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The best smart home devices for 2022

With so many gadgets available, finding the best smart home products can be tough. But we're here to help. Check out our favorite smart home devices of 2022.
1 day ago
Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) with Clock front

Best wireless smart meat thermometers

Need to keep tabs on your food without opening and closing the door or lid constantly? These smart, wireless food thermometers can take your cook to the next level.
2 days ago
meater review 1049

The best robot vacuums for 2022

Robot vacuums are a convenient way to clean your home, free your hands, and minimize the weekly chore list. Here are the best models in every price range.
May 5, 2022
The Samsung Jet Bot cleaning in a living room.

Best robot vacuum mop combo for 2022

Need to save room in the broom closet? Here is our best-of list for the all-in-one smart robot vacuum and mop cleaners.
May 4, 2022
roborock s5 max robot vacuum amazon deal cleaning self charger

The best pet cameras of 2022

Whether you need a set of eyes on the pooch while on vacation or want to two-way chat with the cat at work, these top pet cameras have everything you need.
May 1, 2022
A dog and his human companions surrounding the Petcube Bites 2.

The best pet tech products for 2022

There's a ton of tech catered toward your favorite animal, from games to training and care: Here are our favorite smart pet products for your furry friends.
May 1, 2022

The best bidets for 2022

Bidets come in many different types, so our round up of the best bidets includes ones you can attach to toilet seats and bidet/toilet combos.
April 27, 2022
The Toto Washlet C100 in a bathroom.

The best smart padlocks for 2022

We've picked out the best smart padlocks for 2022. These locks use features like phone apps and fingerprint sensors to provide a high level of protection.
April 27, 2022
The Igloohome Smart Padlock being used to secure a gate.

Best robot mops for small spaces

In this list we cover the best smart robot mops to consider if you have a smaller space to clean. These robots have different feature sets than others.
April 26, 2022
iRobot spraying water on wood floor with dog behind it.

The best Shark vacuums for 2022

Shark vacs are a great home brand. If you’re in the market for a new Shark vacuum, we’ve included our picks for the best Shark vacuums you can buy right now.
April 25, 2022
shark ion robot vacuum cleaning system s87 amazon price cut

The best dishwashers of 2022

Need a new dishwasher? We've narrowed down the top high-tech choices for the best dishwasher of 2022 to help you find the perfect model for your kitchen.
April 22, 2022
bosch home connect dishwasher and coffee machine

The top 6 outdoor smart speakers for your garden

Looking for smart speakers to play music as you work in the garden or enjoy your sunny lawn? Here are the best speaker picks to keep you entertained outdoors.
April 21, 2022
The JBL Boombox 2.

Best tech for keeping pests at bay

Skip the pesticides and go with these high-tech options for keeping birds, raccoons, and bugs out of your garden.
April 20, 2022
Bird-X laser deterrent cast against a garden at night.

4K security camera vs. 1080p video comparison

We tackle the difference between 1080p and 4K security cameras. Find out which system is right for you and just how much resolution you really need.
April 15, 2022
A typical NVR setup, the Lorex 8-Channel Fusion NVR Security System with 4K IP Cameras.

The 6 best smart boxing equipment and punch trackers

Smart boxing equipment can help track your punches and improve your results during a workout. These models are great picks and provide loads of data.
April 11, 2022
Man boxing with FightCamp.

The best Instant Pot accessories for 2022

We've rounded up the best Instant Pot accessories to complement your favorite all-in-one appliance.
April 9, 2022
best instant pot accessories chili

Garmin Vivoactive 4 vs. Fitbit Sense

Garmin Vívoactive and Fitbit Sense are two of the most popular fitness wearables. But which is better?
April 9, 2022
The Fitbit Sense is an attractive wearable.

Top 5 smart products to help you stay healthy

Looking for a little help to get fit? These gadgets & technology can give you a motivation boost!
April 6, 2022
fightcamp review 1 of 4

The best smart light switches for 2022

Smart light switches are wise investments for a home, adding programmable control to even the most basic bulbs. Here are our picks for the best of 2022.
April 4, 2022
A person using a smart light switch.

The 4 best wireless outdoor home security cameras

Looking for an outdoor security camera that doesn't require wires? Here are our picks for the top four available today.
April 3, 2022
The Arlo Pro 4 home security camera installed outdoors.

The best video doorbells for 2022

Keep a watch on your front porch with the best video doorbells for 2022. These products feature smart cameras, so you can check the door from anywhere.
March 26, 2022
A person pressing the Arlo Video Doorbell.

Wired vs. wireless security cameras: Which is right for you?

Learn the difference between the two types of home security cameras: wired and wireless. See which options are better for a business and a home.
March 25, 2022
A table with six different security cameras on top of it.

The best smart lamps of 2022

Looking for a smart lighting solution for your desk, end table, or night stand? We've rounded up our top picks for the best smart lamps for 2022.
March 24, 2022
Philips hue white ambiance lamp installed on coffee table.

The best home security cameras for 2022

Looking for a camera smart enough to protect your home and property when you're away? The best home security cameras for 2022 have all the features you'll need.
March 24, 2022

The best robotic lawn mowers for 2022

Most people don't like to mow the lawn. Fortunately, there are robotic mowers that will do the work for you. Here are some of our favorite green-eaters of 2022.
March 24, 2022
The Gardena 4069 robot lawnmower with open battery case.

The best outdoor security cameras for 2022

Keep your home secure and always be in the know about who and what is on your property by installing one of the best smart outdoor security cameras for 2022.
March 23, 2022
The Google Nest Cam (battery) mounted to a wall.

The best meal delivery services

With so many meal delivery services out there, how do you know which service to pick? This guide can help.
March 23, 2022

HelloFresh vs. Blue Apron

Factors like price, delivery schedules, dietary needs, and taste come into play when deciding on a service.
March 21, 2022

The best floodlight cameras for added security

Home security starts with the outdoors. These are the best floodlight cameras on the market today.
March 20, 2022
The Google Nest Cam with Floodlight mounted on a house.

The best smart mattresses with built-in sleep tracking

Want a better night's sleep? One way to see how well you're sleeping is a smart mattress, which track health metrics Here are the best options on the market.
March 19, 2022
best smart mattresses with built in sleep tracking number c2

The best portable smart speakers for 2022

Smart speakers work well in a smart home, but aren't always easy to move around: These speakers give you great smart features while still being portable!
March 19, 2022
Bose Portable Home Speaker on the beach.

The 6 best smart speakers for music lovers

Smart speakers do more than just check the weather or control your smart home; they can produce high-quality audio, too.
March 18, 2022
amazon echo studio 3d smart speaker lifestyle2

ProForm Vue vs. NordicTrack Vault: Which fits your style?

Weighing these two at-home fitness options? Here's what to know about each one before you make your buying decision.
March 17, 2022
Woman touching screen with finger on the NordicTrack Vault.

Best 4k security cameras of 2022

Looking for more detail in your security coverage? Here are our picks for the best security cameras that provide the gold standard of resolution.
March 15, 2022
A typical NVR setup, the Lorex 8-Channel Fusion NVR Security System with 4K IP Cameras.

The top 5 best in-ceiling smart speakers

In-ceiling speakers can save on space and solve audio issues -- especially if they have advanced features like Bluetooth compatibility. Here are our favorites.
March 15, 2022
Bose Ceiling speakers.

The best Instant Pots for 2022

Whether you're an amateur cook or a pro, Instant Pots are perfect for anyone who seeks versatility in the kitchen. We round up the best Instant Pot models.
March 12, 2022
Countertop bird's eye view of the Instant Pot Duo Crisp 11.

ProForm Vue vs. Peloton Bike: Which offers the better workout?

Looking to adopt a connected fitness system to keep you motivated? We evaluate two of the most popular options: ProForm Vue and Peloton Bike.
March 11, 2022
A woman ecercising in front of the Proform Vue, looking at an imbedded ddigital screen in the mirror's reflection.

Best night vision security cameras for 2022

Looking for a security camera that can capture images in the dead of night? These indoor and outdoor cameras are our top picks.
March 11, 2022
Google Nest Cam on home exterior.

SimpliSafe vs. Ring

We compare the smart home favorite Ring with the surveillance champ, SimpliSafe. Which option is the better fit for you?
March 7, 2022
The Ring alarm on a wall with a hand holding a phone with the home app in front of it.

Video doorbell vs. security camera

Deciding between security cameras or video doorbells can be tough. We cover the pros and cons of installation, video coverage, and price.
March 5, 2022
Canary home security camera on the side of a home in front of a pool.

SimpliSafe vs. Nest: Which is the right security for you?

Is SimpliSafe or Nest security better? They both have a fair share of accessories and features. You might be surprised to find which is the better deal.
March 3, 2022
Google Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera on the corner of a brick wall.

The best smart indoor bikes for home workouts

At-home bikes are a perfect way to train in any weather, at any time: These bikes come packed with smart features and customizations for the workout you want!
March 2, 2022
Man riding a MYX Bike.

The best smart locks for 2022

A good smart lock should have a combination of security, aesthetics, and convenience. We pick our favorite smart locks for 2022 and what we love about them.
March 1, 2022
Lockly Vision Smart lock installed on door next to phone showing camera view.

The best smart ellipticals for your home gym

Ellipticals are a popular pick for low-impact exercise: With the right smart features, they can also be the center of your home gym! Here are our top picks.
February 25, 2022
Woman on an elliptical.

The best smart home gear for people who call PS5 a Nintendo

Interested in making someone's life easier with smart devices? These picks are easy to use and perfect for the elderly or those who aren't very tech savvy.
February 18, 2022
A family call over Echo Show.

The best smart surge protectors

Everyone needs a surge protector -- but a smart power strip does so much more. Here are the top smart surge protectors and why their features are so useful.
February 10, 2022
amazon smart power strip deals teckin wifi plug multiple outlet surge protector 02

The best smart plugs of 2022: Our top picks

Smart plugs can make your dumb outlets, devices, lights, and appliances smart. We've rounded up the best smart plugs so you can easily automate your home.
February 8, 2022
A Wemo Indoor smart plug on a table.

Google Home (Nest Audio) vs. Amazon Echo

Google's Home speaker and Amazon Echo are two of the most popular smart speakers, but which is the better of the two? Here's our comparison of both devices.
February 8, 2022
Echo 4th Gen

The best smart home hubs for 2022

The best smart home hubs on the market can control your digital life at home. But which hub is best? Let's take a look at the top options and what they can do.
January 31, 2022
Echo Show 15 on wall.

The best oven ranges of 2022

Best oven ranges for home use, including gas, electric, smart, and more. Plus, the best oven overall and which convection oven/air fryer combo our favorite.
January 21, 2022
Frigidaire Oven