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The best office chair alternatives for people at a desk all day

Working at a desk all day can be rough. Not only can it be a mental strain, but it takes a physical toll on your body, with back pains and other aches common among dedicated workers. A premium office chair is one way to alleviate those pains — but there are plenty of office chair alternatives to consider that might be a better fit for your needs.

From kneeling seats and ergonomic stools to balance boards and saddles, there’s no shortage of products to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a way to mix up your long workdays, improve your health, or just move your body more often, here’s a look at the six best office chair alternatives in 2024. Many of these are designed to complement your office chair, while others are full replacements. They also carry a wide range of prices, so you’ll find something for all budgets.

The best office chair alternatives in 2024

  • Buy the Sleekform Austin Kneeling Chair to help correct your posture.
  • Buy the Antlu Saddle Stool to reduce pressure on your back.
  • Buy the Trideer Ball Chair if you want to replace your chair with an exercise ball.
  • Buy the Motion Stool if you want an ergonomic stool for your home office.
  • Buy the Razer Enki X Essential Gaming Chair if your office doubles as a gaming lair.
  • Buy the StrongTek Anti Fatigue Balance Board if you work at a standing desk.

Sleekform Austin Kneeling Chair

The best kneeling chair for a home office

Kneeling chairs in an office.
Pros Cons
Memory foam cushions Expensive
Multiple colors Not adjustable
Encourages upright posture

Don’t let its awkward design fool you — the Sleekform Austin Kneeling Chair is a great alternative to a traditional office chair. Along with a plush memory foam seat, it comes with soft padding around its legs, allowing you to easily rest your knees for an ergonomic sitting position.

It might take a few days to get used to it, but the chair is built to improve your posture and reduce your time spent slouching over a keyboard. The chair also rocks back and forth to promote blood flow and improve your overall focus. You don’t have any adjustable components, but since it supports anyone from 5’1″ to 6’6″ and up to 265, it’s a great option for just about anyone who spends long hours in their office.

Adjustable No
Seat type Memory foam
Position Kneeling

Antlu Saddle Stool

The best ergonomic stool for a home office

The Antlu stool on a white background.
Pros Cons
Optional backrest Expensive with backrest
Multiple colors Plain design
Adjustable height

If you don’t want a seat that’s radically different from a standard office chair, the Antlu Saddle Stool is perfect for your home office. Instead of positioning your legs in front when you sit down, it splits them out to the side, forcing your back to better align with the rest of your body.

Toss in an optional backrest, and it doesn’t look much different from a regular chair. The overall design is a bit bland — check out its other color options if you want to bring flair to your office — but its adjustable height and sturdy base make it a reliable, ergonomic companion for anyone with a demanding schedule.

Adjustable Yes
Seat type Faux leather
Position Sitting

Trideer Ball Chair

The best exercise ball for a home office

A person sitting on the Trideer.
Pros Cons
Affordable Not intended for prolonged use
Doubles as workout equipment
Practically no setup

Though it’s not designed for extended use, the Trideer Ball Chair is a great way to break up your workday. It’s a standard exercise ball that helps improve core strength and posture, and using it for a few minutes every day can help alleviate some of the aches and pains of office life.

Crafted from heavy-duty PVC, the Trideer Ball Chair supports up to 300 lbs. It also uses anti-burst technology — so if it does get a puncture, it’ll slowly deflate instead of going out with a “bang”. Best of all, it works perfectly as a standard exercise ball, so you can store it in your home gym when not in use.

Adjustable No
Seat type PVC
Position Sitting

Motion Stool

The best ergonomic stool for a home office

A person using the Motion Stool.
Uplift Desk
Pros Cons
Minimalist design Designed for 5’1″ and up
Supports up to 330lbs
15-year warranty

The Motion Stool by Uplift Desk works whether your desk is in sitting or standing mode, positioning it as one of the most versatile products on this list. It’s also shockingly durable and is backed by a 15-year warranty, which makes it a great long-term investment.

With a stable weighted base that allows you to move around while seated, an adjustable center shaft, and support of up to 330 lbs, it’s a great alternative to a typical office chair. It works on most floors too, with a treaded grip on its base that helps prevent slips. Despite its adjustable nature, the stool isn’t ideal for people under five feet tall, but everyone else should find a comfortable position that works for their needs.

Adjustable Yes
Seat type Fabric with waterfall edges
Position Sitting, Standingeling

Razer Enki X Essential Gaming Chair

The best gaming chair for a home office

The Razer Enki X reclined.
Pros Cons
Stylish design No fancy ergonomics
Built-in lumbar support
152-degree recline

While it doesn’t boast the ergonomics of a kneeling chair or stool, the Razer Enki X Essential is still a great alternative to traditional office chairs. This gaming chair has a decidedly modern aesthetic, with a tall built-in headrest that’s much more dramatic than a standard office chair.

It offers all the features you’d expect from a premium seat, including adjustable height, armrests, and tension, and it can even recline up to 152 degrees for a quick power nap. If you’re looking for something to break up your workday, snagging a dedicated ergonomic product is probably your best bet. But if you just want a chair that looks “cooler” than a typical office chair, it’s hard to beat the Razer Enki X Essential.

Adjustable Yes
Seat type Synthetic leather
Position Sitting

StrongTek Anti Fatigue Balance Board

The best balance board for a home office

A person on the StrongTek balance board.
Pros Cons
Easy to store Not as versatile as other balance boards
Non-slip and anti-scratch base
Tilts up to 8.5 degrees

If you find yourself standing at your desk multiple times throughout the day, consider picking up the StrongTek Anti Fatigue Balance Board. Affordably priced, built with high-quality materials, and small enough to store in even the tightest home office, it’s a good alternative to buying a new chair.

It’s not the most versatile balance board on the market (some products come with advanced rollers and support a variety of workouts), but its minimal 8.5-degree tilt angle and massage points on its surface are ideal for mindless use during the workday. You’ll need to pair it with a standing desk — but no doubt it’s a great way to mix things up and stay focused on your work.

Adjustable No
Seat type N/A
Position Standing

How we chose the best office chair alternatives

There are hundreds of office chair alternatives to choose from in 2024. Here’s how we narrowed down all the options to the six best.

Ergonomic design

If you’re going to be using the chair, stool, or balance board for long periods of time throughout the day, it needs to be ergonomic and good for your body. Products that improve your posture or reduce strain are highly recommended for workers at their desks for long hours.

Premium materials

Along with being ergonomic and comfortable, your office chair alternative should come with premium materials and be built to last. From durable wood and metal to plush cushions and supports, you should look forward to using your “chair” and know it’ll last you a long time.

Reliable construction

Not all companies have the same quality assurance standards. The six products listed above have highly positive reviews from customers, meaning you’re all but guaranteed to get something that’s free of defects and works as intended.

Simple and safe to use

Office chair alternatives come in all shapes and sizes, but they should always be simple to build and safe to use. There are plenty of wild products on the market that boast about wild health benefits — but this list sticks to models that have been around for a while and properly vetted by experts and customers.

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