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Felix Esser

Felix Esser

Felix is a freelance tech journalist with a strong focus on photography. Based out of central Germany, he contributes to various international publications. With a university degree in historical lingustics, Felix now combines his passions for writing, research, photography and technology.

panasonic lumix cm10 cm1 front

Panasonic’s Lumix CM1 smartphone-4K camera hybrid launches in U.S. for $1K

Panasonic surprised us at Photokina 2014 with the CM1 "connected camera," which is an interesting hybrid between smartphone and compact camera.
v 360 aims gopro panoramic video cameras vsnmobil v360 featured

The V.360 aims to be the GoPro of panoramic video cameras, now available for $399

The V.360 panoramic camera captures both 1080p HD video and still image, and is compatible with GoPro mounts.
creepy crawlies every day wonders nikon small world 2014 contest winners announced fram schwartz 26621 1

Creepy crawlies and more: Nikon Small World 2014 contest winners

Nikon has announced the winning submissions to its 2014 Small Worlds photomicrography contest, including Creepy Crawlies, Every Day Wonders, and more.
app automatically cuts gopro videos according deems exciting antix featured

This app automatically edits your GoPro videos based on what it thinks is exciting

Antix, a new smartphone app for GoPro users, promises to automatically detect exciting scenes and cut them out of the video stream, for your convenience.
joby suction cup mounts for gopro suctioncup gorillapod hero

Suction your GoPro onto anything with these new accessories from Joby

Joby has introduced two new suction cup mounts for action cams, featuring its GorillaPod Arm and Locking Arm.
kodaks new pixpro sp360 gopro lookalike 360 panoramic action cam kodak featured

Kodak’s new PixPro SP360 action cam sees the world in 360 degrees

Kodak has announced the PixPro SP360, a tiny GoPro-competing action cam with a panoramic 360-degree horizontal angle-of-view.
ride eagle paris sony action cam mini video victor

You can ride an eagle over Paris in this Action Cam video

Victor the white-tailed eagle takes you on a flight over Paris, France in this Sony Action Cam Mini video.
capture world 360 tiny ball shaped 360fly action cam 1

Capture a world view with the small, ball-shaped 360fly action cam

The 360fly is a tiny, ball-shaped action cam that lets you capture the world around you in 360 degrees.
next dimension food photography snap grub 3d 3daround

Next dimension of food photography: Snap your grub in 3D with 3DAround

No more boring 2D food photos – with 3DAround, you can snap your grub in 3D with any iOS 8 device.
turn smartphone 3d camera kula bebe iphone

Turn a smartphone into a 3D camera with this lens accessory

The Kúla Bebe turns your smartphone into a true 3D camera, while the bigger Kúla Deeper does the same with your DSLR.
Leica T

Leica T (Typ 701) review

can now stream gopro adventures realtime livestream iphone app hero4 black

You can now stream your GoPro adventures in realtime with the Livestream iPhone app

Livestream has added GoPro compatibility to its iOS app, which means that you can now live stream your GoPro adventures to the internet.
incredible video volcanic eruption gopro hero3 die dji volcano still

A GoPro gave its life so you could watch this way-too-close volcano footage

DJI sent their Director of Aerial Photography to film an active volcano in Iceland, and destroyed an innocent GoPro action cam in the course.
camera51 android app makes master photographer guiding framing 2

Camera51 Android app makes you a master photographer by guiding your framing

Camera51 is a camera app for Android smartphone that helps you with framing your photos by applying the rules of composition.
sigmas new telephoto zoom lenses will turn wildlife photographer sigma 18 300 2

Sigma’s new telephoto zoom lenses have you covered in nearly all shooting scenarios

Sigma has announced a new 18-300mm superzoom lens as well as two 150-300m super-telephoto zoom lenses.
authenpic wants bring fun back life making mobile photography analog sample

Authenpic app aims to bring back surprises, long wait times of analog photos

Authenpic is an upcoming app that turns your smartphone into a "disposable camera" that shoots only 24 photos. Photos are then printed and mailed to you.
want record 4k video smartphone sandisk microsd card extreme pro u3

SanDisk supports 4K video in new high-speed UHS-I MicroSDXC cards

SanDisk has announced a new series of high-speed UHS-I Class 3 microSDHC/XC cards that support 4K
iphone 6 plus camera wipes floor competition says dxomark left large 3 2

The iPhone 6, 6 Plus cameras wipe the floor with the competition, says DxOMark

According to DxOMark, the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus cameras sport the best overall image quality of all current smartphones.
adobe announces photoshop elements 13 premiere boxshot

Adobe makes advanced photo, video editing a no-brainer in Photoshop, Premiere Elements 13

Adobe has announced version 13 of its entry-level photo and video editing software, Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements.
canon g7 x 1 inch sensor compact packs lot punch pocket g7x front slanted

Canon packs a lot of punch in its 1-inch sensor G7 X pocket camera

Canon's new PowerShot G7 X compact camera packs a lot of punch. We took a closer look at the camera at this year's Photokina show.
panasonic lx100 hands on front slanted

With LX100, Panasonic squeezes the power of Four Thirds into the shell of a compact

Our first impressions with the 4K-capable Panasonic LX100 compact camera from this year's Photokina show in Cologne, Germany.
leica x typ 113 front top slanted

Leica’s stately X Typ 113 might be the dream compact you’ve been waiting for

Leica presented its new X Typ 113 fixed-lens large-sensor compact at this year's Photokina, and we had a chance to play with it.
samsungs nx1 4k shooting beast puts mirrorless competition shame samsung sensor

Samsung’s NX1 is a 4K-shooting beast that puts the mirrorless competition to shame

At Photokina in Cologne, Germany, we had the opportunity to spend some hands-on time with Samsung's new flagship camera, the NX1.
powerpole isnt ordinary gopro stick features battery power action cam 1

PowerPole isn’t your ordinary GoPro stick, charges action cam while filming

The PowerPole is a GoPro stick that comes with an integrated 5400 mAh battery so you don't run out of juice filming your skateboard stunts.
fujifilms new x100t premium compact camera makes manual focusing breeze 01

Fujifilm’s new X100T premium compact camera makes manual focusing a breeze

Fujifilm's new X100T premium compact camera promises easier manual focusing, thanks to "electronic rangefinder" and live parallax compensation.
one charger rule charge cameras batteries camcaddy cam 1 700 705x675

Batteries not included, but CamCaddy is the one charger to rule them all

The CamCaddy 2 promises to charge a wide range of block batteries that are used in DSLR, mirrorless, and compact cameras, as well as video camcorders.
brush hair snap selfie selfiefeature

Selfie craze goes to people’s heads with brush that combs hair, takes photos

The Selfie Brush is the perfect tool for those conscious about the look of their hair in their selfies.
canadian startup algolux promises better smartphone pictures computational optics virtualis

Canadian startup promises better smartphone pictures through ‘computational optics’

The Canadian startup, Algolux, has developed software algorithms that help achieve sharper, shake-free images with smartphone cameras.
photo app news kuddle instagram kids looksee brings photographers together

Kuddle is an Instagram for kids, while Looksee brings photographers together

Kuddle is a photo sharing app for kids that educates about netiquette, while Looksee aims to connect photographers through anonymous sharing.
snapping selfies never easier thanks q pic smartphone remote smartphones orange angle 1

Snapping selfies made easier, thanks to the Q-PIC smartphone remote

Snapping selfies has never been easier, thanks to the Q-PIC smartphone remote control for Android and iOS devices.
take dogs videography next level k9 carts film stabilization dolly canine

Take your dog’s videography to the next level with the K9 Carts Film Stabilization Dolly

K9 Carts announces the Canine Film Stabilization Dolly that is the perfect companion for the GoPro Fetch harness.
turn smartphone pictures unique 3d worlds matter iphone ipad

Turn your smartphone pictures into unique 3D worlds with Matter

Matter is a photo manipulation app for iOS devices that lets you turn your smartphone or tablet pictures into fantastic 3D worlds.
talking joe capra video australias gold coast timelapse

Spectacular time-lapse video shows off Australia’s Gold Coast

Digital Trends takes a behind-the-scenes look the making of the the "Australia's Gold Coast – Timelapse" video by Joe Capra.
dad films daughter exercising facial muscles attempt capture perfect selfie featured

Dad films daughter exercising her facial muscles, in attempt to capture perfect selfie

One teenager probably thought nobody would see her making funny faces, trying to snap the perfect selfie. Unknowingly, her father recorded the whole thing.