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Put your own stamp – er, face – on any viral GIF you can think of

put stamp er face viral gif can think your

There are plenty of ways to take your own face and make an animated GIF out of it – and now there’s another one. GIF Yourself is an incredibly easy to use tool that takes your face and puts it on a popular GIF. Want to see yourself immortalized on this classic Drake GIF?

Well GIF Yourself has your back: All you have to do is find the GIF in question, pose for you webcam (or upload a photo of your face) …

drake example

… And then let the magic happen: 

There you have it. If you want to get truly creative and/or troll your friends, you can start pulling pictures of them off Facebook and uploading them onto gems like this and then sharing them as you see fit. Just don’t tell them where you got the idea. I will not take the fall for your antics, Internet. Go forth and GIF, my friends. 

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