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Flash Memory Card Travel Tips from SanDisk

Traveling this summer with your digital camera? Flash memory card manufacturer SanDisk put out a press release today which you might find interesting – it highlights tips and things to consider regarding digital cameras and memory cards. Marketing copy aside, there are some actual useful things here:

  • Get higher capacity cards: Cards with more memory hold more pictures and/or sharper and larger photos.
  • Get faster cards: Not all flash cards are created equal, especially when used with digital cameras of 5 mega pixels or higher. Consider a more advanced (i.e. more expensive) card to help better capture a moment with newer cameras.
  • Get a faster digital camera: If you’ve got the budget, trade in your old clunker for that sweet camera with better buffer processing times.

And how should you handle your cards? SanDisk essentially recommends not worrying about your memory card being hurt by x-ray machines in airports, not exposing your card to water or the clothes washer, keeping an extra charged battery around so as to not lose images being transferred after a picture is taken and backing up your photos to a laptop or some other medium so if you lose the card you still have your cherished images on file.

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