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The best standing desks

During the past few years, there’s been a growing body of research that suggests sitting all day is really bad for you. Like, incredibly bad. Sitting for eight hours a day has been shown to cause lower back problems, slowed metabolism, increased risk of diabetes and heart disease, and a myriad of other health concerns.

So, what can you do about it? Snag yourself a standing desk! Our top pick for an overall good choice is the Jarvis bamboo desk because it is beautifully designed and features a comfortable beveled edge and an adjustable height that maxes out at 51 inches.

But if the Jarvis desk isn’t the right fit, we also chose a number of other great options and several add-ons if you prefer keeping your old gaming desk. Keep scrolling to see our other picks.

Standalone desks

Jarvis Desk Bamboo


The Jarvis Desk is a great choice for a standing desk, but the bamboo model is exceptionally well made. Its attractive design includes a subtle beveled edge that makes the desk comfortable on the arms and wrists, while the bamboo top renders it both simple and elegant in any office environment. You can adjust the height of the Jarvis Desk anywhere between 25.5 and 51 inches, and given the assortment of available desk sizes, you can rest assured you’ll find a desk with plenty of space for your monitors, laptops, and other gadgets. Read our full review here.

Uplift Standing Desk V2

Uplift specializes in minimalistic, high-quality standing desks with a 355-pound lifting capacity. The desk is made from one inch of bamboo with a laminate on top that can be made from a variety of materials, including walnut, cherry, pheasantwood, and even a whiteboard for drawing or notes. You can also customize the size for a more commercial version of the desk if you prefer. The dual-motor system is also equipped with an anti-collision feature so that movement stops if it looks like something is going wrong. The Uplift Standing Desk V2 truly is an excellent pick that’s particularly suitable for professional environments.

Evodesk Gaming Desk

Evo Thumb

Standing might not seem like the best way to game, but Evodesk’s Gaming Desk aims to change your mind about that. Gamers expect high-quality performance and customization, and thankfully, the Evodesk Gaming Desk offers all of that while providing a healthier and more engaging way to play. You can also outfit the desk with a number of different top styles designed to accommodate multiple displays and rig setups, as well as space constraints. Each of the available tops is even outfitted with a beveled edge for ergonomic use, along with a cable management system and a mouse-friendly surface specifically designed for laser gaming mice. Note that several different configurations are possible and customization is included when you buy.

ApexDesk Elite Series Standing Desk

The ApexDesk Elite Series offers a large 60-inch model at a reasonable price, a great choice if you need a lot of room but have a limited budget. This desk is powerful, too: It comes with dual motors for raising and lowering the surface and can handle up to 225 pounds, suitable for more complex workstations that involve a lot of equipment. You can position the desk anywhere between 29 and 48 inches, giving you plenty of options to customize the height. People can save up to four different heights, ideal if others will be using the desk in a variety of positions. While the legs are steel, the surface is made of MDF (medium density fiber) materials, with a laminate layer on top to help prevent scratching—not exactly high-end, but one of the features that keep this desk affordable.

Seville Classics Airlift

The Seville Classics Airlift offers a smooth tempered glass surface, an extra drawer for storage, and a bevy of electronic functions to make the desk even friendly for the modern office. With a max height of 47 inches, this desk has three touchscreen buttons for saving specific settings and switching between them easily, using dual motors to safely raise and lower the desk no matter what’s on it. There are also two USB-A ports built in for charging your various devices. That tempered glass surface also supports neon dry erase markers if you’re the kind who likes to jot down notes or sketches as you work.

Xdesk Encore

Encore Thumb

Xdesk also offers a more environmentally minded desk: The Encore. The Encore is touted as being the first-ever standing desk to use rubberwood desktops, the tree from which natural rubber is derived. The rubberwood material is manufactured using recycled agricultural byproducts that are solvent- and volatile compound-free. The Xdesk Encore is also compatible with all other Xdesk accessories and components, and moreover, relies on a similar frame to other Xdesk products.

Desk add-ons

Varidesk Pro Plus 36

Varidesk Thumb

In a nutshell, the durable Varidesk Pro Plus 36 is an adjustable monitor stand and tray. The intuitive design allows you to lock the stand to your preferred height using a pair of spring-assisted, scissor-style arms, giving you 17½ inches of added height. Moreover, the Varidesk Pro Plus 36 is wide enough for dual monitors and portable enough to move from desk to desk.

Kangaroo Pro

Kangaroo Pro Thumb

Designed by Ergo Desktop, Kangaroo is a standing desk attachment that sits on top of your desk and requires no additional installation. Unlike other stands, it doesn’t need to be clamped to your desk in order to function properly. The Kangaroo Pro’s wide base provides enough stability that it stands on its own, which means it can easily be moved around your desk as needed.

Readydesk 2

The Kickstarter-bred Readydesk 2 isn’t your usual work of plastic or metal. The simple design of the Readydesk 2 is constructed of recyclable, Baltic Birchwood, and lined with two adjustable shelves that you can position in 30 different ways. The rounded finish, tool-free construction, and portability only make the 32-inch desk more appealing.

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