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Natt Garun

Natt Garun

Former Digital Trends Contributor

An avid gadgets and Internet culture enthusiast, Natt Garun spends her days bringing you the funniest, coolest, and strangest news in tech to make the information overload a bit more digestible. She joined Digital Trends as staff writer after spending five months in Hong Kong and formerly working as an assistant travel writer. Her published works can also be found on Business Insider and Gizmodo. Natt hails from S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University with a degree in magazine journalism. E-mail her at or tweet her @nattgarun.

Dyson Hard vacuum mop hybrid

Hands on: Dyson Hard vacuum-mop hybrid is better in theory than in practice

The idea of combining vacuuming and mopping in one device sounds amazing in theory, but did Dyson truly make the device that'll render Swiffers obsolete?
Kohler Moxie Showerhead

Hands on: What? Your showerhead isn’t also a Bluetooth speaker?

Those guilty of singing in the shower will find lots of to like about the Kohler Moxie, a showerhead and Bluetooth speaker combo that makes it rain music.

Stir’s Kinetic Desk learns your sitting habits, nags you into standing up for your health

Stir's Kinetic Smart Desk will quietly nudge you when it's time to stand so you will remember to switch between exercise and rest.

UK man gets his toy gun mistaken by startled passerby, armed siege ensued

An armed siege in Liverpool, United Kingdom was caused by a toy gun after a scared passerby witnessed one gamer point the "weapon" from his window.

Pepsi to develop a ‘scent capsule’ so your drinks smell less like plastic, sugary death

A new patent by PepsiCo cites a scent capsule system to make smelling Pepsi product as invigorating as drinking it.

Holy crap, Dyson engineers just made things that can fly

The annual Challenge Dyson competition saw in-house engineers building things that not only suck and blow, but can now fly.
Chrome OS hell week screenshot google hangouts

That Google Talk conversation you’re having? It’s not going to who you think it’s going to

Users who have not upgraded their Google Talk clients to Hangouts may be experiencing a glitch in which messages are being rerouted to the wrong recipients.

Nest’s upcoming project rumored to give smoke detectors a next-gen revamp

Smart thermostat maker Nest is rumored to be revamping another one of our home's boring plastic boxes: The smoke detector.
staples connect bridges all your internet of things into one managing app

Staples Connect bridges all your ‘Internet of Things’ into one managing app

Smart devices are all the rage, but they also come with a million different apps. Staples Connect will link them all into one centralized hub.

Does your salad spinner need a turbo engine? Well, this one’s got it

If the idea of turbo anything tickles your fancy, perhaps you'll adore this Turboline salad spinner that promises to boost rotational speed by 50 percent.

Offering lo-fi fun for just $40, Bonzart Lit is the tiniest, cutest digital camera to exist

While other tech companies are making gadgets that are larger than life, the Bonzart Lit is a tiny digital toy camera that fits in the palm of your hand.

Grove spreads the bamboo love from iPhone cases to charging dock

Portland-based mobile accessories designer Grove expands its bamboo-focused line from cases to charging docks, utilizing 100 percent bamboo and solid steel.

People have already drop tested the iPhone 5S and 5C, but only one shattered

Unsurprisingly, reviewers out there are already taking their brand new iPhone 5S and 5C to the streets to perform drop tests against the poor devices.

Mobile 3D scanner Structure Sensor makes 5X its Kickstarter goal in under 48 hours

Overnight Kickstarter success Structure Sensor, the mobile 3D scanner, has earned more than five times its original goal in just two days.

‘Hey Honey, I’m feeling hot’: Whisper sweet nothings to your Honeywell Smart Thermostat

Honeywell's latest model of the Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat comes with a voice command feature so you can speak to adjust the temperature from 25 feet away.

Better than Brita? Elegantly-designed Soma water filter sure wants to be

Kickstarter success Soma, a beautifully-designed water filter, has finally completed its funding and manufacturing phase.

Want to turn your iPad into a 3D scanner? Have we got a Kickstarter campaign for you!

San Francisco startup Occipital has launched a Kickstarter for a mobile 3D scanner that hooks up to your iPad so you can scan anything, anywhere, anytime.

Bing gets the Microsoft treatment with a new logo and refreshed layout

Bing's latest redesign ties the service back to the modern Microsoft aesthetic, and includes new features to rival Google's instant search results.

Instagram selfies are apparently inspiring top fashion moguls

Fashion influencers from Anna Wintour to Jason Wu and Nanette Lapore are apparently using selfies as a source of inspiration for their upcoming projects.

Bulb flashlight uses built-in battery to keep things bright during power outages

The Bulb Flashlight from the MoMA store has a rechargeable battery that adds an extra three hours of light in case of power outages and other emergencies.

Grammy-nominated rapper Flo Rida wants to help you make music by slapping air

Rapper Flo Rida has unveiled a new theremin toy called Beamz By Flo so you can pretend to be a musician by strumming a few red lasers.

Twitter revisits #Music with an integrated Spotify app

Twitter has launched a Spotify app so users can discover what's trending, rising, and popular according to what's listed as #nowplaying on Twitter.

Oreé introduces a wooden touchpad so get your bandages ready

If you can get over the idea of dragging your fingers over a piece of wood, Oreé has released wooden touchpad that actually works. And that's pretty cool.

Cause a stir with app-connected cooking assistant Philips HomeCooker neXt

At IFA 2013, Philips announces plans for an Internet-connected autocooker to help users through recipes, auto-stirring and steaming food whenever necessary.

Dyson sues Samsung for ripping off its cylinder vacuum design

Dyson is not impressed with Samsung's new vacuum cleaner which seemingly "borrowed" Dyson's patented cylinder-shaped steering mechanism.

Facebook tests LinkedIn-esque ‘Professional Skills’ tab

Facebook is testing a new "Professional Skills" feature so you can boast about the things you're good at doing on a weekday afternoon.
these crowdsourced yahoo logos kick the official ones ass logo 5

These crowdsourced Yahoo logos kick the official one’s ass

If you thought Yahoo's new official logo is a snore, take a look at some of these crowdsourced designs and see if you like them better.

Keurig for the common cold: Campbell’s to make instant K-Cup soups

Keurig single serve coffee machines will soon add chicken noodle to its product line thanks to a new collaboration with Campbell's.

Why use one clunky Roomba when you can enlist an army of tiny cleaning drones?

A concept from the Electrolux Design Lab imagines a cleaning system that enlists an army of tiny drones to clean all areas of your room at the same time.

Sony unveils two new camcorders geared for adventure lovers and musicians alike

Sony has announced two new camcorders to please action photographers or budding musicians looking to get more video exposure.
nintendo spoofs itself with 1ds fake

Nintendo 1DS spoof is one cruel, elaborate hoax

Following the announcement of the budget, tablet-like Nintendo 2DS, a spoof of an ad for a fake device called the Nintendo 1DS has emerged.
Hands on Friends of Hue line header

Underglow isn’t just for tuners anymore! Hands on with Philips’ new Hue LEDs

Philips expands the Hue smart lighting system with the LivingColors Bloom and LightStrips, both of which add to existing systems in interesting ways.
bwf mobile apps

Bang With Friends gets ‘Down’ with its return to the App Store post-ban

Three months after it was banned from the App Store, Bang With Friends returns on iOS with a completely new name: Down.

If you still use film, you probably won’t mind snail-mailing yours to Ilford’s new US lab

The era of film photography isn't dead! Ilford has opened up a California-based lab to offer film processing services to stateside customers.