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Gordon Goble

Former Digital Trends Contributor
digital cameras zoom vs optical 10808464  camera lens isolated on white background

When it comes to camera zoom, here's why only optical matters

Digital camera zoom is described as optical and digital, but when it comes to true image quality, only one matters.
Bad tech predictions top 10 list

Top 10 bad tech predictions

Logitech G600 MMO Review

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Batteries not included: How small-scale energy harvesting will power the future

how the valley was won birth of technology in silicon computer chip fp

How the Valley was won: The birth of technology in Silicon Valley

digital cameras wide angle lenses explained thumbnail

Digital Cameras: Wide Angle Lenses Explained

digital cameras micro four thirds explained thumbnail

Digital Cameras: Micro Four-Thirds Cameras Explained

digital cameras optical zoom lenses is bigger better thumbnail ultra

Digital Cameras: Optical Zoom Lenses – Is Bigger Better?

digital cameras do megapixels matter thumbnail

Digital Cameras: Do Megapixels Matter?

using facebook twitter and social networking to land a job thumbnail network

Using Facebook, Twitter and Social Networking to Land a Job

job hunting tips strategies for finding a online thumbnail resume

Job Hunting Tips: Strategies for Finding a Job Online

three things every job seeker should know thumbnail

Three Things Every Job Seeker Should Know

online job hunting guide how to get a in 2010 thumbnail

Online Job Hunting Guide: How to Get a Job in 2010

solid state drives buying guide ssd hard made simple thumbnail

Solid State Drives Buying Guide: SSD Hard Drives Made Simple

in the year 2020 part iii transportation urban planning and energy thumbnail future

In the Year 2020, Part III: Transportation, Urban Planning, and Energy

in the year 2020 part ii biotechnology and genetics thumbnail biotech

In the Year 2020, Part II: Biotechnology and Genetics

best voice recorders thumbnail

The best voice recorders

We round up the 10 best voice recorders, whether for interviews, incrimination, or otherwise.
in the year 2020 part i cloud computing carousel

In the Year 2020, Part I: Cloud Computing

Apple’s Worst Products and Biggest Failures

World’s Most Unique Gadgets

Why America Lags Behind the World’s Top Technology Leaders