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Suction your GoPro onto anything with these new accessories from Joby

joby suction cup mounts for gopro suctioncup gorillapod hero
Capturing all kinds of high-paced outdoor activities with a GoPro or similar action cam is a great deal of fun – not only for the one creating the video, but also for those watching it later. GoPro cameras come with a set of mounting solutions, but for some uses these don’t provide enough flexibility. Think, for example, about mounting an action cam to a side window of your car, to name just one example.

Joby has had flexible GoPro mounting solutions in its portfolio for a while, but so far the GorillaPod Arm and Locking Arm mounts have only been available with mounting clamps, which makes them less useful for surfaces of the kind mentioned above. Luckily for everyone who loves to put their GoPro camera on their car, surf board, or other object that comes with an even surface, Joby now offers the GorillaPod Arm and Locking Arm mounts fitted with suction cups (h/t Photography Bay).

According to Joby’s promotional video (below), a year of development went into the new suction cups, and it shows. They are super easy to attach to any surface, and in Joby’s own tests the suction cups stayed firmly attached to a motorcycle at speeds up to 157 mph. “We could’ve gone faster, but we ran out of road.”

For those situations where you need the most flexibility, Joby’s GorillaPod Arm is the right solution as it allows you to fine-tune your action cam’s orientation using the arm’s five GorillaPod segments. In those cases where stability is crucial, the Locking Arm, with its two pivot points, will keep an action cam in place even when you’re driving your car at high speeds or surfing the waves of Oahu.

The Joby Suction Cup & GorillaPod Arm mount ($30) and the Joby Suction Cup & Locking Arm mount ($40) are both available now. More information is available via Joby’s website.

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