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When standing isn’t enough, the NextErgo will have you doing yoga at your desk

Sitting is the new smoking, according to some fairly recent research. This idea helped lead to the rise of the standing desk, but if you aren’t moving around enough, standing isn’t much better than sitting. Offering oa solution is the NextErgo, an A.I.-powered standing desk that features an eight-inch touchscreen and can adjusted based on height. The NextErgo ensures your posture is correct — all while tracking the amount of time you spend both sitting and standing.

Your desk will hold you accountable. Built-in presence detectors won’t let you lie to yourself about how long you’ve spent at your desk, while hand-level sensors ensure your desk is in exactly the right ergonomic position to prevent unnecessary hand strain. An included touchscreen provides regular reminders to stand and move around. It’s about more than just health; standing up and moving can get the blood pumping and help you think more clearly.

You can set up other personalized reminders, such as ones to take a deep breath, stretch, drink water, have a snack, or even move specific body parts. After all, long days at the desk can make your neck and shoulders incredibly tense.

The NextErgo can also provide suggestions for desk-based yoga and exercise. If you’re looking for a way to cram in a workout during your workday, or just work out a few kinks in your muscles, it’s a great option. Your desk can also provide you with standing goals based on your fitness level. Depending on how fit you are, you will need to stand up for a certain length of time throughout the day to ensure you are remaining as healthy as possible.

The NextErgo also responds to voice commands. You can request a news briefing, check your usage levels, set alarms, and even adjust the desk itself with nothing but your voice. At the moment, only Google Assistant is supported, but NextErgo says that both Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit will be added in the future.

The basic edition of the NextErgo standing desk will be available for $599 on Kickstarter, while a standard edition will cost $899. The premium option with all the bells and whistles will cost $1,099. Standing desks are a popular trend, but they do yield health benefits that even the most ergonomically designed desk chair cannot. As with any Kickstarter campaign, just know what you’re getting yourself into with a pledge.

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