Awards we offer

Awards we offer

Digital Trends, the only truly independent guide to technology, was founded almost a decade ago with a simple premise: real products for real people. Our editorial endorsements help readers easily navigate a crowded marketplace to find the best of those products that fit their lifestyle.

We connect people and technology, and our editorial endorsements instill confidence in our readers as they make purchasing decisions.

Product Awards

Products recommended by our staff or singled out for our Editors’ Choice awards are rigorously tested by our fiercely independent team of experts, using both industry-standard benchmarks and real-world scenarios. It’s no good to learn that a vacuum cleaner’s peak horsepower tops the chart, only to find out that it can’t pick up spilled Cheerios. Likewise, top scores on PC benchmarks like 3DMark are important, but they don’t necessarily mean that a computer is perfect for you.

We also have in-depth guides on how we test different types of products, and a full list of Editors’ Choice winners.

Editors’ Choice

Digital Trends Editors' Choice

What’s the ideal laptop for me? While no product is ever perfect, there’s one out there that’s perfect for you. Our experts hand-test the newest products in dozens of categories, compare them against each other, and with the help of industry-standard benchmark tests, score, rate, and rank them. From speakers to smartphones, only the best of the best receive the Digital Trends Editors’ Choice award.

Recommended Product

Digital Trends Recommended Product

Following thorough benchmark testing and real-world use, Digital Trends recommends hundreds of products every year that meet our exacting standards. Products that carry this stamp of approval stand out from the crowd, moving the needle in terms of price, performance, and quality.

Best Products


A popular category may have dozens of products that are really good — good enough that we recommend them or even award them our Editors’ Choice. But which is the best of the best? Digital Trends keeps up to date dozens of lists showcasing the best products, explaining in simply language why we picked it, who it’s for, and why you should buy it — or why you should hold off.

Industry Events

We start the new year off with a bang at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and continue from there, attending high-profile gaming conferences, international car shows, and everything in between. Our readers know that they can count on us to keep up to date with the latest news and trends from these events with excellent editorial coverage and high-quality, entertaining videos.

Here are just some of the events you can expect Digital Trends to report on:


Top Tech of CES 2018

With 3,700 vendors spread across 2.2 million square feet of show floor, the Consumer Electronics Association’s annual event grows bigger every year. Our editorial team — experts in their fields and jaded to every type of hype and manipulation – sort the gimcracks from the godsends to find the truly amazing. Our Top Tech of CES awards showcase the stuff that swept them off their feet.

Mobile World Congress

awards we offer mwc 2018 page

From tablets to smartphones to smartwatches to smart everything, mobile technology has taken over our lives. The mobile industry’s enormous annual event in Barcelona marks the release of the hottest new phones and mobility technology. And Digital Trends is there to separate the wheat from the chaff.



No show gets gamers to set down their controllers and pay attention quite like E3. This is when developers take the wraps off of years of work, fans get their first glimpses at the next blockbusters, and our gaming editors step behind the curtain to sample the wares. Digital Trends’ E3 awards represent the most innovative, original and downright fun titles we, frankly, can’t wait to play.


IFA Awards

Once a radio exhibition, IFA in Berlin is the largest CE show outside of the States. And because of its timing (just in time for buyers to place Christmas orders) it frequently plays host to several first-time product unveilings. Digital Trends editors from the U.S. and Europe scour the massive show to highlight all the news and hot announcements.

Outdoor Retailer

Outdoor Retailer Awards

Every summer and winter, tens of thousands from the outdoors industry converge in Salt Lake City to give each other a sneak peek of the new gear designs and innovations that will help make our adventures better in the season ahead. We visit hundreds of companies, both big and small, to find what you’ll want next to enhance your experience in snow sports, climbing, backpacking, biking, camping, hiking, running, and more. For this summer’s Outdoor Retailer show Digital Trends teamed up with The Manual to crown the greatest outdoor gear as our Best Of Show winners, along with two brand new awards going to the most innovative products.

Special Reports

Our independent, industry-leading awards programs laud those companies that have truly made great products, and those calling for revolution when needed change has been slow to occur. From cars to computers to kitchens, Digital Trends’ experts know the industry. Our signature awards programs showcase the field and crown the truly great.

Digital Trends Car Awards

awards we offer 2017 car graphic v2

Launched in 2015, The Digital Trends Car Awards spotlight the auto industry at a time of remarkable change. Modern vehicles often carry more technology than passengers, and in mere years, self-driving cars will move from pipedream to practical. The Digital Trends Car Awards are uniquely positioned to showcase this side of a changing industry, with class-leading coverage not just of cars, trucks, and motorcycles but of the technology that makes them safer, easier, and better than ever.

Digital Trends Outdoor Awards

2017 outdoor awards graphic

Technology is transforming every aspect of our lives, making it easier to follow a winding hiking trail, helping us swing a baseball bat more accurately, and keeping us in touch with our friends even as we get away from it all. For the first annual Digital Trends Outdoor Awards, we aim to spotlight and reward the many companies embracing tech and spearheading this revolution.

The Best Products of the Year

Best Products 2018 Badge

After an entire year spent reviewing gadgets and gear, our experts know the score. The end of the year serves as jumping off point for us to revisit the year’s reviews and see which products led the pack, and which merely tagged along.

Digital Trends Home Awards

awards we offer Digital Trends home 2017 winner faded

The booming Internet of Things will usher in ordinary household items that work in extraordinary ways. With connectivity comes convenience, and a new class of home appliances promising ease of use like never before. The inaugural Home of the Future awards will spotlight this changing industry, showing which manufacturers are truly visionary.

Using Digital Trends Awards

Digital Trends connects people and technology, and our editorial endorsements are a way of instilling confidence in our readers as they make their purchasing decisions. We test and evaluate electronics in the real world, in real-life situations, and the awards we give are the seals of approval people look for when deciding what gadget is best for their homes and lives.

We encourage the use of our content and logos on your site, in your advertising, on your product packaging, and wherever else you want it to go. But we also ask that you follow our permission and fee guidelines when doing so. Award logos are restricted to winners of the award and to the specific product that received it, and we must approve all creative material before it’s distributed.

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