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Molly McHugh

Molly McHugh

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Before coming to Digital Trends, Molly worked as a freelance writer, occasional photographer, and general technical lackey. She's a sucker for animated GIF blogs, hours-long Wikipedia hunts, road trips, YouTube binges, and the Portland Trail Blazers. Molly is a graduate of the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communications (go Ducks). You can find her on Twitter (@iammollymchugh) and Instagram (@mollygrams).


How to view deleted or old Snaps

If you need confirmation that anything digital never dies, here's video showing how you can bring back old Snapchats.
PicoBrew Jim Mitchell

PicoBrew’s Zymatic brews beer with a mouse click (and purists are pissed)

best sites for ncaa tournament bracket pools march madness brackets

March Madness 2014: Which sites to use for your NCAA tournament brackets

There are plenty of bracket applications for you to choose from for all your March Madness needs, so take your pick and let the filling out begin.
wtf internet go steal christmas ubertree feature

WTF, Internet? Why did you have to go and steal Christmas?

fight facebook news feed memes gc likes

The fight for the Facebook News Feed – and its memes – is on

After Facebook announced it would be promoting certain types of posts over others - and that memes would take the biggest hit - the publishing industry is reacting.
love selfie loathing cured social media snark the sefie 2

Love and selfie loathing: How The Selfie eased my social media snark

Turns out a remote shutter can cure some selfie hate.
according search traffic hot gifts holiday season superugg

According to search traffic, these are the hot gifts of the holiday season

Can't figure out what to get anyone on your list this year? Well apparently these are the things they're searching for.
facebook unfollow button images

Facebook changes ‘Hide All’ to ‘Unfollow,’ shaming us for ignoring annoying friends

Facebook's new 'Unfollow' button will work exactly how 'Hide All' did ... you'll just feel guiltier about censoring your unknowingly annoying friends.
licecap example

Never explain anything about the Internet ever again with this instructional GIF maker

Sick of explaining how to do things online to your friends and family? Let LICEcap do the instructing for you.
facebook sued allegedly reading private messages fb

Facebook’s new News Feed promotes articles, your friends’ old posts … and buries memes

Facebook is once again mixing up its News Feed algorithm, this time promoting popular old stories from your friends, news outlets ... and burying memes.
might soon proud owner instagram com email address ig app

Why you might soon be the proud owner of an email address

New rumors say email addresses are on the way – but why?
wtf internet instagram printing jumped shark boomf marshmallows feature

WTF, Internet? Instagram printing has jumped the shark

WTF, Internet? This week's Web indiscretion comes courtesy of a new Instagram printing service that signals we've lost all control.
instagram inspire next yelp ig review

Could Instagram inspire the next Yelp?

Will the next location review service take its cues from Instagram?
the twitter guide to black friday shopping header

Twitter is your best friend on Black Friday, and these are the handles to follow

Before you hit those lines, sit back and check out these Twitter handles and hashtags so you can truly attack Black Friday shopping.
Automate your social networks

Automate your social networks so you can put down your phone this Thanksgiving

Don't be that rude Thanksgiving Day guest who Instagrams everything yet barely talks to the people around them. These apps and work-arounds can help.
turkey voting

This year, the White House asked the Internet to judge its turkey pardoning

The strange traditional of turkey pardoning got even stranger this year, as the White House asked the Internet to judge.
everything need know yahoo katie couric deal kc

Yahoo’s latest acquisition is Katie Couric – here’s everything you need to know

Katie Couric has accepted a position as Yahoo's new Global Anchor - so what does that even mean?
first selfie

Tis a thing of beauty: The first #selfie ever taken

No, it wasn't on Instagram, or anywhere else online. Just consider this self-photographer way ahead of his time.
1 2 million lawsuit shouldnt steal photos twitter cam

This $1.2 million lawsuit is why you shouldn’t steal photos from Twitter

Two photography agencies took Daniel Morel's photos from Twitter and used them without payment or permission - but now he's getting a $1.2 million payday.
wtf internet online dating now needs red light district its own feature

WTF, Internet? Online dating now needs its own red-light district

WTF, Internet? This week's Web indiscretion comes courtesy of a horrible new trend in dating apps, in which we follow our most basic human instincts.
instagram messaging sign

Instagram reportedly plans to introduce a messaging feature – what could come next?

A report has surfaced saying that this year, Instagram plans to introduce a messaging feature.
oh instagram really think windows phone app ready release

These are the 5 biggest holes in the Instagram for Windows Phone release

Instagram for Windows Phone is finally here ... but a few noteworthy features didn't come along for the ride.
twitter finally trying answer question what is

Twitter is finally trying to answer the question ‘What is Twitter?’

Now that Twitter is a public company, it has to define itself so investors understand where their money is going. This video is a first step.
new search engine like google social web tumblr mtk67pg5xk1sh8qero1 500

This new search engine is being called ‘the Google of social media’

A new search app called Hshtags searches nearly all of social media-dom by hashtag-specific queries.
facebook pays 33500 to hacker for finding security bug sign login

Facebook testing new feature to show if you’re at a desktop or on your phone

Wondering what device you friends are using when they're on Facebook? This new feature, currently in testing, will answer that very question.
video proves still dont understand much sharing social networks how do you know

This video proves we still don’t understand how much we’re sharing on social networks

This video, called Social Media Experiment, makes it all too clear how easy it is to know a lot about you.
instagram new dating app instalove

First comes Instagram, then comes love: Why Instagram is displacing dating apps

Instagram is connecting more and more people, and challenging dating apps at their own game - is it winning?
wtf internet went christmas shopping pinterest crap found pintrest xmas

WTF, Internet? I went Christmas shopping on Pinterest and this is the crap I found

WTF, Internet? This week's Web indiscretion comes courtesy of Pinterest, which you'd think would be a great place to get holiday shopping inspiration ...
put stamp er face viral gif can think your

Put your own stamp – er, face – on any viral GIF you can think of

Ever wanted to see yourself immortalized in a popular Liz Lemon GIF? What about Beyonce? Now you can.
facebook grill fb

Slovakian engineers are trying to bait Mark Zuckerberg with this custom Facebook grill

What do you do when you want Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to come to your conference? Obviously build him a fancy, Facebook-enabled grill.
5 craziest mind boggling things facebooks rejected offer buy snapchat 3 billion girls

The 5 wildest takeaways from Facebook’s failed offer to buy Snapchat for $3 billion

Facebook tried and failed to buy Snapchat for $3 billion – and that's only the start of the insanity.
gifs now available twitter sort kind api giphy logo

You can now share animated GIFs on Twitter – sort of, kind of

The Internet has heard our prayers and answered them: GIFs are now available on Twitter, via Giphy.
justin bieber app launched terrible

Justin Bieber’s new selfie app exists because … why?

Wondering where you could post and look at selfies? No? Of course you weren't, but the new Bieber-backed Shots of Me offers yet another selfie-solution.
twitter acquires zipdial bid expand presence emerging markets timeline

Everything you need to know about creating a custom Twitter timeline

Twitter has just released a new custom timeline feature, allowing you to pull in tweets by topic, event, or interest.