Offering lo-fi fun for just $40, Bonzart Lit is the tiniest, cutest digital camera to exist

bonzart lit tiny digital toy camera

It seems, at times, that technology likes to trend toward big as the denomination for better things. Phone screens are larger than ever, the latest headphones often come with gigantic ear cups, and televisions are so massive, they barely fit in many people’s living room. So it’s a refreshing surprise when companies go the other route and we found ourselves with the adorable Bonzart Lit digital camera on our office desk, promising decent photo-taking qualities in a body smaller than your average Post-It note.

bonzart lit camera screenTo call the Bonzart Lit a fully-abled digital camera might be a bit of a stretch. The Lit is considered more of a toy camera, best used for snapping pictures where your modern 4-inch screen smartphone seems too conspicuous. Weighing just a little more than half a pound and measuring approximately 2.6 x 1.7 x 0.79 inches, the Bonzart Lit is small enough to tuck in your jeans along with the wallet for when you just have to take photos in an ironically low-grade megapixel. You know, for that “vintage” look.

The 3-megapixel Bonzart Lit is as simple as a digital camera gets. Hit the shutter button to power on, touch it again to snap flicks, and hold the mode button to switch between videos, still photo, and photo viewing. There’s a small LCD to play back images. While there is no built-in flash, it does come with several white balance settings – such as Cloudy, Flourescent, and Tungsten – to combat Mother Nature’s ever-changing moods. You can also set the exposure control of -6 to +6, so although it’s not made for low-light photography, you might be able to get away with a few artsy silhouette shots. From our experience, the photos tend to err on the yellower side of the color spectrum, with a natural vignette effect. Not that you should expect any more or less from something so budget.

If this bothers you, then you’ll be happy to know that it wouldn’t be an AC Gears toy camera without some photo filter, and the Bonzart Lit comes complete with a few classics. Black and white? Easy peasy. Sepia? Got you covered. They’re no Brannan or Amaro, but these slightly filtered tints might just give you the effects needed to make the photo look even more retro. There’s even a timer mode for those who want to take a proper selfie without the inevitable mirror cliche or MySpace angle. The camera comes with a tripod mount for steadier photos, and connects via USB for power and photo transfer.

For $40, the Bonzart Lit is one of the cutest mini camera you can own. In the hands of the right kid, it might even make a good starter digital camera – as long as the kid is old enough to know not to put this device in their mouth. A waterproof case is also in development, and when you combine the small investment fees for this tiny cam, it’s not a bad option to experiment with lo-fi photography.

The Bonzart Lit is available today in red, black, blue, white, or pink, at AC Gears. Be sure to get yourself a microSD card for the camera – literally everything on this is meant to be miniaturized.