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Stir’s Kinetic Desk learns your sitting habits, nags you into standing up for your health

stirs kinetic desk learns your sitting habits nags you into standing up for health

Apple might be known as a mobile gadget and computer manufacturer, but if the company had its way in the furniture department, its office table would look a little bit like Stir’s Kinetic Smart Desk. Designed by a former iPod engineer, the Kinetic Desk is an Internet-connected table that learns your sitting and standing habits, reminding you to take stand every once in a while to get your calories burning.

The Los Angeles-based startup designed this next-gen standing desk to make the idea of a standing desk overall more fun and less daunting. You can program the desk to remind you when to start standing to work off some calories, and how long you want to stand each time the mode switches. To change between standing and sitting, users can double tap the 4.3-inch iPad-like menu screen on the corner of the desk. This interface keeps track of how long you stand and sit each day, and measure your caloric burn according to your height and weight. Every move lets Kinetic Desk learn about your habits and encourages you to stand a little longer each day if you are looking to extend your exercise.

Stir Kinetic Desk interfaceBut of course, if you had it your way, you would likely forget when it’s time to take a standing break. That’s why the Kinetic Desk comes with a “Whisper Breath” feature, which allows the desk to bump gently up and down, nudging you to move upward. Again, all the user has to do is double tap the touchscreen at the corner to activate standing mode. By utilizing thermal sensors, the desk can also detect your presence and recognize your height, adjusting itself to properly extend the surface to fit your body.

It wouldn’t be a modern day desk without some power supply integration, and the Kinetic Desk has just that built into the top corner. A hidden compartment contains USB ports, power outlets, and charging cables to help with cord organization. The desk also has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivities so you can sync your smart fitness devices for an even more thorough analysis – though details of this feature are minimal at the moment. With its Internet connection, it’s safe to assume the Kinetic Desk will receive periodic firmware updates so it can integrate with other gadgets in the future.

This all sounds interesting to you? Prepare a pretty penny if you’re looking to purchase. Stir’s Kinetic Desk starts at $3,890, and buyers will have an option of a polished white or espresso wood finish with four underside colors (blue, green, black, or red) – just in time to match your colorful iPhone 5Cs. The product will be handcrafted in Brooklyn, assembled in Nashville, and is estimated to ship in early 2014.

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