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Bill Schiffner

Bill Schiffner


Bill Schiffner is a freelance writer, editor, and consultant based in Holbrook, N.Y. He has covered the imaging industry for 25 years and reports on many of the evolving digital imaging capture and printing technologies. He was the editor for a number of imaging publications and websites.

17 essential photography tips for beginners

Capturing the moment isn't easy. That's why we sought pointers from three pro photographers about their gear, settings, and composition. These 17 great tips and tricks will boost your digital photography from amateur to pro in no time.
to get perfect mountain shot corey rich climbs mountains cory interview photographer shots feat

To get the perfect mountain shot, photographer Corey Rich has to climb it first

For Corey Rich, mountain climbing and photography are just another day at the office.
brian bielmann 40 years of photographing surf legends 16x24 bruce irons0392

Legendary surf photographer Brian Bielmann on how he captures magic at sea

photographer jonathan irish national parks interview  yellowstone np fujifilm

From sea to shining sea: This photographer shot every national park in just one year

photographer jay dickmans adventurous spirit 12 sri lankan stilt fishermen

Nat Geo legend Jay Dickman shares shots, stories, and tips for shooting like a pro

how to photograph the arctic with joshua holko interview 3

Joshua Holko braves cold and claws to photograph the Arctic’s elusive beauties

sam nicholson on creating visual effects magic vfx interview

From shambling zombies to parting the Red Sea, FX guru Sam Nicholson has done it all

nba photographer jack arent step curry  amp

In love and basketball, a photographer finds both aren’t so different

From NBA court side to wedding halls, Jack Arent finds the balance in photographing both types of events.
scaling asias anti everest mountain renan ozturk hkakabo razi

Tougher than Everest? How Hkakabo Razi broke Nat Geo’s climbers, and their gear

varial infused glass surfboard copyright michael clark 2015 mclark fpta 0811 09203 argb

How to shoot insane action-sports photos (from a guy who has nearly died doing it)

photographer fred kamphues at the gates of hell fredkamphues10fkb44728

To photograph the gates of hell, bring tough equipment, a plan, and guts

Whenever and wherever a volcano erupts, you’ll very likely find photographer Fred Kamphues standing nearby.
lytros illum light field camera takes adventure photography new heights lytro chris burkard

Lytro’s Illum light-field camera takes adventure photography to new heights

Photographer Chris Burkard returns to Iceland to capture a new set of images using Lytro's new Illum light-field camera.
© 2014 David Newton

When is it time to start recording in 4K? Pros say right now.

The 4K standard offers benefits to both photographers and videographers, as well as challenges. Two Industry pros explain why.
© 2014 Marc Levine/New York Mets

Chief Mets photographer Marc Levine knows how to catch a fastball (on film)

Marc Levine has been working at his dream job 25 years, as the Chief Photographer of the New York Mets.
Shark photographer David Fleetham

How do you capture a great white shark? With a wide-angle lens, actually

Cold Calm

Travelling across the universe with astrophotographer Mike Taylor

Mike Taylor is an accomplished photographer who specializes in capturing the night sky and the heavenly bodies of stars, planets, meteors, and far galaxies.
Lucas Gilman Adventure Photographer

To shoot extreme sports like Lucas Gilman does, be prepared to get scared

Covering the world of extreme sports, photographer Lucas Gilman endures everything Mother Nature throws at him, to get the perfect shot.
Benjamin Edelstein landscape photo 6

You don’t need 10 exposures to capture nature shots this amazing (just patience)

Benjamin Edelstein spends a lot of time combing national parks across the country. It's in these parks where he captures nature's stunning beauty.
chris burkhard 120816 burkard 37555 featured

Braving blizzards and ice floes to photograph Iceland’s hardiest surfers

Adventure photographer Chris Burkard braved the extreme elements of the icy North Atlantic to capture a unique surfing experience.
shoots scores tips capturing stanley cup winning hockey photos joseph nuzzo editorial images feature

He shoots, he scores! Tips for capturing the breakneck speed of hockey

6 simple gridiron guidelines an nfl photographer uses to shoot when on the field jefflewis 002

6 simple gridiron guidelines NFL photographer Jeff Lewis uses on the field

Photographer Jeff Lewis shoots the big games for the NFL Network. He shares with us six easy tips he uses when he's on the field.
8 expertly tested tips for photographing a wedding extra image how to price destination packages  by sara kauss photography

8 expert tips for amateurs on how to take professional-quality wedding photos

Whether you've been asked to photograph a wedding or you're an invited guest, photographer Sara Kauss shares 8 expert tips for shooting memorable moments.

Could you fall victim to crime simply by geotagging location info to your photos?

Geotagging is a useful tool for remember where you shot a photo or sharing it with the world, but that location info could be used by criminals against you.
travel photography tips in exotic locales eanon pic1a featured

9 travel photo tips for capturing the best images to satisfy your inner wanderlust

Planning a trip to an exotic locale? Make sure you have a good camera in tow. Here are 9 travel photo tips to help you take the best photographs.
photographing kids sports action photography 5

Be the best sports photographer at your kids’ games by following these 6 easy tips

Think running after your kids is hard? Try photographing them while they're playing sports. Photographer Erin Manning offers six easy-to-follow tips.
invite big brother into your home with the latest foolproof security cameras header

6 home security camera systems that provide peace of mind on a budget

The newest home surveillance IP cameras to hit the market are affordable, easy to install, and a cinch to operate, and come with plenty of useful features.