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The 5 best Bluetooth cooking thermometers in 2024

Professional chefs and cooking newbies alike all need the same kind of kitchen equipment when it comes to creating a delicious and hearty meal. Long gone are the days when you have to use old school thermometers or open your oven or grill to check on your latest creation. Nowadays, there are a ton of different Bluetooth cooking thermometers out there that will help you monitor your cooking without disturbing your long-awaited meal.

We rounded up five of the best Bluetooth cooking thermometers we could find that will help make your cooking experience that much better. They might not all be wireless, but they can all be monitored and used right from the palm of your hand using an app on your smartphone.

The Best Bluetooth Cooking Thermometers in 2024


Pros Cons
Sleek design Not dishwasher safe
For indoor and outdoor cooking No display screen

You’ll save space in your kitchen drawers by choosing the MEATER Plus Long Range Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer. It can be used in collaboration with an oven, smoker, grill and air fryer to make sure your meat is thoroughly cooked to your liking. There are no wires and the device features a built-in Bluetooth repeater that extends the wireless range. The app allows you to monitor your cooking and set up alerts when your food is done or has reached a certain temperature.

Bluetooth Range 160 ft.
Power Source Battery powered

BlueDOT Alarm Thermometer

Pros Cons
Free app Extremely small size
Straightforward display

If you want a Bluetooth cooking thermometer but not all the frills that go with it, the BlueDOT Alarm Thermometer is your best bet. It is extremely easy-to-use and allows you to set your ideal temperature either on the device using the up or down buttons or via the the app which also lets you track temperatures and graph your cook. The device itself also features a magnetic backing so it can easily attach to your grill or stovetop for safe keeping.

Bluetooth Range 150 ft.
Power Source Battery powered

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Combustion Inc. Predictive Thermometer Display

Combustion Thermometer and Display
Pros Cons
Has eight temperatures sensors On the pricier side
Dishwasher safe

If you are very particular about how you like your meat cooked, you need a Bluetooth cooking thermometer that has multiple sensors. With eight temperature sensors, you can be positive that your meat is being cooked in all the right places and will come out exactly how you like. This device predicts how long your cook will be and counts down the time until it is finished. It offers an extremely wide Bluetooth range so you can use the app just about anywhere in your home or backyard.

Bluetooth Range 330 ft.
Power Source Rechargeable battery

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ThermoPro 500FT Wireless Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

Pros Cons
100% wire free Some reviews question the quickness of Bluetooth connectivity
Lots of features on the app

With one probe and two sensors this Bluetooth cooking thermometer is completely wireless and and is ideal for grills, ovens, smokers and rotisseries. The dual sensors provide accurate and real-time internal and ambient temperatures so you know your meat is cooking just right. The app allows you to view USDA meat presets, set alert notifications and look at graphs about your cooking process.

Bluetooth Range 500 ft.
Power Source Charging case

FireBoard 2

Pros Cons
Six separate probes Not ideal for oven use
Great for smokers

Serious grillers and smokers will gravitate towards the FireBoard 2 thermometer due to its wireless construction and advanced app. It can be connected via WiFi and Bluetooth and features a large multi-view LCD screen that can display data from all six different probes. The app is what makes this thermometer stand apart with its ability to allow you to store information, temperatures and times from all of your smoking session which will lead to more perfect meat during future sessions.

Bluetooth Range N/A
Power Source USB-C PD Charger

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How We Chose These Bluetooth Cooking Thermometers

We researched a ton of various Bluetooth cooking thermometers to find the best ones out there to give you a great cooking experience. We focused on a few main criteria that we believed consumers would be on the hunt for. This included the design and ease of use of the app, the size of the thermometer and temperature monitoring.


Each one of these Bluetooth cooking thermometers can be used via an app on your smartphone. We selected various thermometers that use app that offer a wide variety of features and some that only covered the basics. This was intentional as to help chefs and cooks of all different levels.


No one wants another clunky or oversized kitchen appliance or utensil in their kitchen. The size of these thermometers was important as we wanted to include compact products that wouldn’t take up too much space or become overbearing while using.

Temperature monitoring

We had to make sure all of these thermometers were able to accurately and quickly give users temperature monitoring throughout the entire cooking process. This way, it allows consumers to know when their meat is finished, how much time is left or what their ideal meat temperature is.

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