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Molly McHugh

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Before coming to Digital Trends, Molly worked as a freelance writer, occasional photographer, and general technical lackey. She's a sucker for animated GIF blogs, hours-long Wikipedia hunts, road trips, YouTube binges, and the Portland Trail Blazers. Molly is a graduate of the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communications (go Ducks). You can find her on Twitter (@iammollymchugh) and Instagram (@mollygrams).

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PicoBrew’s Zymatic brews beer with a mouse click (and purists are pissed)

Automation allows PicoBrew’s Zymatic to crank out brew after perfect brew with a handful of ingredients and water. But home-brew enthusiasts are scoffing. Does tech take the soul out of good beer?
Social Media

WTF, Internet? Why did you have to go and steal Christmas?

From the process of getting a tree to giving gifts and surprising coworkers, the Internet has taken all that is good and right about Christmas and reduced it to a one-click process.
Social Media

The fight for the Facebook News Feed – and its memes – is on

After Facebook announced it would be promoting certain types of posts over others - and that memes would take the biggest hit - the publishing industry is reacting.
Social Media

Love and selfie loathing: How The Selfie eased my social media snark

Turns out a remote shutter can cure some selfie hate. One weekend with The Selfie and I already have more pictures with some of my friends and family than I've taken in the last few months.

According to search traffic, these are the hot gifts of the holiday season

Can't figure out what to get anyone on your list this year? Well apparently these are the things they're getting busy Googling.
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Facebook changes ‘Hide All’ to ‘Unfollow,’ shaming us for ignoring annoying friends

Facebook's new 'Unfollow' button will work exactly how 'Hide All' did ... you'll just feel guiltier about censoring your unknowingly annoying friends. A few other News Feed options may have gotten the axe with this change, however.