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This year, the White House asked the Internet to judge its turkey pardoning

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The yearly presidential turkey pardoning is a strange, strange tradition. While neither bird will become dinner, it’s a very quasi-Hunger Games approach to naming one of the feathered friends the National Thanksgiving Turkey (real title).

And this year, the White House has asked us to participate in the decision. The White House website has a landing page asking if you’re #TeamCaramel or #TeamPopcorn. (Oh good God, why did we have to give them names?! They’re basically human to me now.)

The site has a nice breakdown of each turkey’s stats – they’re both four month old males, and Caramel’s the heftier of the two. While Popcorn has a “proud strut,” Caramel’s gait is “steady and deliberate.” The rest of the turkey’s aesthetics and personality traits can be found below.

turkey voting
Image used with permission by copyright holder

There’s even a Soundcloud clip of each turkey’s gobble, in case the government hasn’t tugged at your heartstrings enough.

Voting ran until last night, with people casting their ballots for the turkeys through Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter by using the appropriate #TeamCaramel or #TeamPopcorn hashtag. Only one turkey could take home the coveted title.

The White House could not have used a more diverse social media strategy here – and while the subject matter (turkeys?) is perhaps a bit trivial, it pulled in a lot of activity.

The winner will be announced later today, and it appears both turkeys are quite popular across the board. Although, there are considerably more photos tagged #TeamCaramel on Instagram, but they aren’t regarding the turkey. Here are the best social media-cast votes for the turkeys — and be sure to catch the thrilling conclusion later today.

I'm just saying, @WhiteHouse if you let #TeamPopcorn live it means the death of #TeamCaramel I vote #LetThemBothLiveAreWeMenOrBeasts

— B (@BrandoMorrissey) November 27, 2013

It's a @WhiteHouse conspiracy theory! #TeamPopcorn must be declared the pardoned turkey now. #GOBBLEGATE

— Madeline Marshall (@Maddie_Marshall) November 27, 2013


— yeslie (@LesHorn) November 26, 2013

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