Grammy-nominated rapper Flo Rida wants to help you make music by slapping air

grammy nominated rapper flo rida wants to help you make music by slapping air beamz theremin
The club can't even handle this right now.

Twitter filed for IPO? Apple unveiled two new iPhones? Who the hell cares? Focus all your attention this week on an amazing advertisement for a new music toy rapper Flo Rida has apparently created so you can strum some red lasers and make music out of thin air. The clubs can’t even handle me right now, y’all.

This weird, quirky, and oddly amusing DJ toy called Beamz by Flo (which sounds like a new tampon brand) is a janky version of Beats by Dre, except users are in control of poking along to the beat of their favorite “Top 40” tunes. From what we can tell in this hilarious commercial, the Beamz is some sort of theremin combined with several laser pointers that recognize when a user’s hands crosses the laser, allowing them to stroke, strum, and change the tempo of the song. Select pre-programmed songs come available on the Beamz, such as music from pop artists like Coldplay, Adele, Stevie Wonder, AC/DC, and of course, yours truly, Mr. Sunshine State himself. The base tune lets users edit the rhythm track, adding sound effects and musical twists because Flo Rida heard you were a wild one.

“The future of interactive music is here!” the advertisement boasts, as Flo Rida packs the club with musicians, skilled and amateur. One guy even had the audacity to pick the Beamz up and play it like an air guitar (new personal hero). Flo Rida ain’t mad, of course, you can do whatever it is you want with the Beamz as long as you pay him the $19.95 plus shipping and handling for the funz. And if you were actually interested, you probably should hand over that Andrew Jackson, because somehow, as basic as the Beamz look, it has five U.S. patents and we don’t recommend you mess with that right ’round here.

The Beamz is compatible with both iOS and Android, and we don’t know what for but let me just shut up and allow you to watch this commercial. It’s official everyone: Flo Rida just invented the world’s greatest cat toy. 

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