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Amazon revives the Echo Spot with a new look ahead of Prime Day

The Echo Spot on a nightstand.

Prime Day is just around the corner on July 16-17, but Amazon is kicking off the summer festivities with the launch of the Echo Spot — an updated version of the old smart alarm clock that’s packed with new functionality. Featuring a customizable display, support for Alexa, and a built-in speaker, it’s the ideal companion for a nightstand. The smart alarm clock is now available for $80, though Prime members can snag it for just $45 through July 17.

The Echo Spot uses an attractive circular design that’s split into two parts. The top half is the customizable display, which supports multiple different colors and lets you quickly set alarms, check the weather, or access its many other apps. The bottom half houses the 1.73-inch speaker, allowing it to play music or respond to your voice commands.

Alexa is a big part of the Echo Spot, as you can issue voice commands to set alarms or play unique response animations on its display. For example, saying things like “Alexa, thank you,” or “Alexa, good evening,” will change the appearance of your Echo Spot. All together, there are 10 unique response animations for you to discover.

The Echo Spot playing music.

The Echo Spot is essentially a smart alarm version of the Echo Pop. It features a similar, semi-circle footprint, support for Alexa, and physical buttons to turn off its microphone or adjust volume levels. Beyond its built-in display, many of the same features you’d find on other Amazon devices are here, including the ability to make audio calls, use Drop In with connected devices, get alerts from synced smart home products, and create Alexa Routines to automate tasks.

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Of course, it also has a few alarm-specific features, such as the ability to tap its screen to snooze for a few more minutes.

Considering the Echo Pop costs $40, the Echo Spot seems like a great value at $45 for Prime members. Not only can it do pretty much everything available on the Pop but you’re also getting a built-in display for just an extra $5. Be sure to give it a look if you’re looking for an alternative to the other best smart alarm clocks on the market.

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