensued

An armed siege in Liverpool, United Kingdom was caused by a toy gun after a scared passerby witnessed one gamer wield the "weapon" from his window, pointing and waving it to the outside world.
Emerging Tech

Pepsi to develop a ‘scent capsule’ so your drinks smell less like plastic, sugary death

If for some reason you don't think your Pepsi cola smell appetizing enough, worry not, sugar fiend. A new patent by the soft drink manufacturer aims to develop a scent capsule to make smelling Pepsi product as invigorating as drinking it.
Emerging Tech

Holy crap, Dyson engineers just made things that can fly

The annual Challenge Dyson competition saw in-house engineers building things that not only suck and blow, but can now fly. Basically, the Dyson empire is slowly taking over the world.