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Black markets for Twitter accounts put a price on your reputation

Black markets for Twitter accounts put a price on your reputation

Years of tweeting have brought you thousands of dedicated followers, but what how much cash would it take to hand over the keys to a stranger?
Instagram inspired Nikes

WTF Internet? Instagram inspired Nikes … ‘Just DON’T Do It’

WTF, Internet? This week's Web indiscretion comes courtesy of a Nike-Instagram partnership gone wrong.
NFL Draft Media

NFL tries to put toothpaste back in tube with a Draft Day Twitter ban

The NFL, one of the most socially engaged sports organizations, is struggling to navigate how to use (or not use) the real time network come draft day.

Is funding films on Kickstarter about creativity or cutting corners?

Zach Braff is the latest actor/director to hit the Kickstarter circuit to raise funds - $2 million, to be exact - for his film.
facebook home hands on

Review: There’s no place like Facebook Home

Facebook's ambitious mobile project Facebook Home is here, and we go hands on for a first look.
WTF Selfies

WTF, Internet? We don’t need an instruction manual for selfies

WTF, Internet? This week's Web indiscretion comes courtesy of the selfie, which if you use any social network, you know all too well.

The next creepy Instagram trend: Teen beauty contests

Instagram users are taking to the service, posting selfies and asking for opinions. The problem is, these photos are very public, and comments can be cruel.
facebook camera

Facebook is giving advertisers a better look into your online – and offline – behavior

If you thought advertisers already had a lot of data on your thanks to Facebook, the introduction of "partner categories" takes this to a whole new level.
facebooks new emotion based status updates is a win for sarcasm amuse

Facebook’s new emotion-based status updates are a win for sarcasm

Facebook has rolled out a new feature that is just begging for us to mess with the social network.
zuckerbird header

Facebook is the new Twitter (at least, it wants to be)

The two heavyweights of social media are indisputably Facebook and Twitter - and the former is starting to look more and more like its real-time competitor.
wtf facebook header

WTF, Internet? What makes you think we need more Facebook?

WTF, Internet? This week's Web indiscretion comes courtesy of Facebook Home, the social network's latest way to monopolize our time.
facebook home in bed

So call me, maybe? Facebook Home cares about your present, not your past

Facebook Home sets up shop on your smartphone - every piece and part of it. Will this finally give Facebook the deep social access and engagement it wants?

The difference between second screen and social TV apps is that there isn’t one

Second screen and social TV overlap so mcuh that it's difficult to tell where one ends and the other begins - but is that a good thing or a bad thing?
WTF, Internet? Facebook thinks it knows m

WTF, Internet? Facebook thinks it knows me … and it’s so, so wrong

WTF, Internet? This week's Web indiscretion comes courtesy of Facebook's horrible, terrible, no good targeted ads.
facebook exchange

If you don’t want ads targeting you, read this story about Facebook FBX

Facebook's ad-retargeting system Facebook Exchange will be expanding. That means a lot to marketers, but what does it mean for you?
facebook iron fist

Facebook uses push notifications to nag us … to use push notifications

Facebook wants to dominate the mobile market, and is alerting us to post more as well as enable push notifications. Fool me once, Facebook...
vizify rolls out of beta launches viz cards featured

Vizify rolls out of beta, ready to protect and serve your Web identify – infographic style

Identify website Vizify is now open to the public, ready to create your personal landing page complete with personalized infographics.

WTF, Internet?: Thanks for another terrible ‘hot women in tech’ list we did not ask for

Complex's awful "hottest women in tech" managed to collectively incite most (if not all) of the Internet.
facebook ecosystem

When it comes to apps, Facebook giveth and Facebook taketh away

Facebook used to be a natural launching pad for a new app, but now the harsh reality is that the ecosystem isn't one that welcomes competition.
sxsw hashtag

#Upside: Why Twitter and SXSW going corporate isn’t a bad thing

Is audio the final social frontier? Eevzdrop thinks so

Eevzdrop managed to steal a bit of spotlight at SXSW this year, and is banking on audio sharing being the next social feed we want to see. Er, hear.
its not you sxsw me 2013 narcissim

It’s not you, SXSW. It’s me. Me, me, me …

SXSW Interactive Week has come to a close, and the takeaway? We are all a bunch of self-loving, social networking psychos - and that's just fine by us.
leap demo sxsw

Welcome to the real world: Hardware takes over SXSW

The hardware evolution cannot be stopped, and even an app-loving festival like SXSW is getting a taste of this digital evolution.
heres what you need to know about the secret myspace sxsw concerts sleigh bells promo pic 2

Word on the street is Kid Cudi, Sleigh Bells, Diplo to head up Myspace’s secret SXSW concerts

Word on the street is Myspace plans to quietly invade SXSW this year with secret concerts - and we've got inside information on who and when.

Great Wall of SXSW: How LEDs are bringing arena rock swagger to the small stage

Nasa wants to beat Bieber in the Twitter wars

Nasa wants to beat Bieber in the Twitter wars (#weapprove)

Social media might be making the world smaller, but NASA is helping us make it bigger - by connecting us to the rest of the universe.
digital afterlife

Want to tweet from the grave? DeadSocial promises online immortality

DeadSocial has officially launched at SXSW - now you can sign up to manage what happens to your social networks after you've dearly departed.

Indie band Quiet Company and the terrifying, murky waters of streaming sites and social networks

Austin-based band Quiet Company has had something of an Internet upbringing, as the first and only group Grooveshark has partnered with.
flying too close to the sun or how i met grumpy cat url

Flying too close to the sun, or, how I met Grumpy Cat

What happens when the meme of your dreams is inches away? I had the chance to find out - Grumpy Cat is at SXSW.
Why the SXSW curse

Why the SXSW curse? Apps launched in fantasyland seldom survive real life

One month later, how are video apps faring in the face of Vine?

It's been one month since Twitter introduced the Internet to Vine. Are competitors keeping up?
5 startups set to become household names in 2013 leap sq

Good news for hands-free hype, Leap Motion gesture-controlled device shipping May 13

Gesture control device the Leap Motion Controller is set to hit homes and shelves in less than three months, complete with an official app store.
chirpify like button

Buying things on Facebook is now – literally – three little letters away

Twitter and Instagram in-stream payment app Chirpify has introduced Facebook commerce, bringing instant buying to all three major social platforms.

Experts sound off on the peril and potential of the evolving Web

The best brains devoted to watching and helping the Web grow spoke at Social Media Week, forecasting the development of the Internet and social networks.