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Turn your Instagram photos into View-Master reels with Reelagram

turn instagram photos view master reels reelagram reelagramwhite
The Reelagram viewer in white. Image courtesy of doejo.
Well before the digital age – before smartphones and tablets became the predominant means of looking at photographs, and before virtual reality headsets such as the Oculus Rift were invented – kids and adults alike enjoyed stereoscopic images using a rather simple analog device called the View-Master. Some of you may still remember it from your childhood days – some of you probably still have one stashed away somewhere.

By design, the View-Master isn’t that far off from the Oculus Rift, actually. It’s held up against your face and features two “displays,” one for each eye. The only difference to modern VR headsets is that instead of LCDs, the View-Master is fitted with exchangeable “reels” of small, slide-like stereoscopic images, giving the user a life-like view of touristic sites, comic figures, movie scenes, and more.

A couple of years ago, the founders of Doejo, a digital agency based in Chicago, were looking for a way to most effectively present their Instagram portfolios. When they remembered the View-Master, the idea for a new product was born: Reelagram. Basically, Reelagram is nothing more than a modern interpretation of the classic stereoscopic viewer. The main difference between Reelagram and View-Master is that instead of mass-produced reels containing popular imagery, you can order custom-made reels of your own Instagram photos.

A Reelagram reel. Image courtesy of doejo.
A Reelagram reel. (Image via Doejo).

When ordering for the first time, you can get the viewer in either red, black, blue, or white,  plus a reel of Instagram photos for $30. Each additional reel of seven photos can be had for $20. And you’re not limited to your own Instagram pictures – if you want to order Reelagram as a gift for a friend, you can check in with their Instagram username and order photos from their portfolio.

While not exactly cheap, Reelagram sure is a fun way to enjoy your Instagram photos. And if you’re a professional photographer trying to get their portfolio noticed, it may be a great way to promote your work – albeit a little pricey, depending on how many Reelagrams you order. For more information, check out Doejo’s blog as well as the official Reelagram website.

(Via TechCrunch)

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