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The latest Philips smart lock can read your palm to open your front door

The Philips Palm Reader smart lock on a blue door.

Philips just launched a slew of new products, headlined by the Philips Home Access 5000 Series Palm Recognition Smart Lock. The device works not just with a physical key, PIN code, or Philips mobile app, but also with the built-in palm scanner — making it one of the most futuristic smart locks of 2024.

According to Philips, the scanner works by tracking “unique palm vein patterns,” making it nearly impossible to hack and offering families an ultra-secure way to lock their front door. Setup is just as easy as most other smart locks, thanks to built-in Wi-Fi so you can get up and running without the need for a secondary bridge. It also works with voice commands via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

As an added bonus, the 5000 Series Palm Recognition Smart Lock is equipped with a doorbell button and chime. Having a doorbell on a smart lock might be confusing for guests, so the button will glow when visitors are nearby to help them figure out how to alert the homeowners. When the button is pressed, it’ll send an alert to the included doorbell chime — which can be plugged into a standard electrical outlet and features five volume levels plus 38 unique melodies.

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There’s a lot of functionality packed into the Philips Home Access 5000 Series Palm Recognition Smart Lock, and that makes it a bit larger than other smart locks. It’s still a good-looking device, though it’s not quite as streamlined as models like the Yale Assure Lock 2.

The Philips 7000 Series Video Doorbell being pressed.

Along with the 5000 Series, the Retrofit Lock 3000 Series is also available, which is a retrofit smart lock that can be controlled with an available wireless keypad or through the mobile app. Beyond smart locks, Philips launched the 7000 Series Video Doorbell, which captures 2K footage, supports HDR for enhanced colors, and uses both low-angle and ultrawide viewing angles to eliminate blind spots.

All three products are now available for purchase, with the Philips Home Access 5000 Series Palm Recognition Smart Lock costing $360. The Retrofit Lock 3000 Series is available in two formats ($260 when bundled with the Wireless Key, $220 as a standalone lock), while the 7000 Series Smart Video Doorbell is $230. All three launched into crowded markets, with competitors like Yale, Arlo, and Ring offering similar products. But with unique features and striking designs, the new products are nice alternatives to the existing options.

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Daisy is an installation and repair company designed for your smart home
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The goal of Daisy is to help consumers "spend more time using and enjoying the technology in their home and less time being frustrated." Many smart home devices can be surprisingly difficult to install -- such as smart locks or smart blinds -- and if you're not comfortable installing one yourself, it can be difficult to find a reliable professional to handle the task for you. But with Daisy, it's looking like you'll have a one-stop shop for all your smart home needs.

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Pawport is built to bring added security to your home, giving you a simple way to monitor your existing pet door. Using the app, you can control the door remotely, set curfew times, schedule when the port can open or close, and even issue voice commands with Alexa, Siri, or Google. Other cool features include pet tracking and usage data, letting you know exactly when your pet is walking into (and away from) your home.

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Lockly is bringing Matter and facial recognition to your front door in 2024
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The Matter Link Hub is Lockly's first attempt at bringing the interoperability standard to its roster. By syncing your smart lock to the hub, you'll be able to integrate it with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and (for the first time) the Apple Home app. Best of all, you won't need to sacrifice any countertop space for the Matter Link Hub, as it connects directly to an electrical outlet and should take no more than a few minutes to install.

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