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You can now share animated GIFs on Twitter – sort of, kind of

gifs now available twitter sort kind giphy

Back in August, Facebook finally introduced GIF commenting capability – sort of. The big caveat, of course, is that the GIFs had to come from Giphy, and you had to share them from that site instead of just posting them natively within Facebook. But, baby steps. Now Giphy has introduced the same function in a partnership with Twitter. Giphy’s Alex Chung says the company is working with Paramount to promote the upcoming Anchorman 2 movie, so you might be seeing a lot of animated Ron Burgundys in your feed today. 

If you want to get in on the animated GIF action, just head to Giphy, select a GIF of your liking, hit the Twitter share button …

seal twitter

… And boom: 

Giphy has been able to see a gap and fill it: The surging popularity of animated GIFs translates well to social sites, but few have allowed users to post them. “We’ve been in the start-up scene for a very long time, some of us since the 90s, and as a daughter company of Betaworks we have a lot of friends,” Chung tells me. To wit, Betaworks is behind some of the Internet’s most impressive products, and it would appear social behemoths like Facebook and Twitter are happy to work with them and Giphy.

And of course, as Chung rightly mentions, everyone loves the stuff the team is making. “We’re also dealing with GIFs. Who doesn’t want this cute kitten everywhere???” 

You have a valid point, sir. 

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