‘Hey Honey, I’m feeling hot’: Whisper sweet nothings to your Honeywell Smart Thermostat

honeywell wifi smart thermostat voice control

There’s something about the weather that always gets people talking. Some days it’s too hot, others are too chilly, and some are just plain windy, rainy messes. If you’re the kind of person who often complain about the temperature, now you can direct all your comments to the Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat. The latest model of the thermostat comes with a built-in microphone and speaker so you can adjust the temperature via voice control.

In our brief demo with Honeywell, all the user has to do is leave the voice command option on so the thermostat will listen for the prompt, “Hello, thermostat.” After the Smart Thermostat responds, you can tell it to “make things colder” or “turn the temperature up five degrees.” If you opt for the former option, the device will guesstimate its own temperature adjustment that it deems will make a noticeable difference without eating up energy costs. There are many ways you can prompt the thermostat to adjust temperature as it is designed to understand the commands no matter how you put it. That means you can get sexy with the device and boldly say, “I’m feeling hot,” and just like that, your Honey knows to make the room a few degrees cooler.

Honeywell smart thermostat iphone app“Most homeowners know the feeling of coming through the front door while juggling bags of groceries, a stack of mail, and keys to a less-than-comfortable temperature,” Tony Uttley, general manager of Home Comfort and Energy Systems at Honeywell, said in a statement. “With this hands-free advancement, homeowners can simply speak to their thermostat, and it responds by adjusting the environment to their preferences. We believe the next generation of advancements in connected home technology means people don’t have to be tied to their devices.”

Honeywell says the device has a range of 25 feet, although you should allot some room if you’re speaking from another room or behind walls. The company also said that the device will be self-updating with new voice control features along the way to enhance interactivity – just make sure it is constantly connected to the Web.

Like the previous version of the Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat, the device will come with customizable color background options so homeowners can adjust the screen to match their interior design themes. The Internet-connected features, such as remote temperature control from a mobile device or push notifications for rapid temperature changes, are also all there. The Voice Control edition of the device will be available in November starting at $350 online and in home improvement retailers like Lowe’s and Home Depot.

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