Batteries not included, but CamCaddy is the one charger to rule them all

one charger rule charge cameras batteries camcaddy cam 1 700 705x675

Photographers – be they hobbyists or professionals – often own more than one camera, and with each camera model comes a new type of battery that requires its own charger. If you own many different cameras – a DSLR or two, a mirrorless camera, a couple of compacts, and maybe even some additional video equipment – you’ll quickly accumulate a huge collection of battery chargers.

Wouldn’t it be so much more convenient if it were possible to charge all your batteries with just one device? The CamCaddy, which was just announced in a new and improved version, aims to make that possible. With its two-contact sliders and adjustable voltage, the CamCaddy 2 claims to be compatible with “a full range of block style digital SLR, video, and compact camera batteries.”


In order to charge a battery with the CamCaddy, all you need to do is adjust its contact pins to fit the specific battery, lock it in place, and turn the device on. And don’t worry about the polarity of your battery’s contact points, or its voltage: the CamCaddy will automatically adjust the polarity of its contact pins as well as its voltage thanks to its smart electronics.

The CamCaddy 2 is also equipped with an LCD screen that keeps you updated about the battery’s voltage, the charging current and status, as well as the remaining time until the battery is fully charged. Depending on whether you’re at home or on the go, the CamCaddy 2 can receive its power via a 12V DC-in plug, via USB, or a solar charging device.

The CamCaddy 2 is avaiable from Freeloader and comes with a U.K. price tag of £20 ($32,) including a two-year warranty. Shipping to the U.S. is possible.

(via ePhotoZine)