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Does your salad spinner need a turbo engine? Well, this one’s got it

does your salad spinner need a turbo engine well this ones got it turboline emsa
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It’s easy to correlate technology with speed – I mean, what’s a good computer if it doesn’t load games smoothly or a good search engine if it doesn’t answer you in milliseconds? But when it comes to tech in the kitchen, is faster still better?

Not to sound like the guy from the AT&T commercial with kids around a table, of course, but we think faster is always preferred. Check out this Turboline salad spinner from German-based housewares brand EMSA. The Turboline comes equipped with a tiny start engine so that you could crank to get the power juiced into the salad spinner and let the tool do the rest to wring water out of your newly washed vegetables.

To begin, just push the start button and pull on the hook to get the spinner going. Once it’s running, leave it until you think the salad’s all spun out. Turboline says that the engine allows for 50 percent higher rotational speed, getting the job done faster without smashing your leafy greens into limpness. When you’re done, push the stop button to pause the spinning and pour the water right out of the outer layer. Sure hope this thing doesn’t, ahem, leek.

For $45, perhaps the Turboline doesn’t solve a huge problem in the kitchen seeing as salad spinners don’t take up a lot of time anyway. But if you like the idea of tiny jet engines in your kitchen, you could compromise your love for all things speedy with this neat little gadget.

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