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When it comes to camera zoom, here's why only optical matters

Digital camera zoom is described as optical and digital, but when it comes to true image quality, only one matters. We'll explain the difference between the two, and why one is more important than the other.

Top 10 bad tech predictions

Think today’s pundits and scientists can really forecast the future? Not if history is any lesson. Relive the folly of predictions past with 10 particularly ill-fated tech prophecies that did not stand the test of time.
Product Review

Logitech G600 MMO Review

Logitech’s G600 gaming mouse offers MMO plays shortcuts for every play in the book and near-infinite customizability, but won’t seem quite as useful outside Azeroth.

Batteries not included: How small-scale energy harvesting will power the future

Forget solar power and wind turbines – your future gadgets could be powered by anything from radio waves to the heat from your body.
Emerging Tech

How the Valley was won: The birth of technology in Silicon Valley

From the early days of Stanford, to pioneers who revolutionized the world while Steve Jobs was still in diapers, this is how a humble farming valley transformed into the epicenter of all things tech.
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Digital Cameras and DSLR Cameras – Ultimate Shopping Guide 2010

Plan on buying a digital camera or DSLR camera in 2010? Be sure to read our comprehensive guide to everything today’s camera buyer needs to know.