Authenpic app aims to bring back surprises, long wait times of analog photos

authenpic wants bring fun back life making mobile photography analog

Every time a new technology promises to make our lives easier and more enjoyable, everything suddenly seems so much better than before – until we realize that, in reality, things are just different and not necessarily better in every way. This is true for digital photography, which replaced analog photography during the last decade, and smartphones with integrated cameras that are now replacing compact digital cameras as the people’s tool for casual snapshots.

We tend to think that smartphones are so much more convenient and easier to use, and more powerful than our film cameras of yesteryear, but apparently there are also some downsides to smartphone photography. At least, that’s according to the makers of Authenpic, an upcoming online service that promises to bring the fun back into your life by making digital photography feel more like analog photography (H/t PetaPixel).

Wait, what? Why would anyone want to go back to analog photography when digital – and especially mobile – photography is so much better? Authenpic’s creators argue that with all the snapping, chimping (checking your image on the screen,) re-taking of photos, applying filters, sharing and checking for successful social interaction (likes on Instagram, Facebook, etc.,), we’re focusing too much on the technical aspects of our photography rather than just enjoying a moment and snapping a quick souvenir photo that’ll help us remember it at a later time.

There's no checking and re-taking an image with Authenpic, just as with a real disposable camera.

There’s no checking and re-taking an image with Authenpic, just as with a real disposable camera. But then again, why would you want that?

In order to make us focus more on the fun we’re experiencing in the real world, rather than seeking instant gratification in the digital world, Authenpic emulates a 24-image disposable camera on your smartphone, including all the limitations that come with a such a camera. You can take 24 photos that you can’t review after they’ve been shot. When a “film roll” is full, you send it away, wait for a week, and receive a pack of 24 printed pictures in your inbox – your physical mailbox, that is.

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The whole experience is $10 per roll of film, provided that Authenpic makes it beyond Kickstarter level. Currently, the project seeks funding from those who find that taking the pace and perfection of the connected world out of their photography might actually be a good idea. So far, the campaign has raised just over $1,200, and it needs to get to $20,000 in order for Authenpic to become a reality.

If you long for the old days of film photography and are interested in supporting the project, you can pledge anywhere from $1 upward, with $10 buying you not only the beta version of the Authenpic app, but also your first set of 24 prints for free. Check out the project’s Kickstarter page for more.