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Blink Mini 2 review: an affordable security cam that nails the basics

The Blink Mini 2 on a bookshelf.
Blink Mini 2 review: an affordable security cam that nails the basics
MSRP $40.00
“The Blink Mini 2 works incredibly well for a $40 camera.”
  • Great price
  • Built-in spotlight
  • Supports Person Detection
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • No privacy shutter
  • Outdoor use requires optional power adapter

The Blink Mini was one of the most popular indoor security cameras when it launched, thanks to its rock-bottom price and reliable performance. It didn’t offer a bunch of extra features, but what it did do was provide an affordable way to keep tabs on your property. That’s largely the case with the new Blink Mini 2, which learned a few new tricks over the years ,but remains a budget-minded product.

The Blink Mini 2 lacks many of the premium features found on other security cameras, but it’s a great step forward for Amazon’s mighty little device. Anyone seeking the most robust camera will want to look elsewhere for their needs, though everyone else will find much to love about this adorable gadget.

Up and running in minutes

The Blink Mini 2 removed from its stand.
Jon Bitner / Digital Trends

Like its predecessor, the Blink Mini 2 is easy to install. There’s a mounting bracket and screws if you want to mount it to a wall, or you can simply place it on a countertop or table using its swivel mount. Once you’ve figured out where you want the security camera, you just need to install the companion mobile app, scan a QR code, and configure your settings. That’s it. From start to finish, the entire process took less than 15 minutes.

The Blink app itself is easy to use, giving you quick access to jump into a live feed, arm your system, toggle its settings, or flip on the built-in spotlight. It feels a bit sparse compared to the Ring app, but there’s no denying that it’s easy to use and highly intuitive.

Perfecting the basics

The Blink Mini 2 placed on two books.

The Blink Mini 2 is a no-frills security camera. It doesn’t bundle in a bunch of premium features — but considering that it costs just $40, it works incredibly well. It records in 1080p, and the image looks crisp when viewed on a smartphone. You can also zoom in quite a bit before the image becomes muddy, allowing you to pick up small details from across the room. The device uses a lowlight sensor for enhanced images in dark rooms, though you won’t get full-color images unless you toggle on its spotlight.

Another nice touch is support for Person Detection, thanks to its new chipset. This allows the camera to only send you alerts when a person is detected in your home, instead of every time your cat or dog walks into view. For further customization, you can change the camera’s sensitivity settings so it picks up motion more (or less) frequently.

Amazon gave the Blink Mini 2 a bit of a face-lift, and it’s now sporting a smooth design that looks more cohesive than that of the Blink Mini. It’s just as small as its predecessor, but it boasts a new color scheme and appears more modern than the black-and-white design of the past. For an even smaller footprint, the cube-shaped camera can be removed from its stand.

Alexa support works just as well as you’d expect from an Amazon product, and the camera reliably picked up motion and sent alerts to my phone throughout testing. In short, it worked incredibly well as an indoor security camera, ensuring all motion was properly tracked and reported.

Keep in mind that most of these features require a Blink Subscription Plan, which starts at $3 per month.

Forgoing the extras

The Blink Mini 2 installed outside.

The Blink Mini 2 serves as a great indoor security camera, but it doesn’t go the extra mile to outpace the competition. It lacks a built-in privacy shutter, it doesn’t offer full-color night vision, and you’ll need to pick up the optional Weather Resistant Power Adapter if you want to use it outdoors. The old Blink Mini couldn’t work outside at all, so it’s nice to have that option on the Blink Mini 2 — but it would have been even nicer if it was a standard feature that didn’t require a second purchase.

The Blink mobile app lets you customize Activity Zones and Privacy Zones, ensuring that only the areas you want to monitor are caught on film. However, these can only be modified in square sections by activating or deactivating different segments of an on-screen grid overlay. Other products, including those from Ring, give you more options when customizing these zones, such as allowing you to create a freeform area instead of clicking on predesignated blocks. This makes the use of zones less compelling on the Blink Mini 2 than other cameras, and it could be difficult to build the perfect motion zones for your needs.

Still, the inclusion of Activity Zones and Privacy Zones is nice — though it would be better if they were a bit more customizable.

The Blink Mini 2 records in a crisp 1080p, but other security cameras on the market look even better. Some now offer 2K and 4K resolutions, which make the 1080p offered here feel a bit dated. It also can’t be panned or tilted remotely, but its stand can be manually rotated and tilted to help you get the best view of your home.


The Blink Mini 2 is a good, affordable security camera. It works incredibly well for a $40 device, offering you a frugal way to keep tabs on your home. It forgoes a lot of the bells and whistles found on premium alternatives — such as the Ring Stick Up Cam Pro — but the Blink Mini 2 remains an appealing low-priced camera. With serviceable 1080p footage, a small footprint, support for Person Detection, and a built-in spotlight, the tiny camera nails the basics.

If you’re just looking for a way to check in on your home while you’re away, the Blink Mini 2 is up to the task.

Conversely, if you’re looking to build a powerful security system with the latest and greatest technology, you’ll want to keep shopping. Other, more expensive products offer improved resolutions, better motion zone customization, full-color night vision, and built-in privacy shutters. The Blink Mini 2 is also only available as a wired model, with no option for a battery-powered model. But for an entry-level security camera that won’t sting your wallet, the Blink Mini 2 is hard to beat.

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