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The latest Instagram news, updates, and user guides, all in one place. Digital Trends offers in-depth coverage of everything this social media platform, including helpful explainers for posting, using the right hashtags, and gathering a healthy following. Here’s everything you need to know about Instagram.

Meta's cartoon avatars for Instagram and Messenger.

Meta brings cartoon avatars to video calls on Instagram and Messenger

Don't want to show your face in a video call on Instagram or Messenger? Well, now you can use a cartoon avatar instead.
A verified account on Instagram Threads.

How to get verified on Instagram Threads

A series of mobile screenshots showing off the Threads app on a black background.

The 10 big ways that Threads is totally different from Twitter

Instagram Threads app.

Instagram Threads: what you need to know, and how to sign up

Several people using a smartphone.

Instagram and Messenger get more parental supervision tools

Instagram login screen.

How to deactivate your Instagram account (or delete it)

facebook hacked

Facebook vows to restrict news access in Canada

3D Instagram icon.

Instagram may be preparing an AI-powered chatbot

3D Instagram icon.

Instagram finally lets you add multiple links to your bio

Meta Verified on a phone.

Meta already verified me to influence elections — so why do I have to pay for a checkmark?

A selfie created with the Barbie Selfie Generator website.

Barbie selfie generator: how to use the barbie filter

A Galaxy S23 Ultra running Instagram. On the screen, there's an orange guitar.

Instagram used to be one of my favorite apps — now I can’t stand it

Samsung Galaxy S23 showing Instagram

If you can’t stand ads on Instagram, you’re going to hate this update

Instagram is already something of a nightmare when it comes to wading through advertisements, so, Meta decided to make it worse.
Users addicted to their phones

How a tiny social media break can give you surprisingly big health benefits

According to a remarkable research courtesy of Swansea University, cutting down on social media can fix health, immune function, loneliness, and depression.
The new Spotify home screen.

Spotify gets first major redesign in 10 years with TikTok-like scroll

Spotify today announced its first major redesign in a decade, bringing a more discovery-focused UI reminiscent of social platforms like TikTok and Instagram.
Mark Zuckurburg introduces Facebook's new name, Meta.

Meta unveils paid verification service for Instagram and Facebook users

Meta is offering Facebook and Instagram users a paid verification service. Similar to Twitter Blue, subscribers will get a blue badge and various perks.
Trump stylized image

Trump allowed to return to Facebook and Instagram

Donald Trump has been allowed by Meta to start posting again on Facebook and Instagram as he eyes a return to the White House.
Instagram Top 9 app running on an iPhone.

Instagram Top 9: how to see your top 9 photos of 2022

If you've been posting on Instagram for the last year, you may want to see which photos were your most popular. Here's how to see your top 9 posts of 2022!
Instagram 2022 Recap Reel on an iPhone.

Instagram 2022 recap: how to make your end-of-year Reel

Instagram added a Recap Reel template for users to share their favorite moments from 2022. Here's how to access it.
Instagram being used on an iPhone.

Are your Instagram comments not showing up? You’re not alone

Comments aren't showing up for some Instagram users. Here's everything we know about the issue and if it's going to be fixed.
Instagram's new Notes feature, released in December 2022.

Instagram’s new Notes feature rolls out with several others

Instagram announced a bunch of new features and tests on Tuesday, including Notes, which offers another way to send short messages to selected recipients.
Closeup of the Instagram app icon.

Instagram starts rolling out scheduled posts

It's taken a while, but Instagram is finally rolling out a scheduling feature that lets you plan posts more than two months ahead.
Series of four mobile screenshots showing the selling of collectibles on Instagram.

Instagram to soon let creators make NFTs and sell them to fans

Meta has announced a number of new features for creators on its social media platforms, including one that lets creators make and sell NFTs on Instagram.
Instagram being used on an iPhone.

Having trouble accessing your Instagram account? You’re not alone

Today's outage is an odd one since it apparently involves account suspensions. But if you're having trouble accessing your Instagram account, you aren't alone.
Turned on smartphone with Instagram app icon on its screen.

Instagram and Facebook down? You’re not alone

Having trouble using Instagram and Facebook this morning? You're not alone. As of October 27, it looks like both sites are having issues.
Two mobile screenshots Instagram's expanded blocking feature.

Instagram’s expanded blocking lets you block a person’s backup accounts

Instagram has announced three new safety feature updates and one of them lets you block people and more of their backup accounts.
Instagram app on the Google Play Store on an Android smartphone.

Instagram may be adopting this beloved MySpace feature

Instagram has been spotted working on a feature that could let users add a song to their profiles. But it's not being tested externally.
Smartphone with TikTok's Photo Mode all on a white background.

TikTok pivots to photos while its competitors are still chasing its viral videos

While TikTok's competitors are pivoting to video, TikTok's newest feature seems to be a pivot towards its competitors' roots: friendship and photos.
Instagram app on the Google Play Store on an Android smartphone.

Get ready: there could be more ads in Instagram’s future

Meta is apparently experimenting with adding new types of ads on Instagram.
Someone holding an iPhone. The screen shows a full-screen Instagram post.

When is the best time to post on Instagram?

If you're looking to boost the engagement you receive on your Instagram posts, you'll need to know the best time to post them. Here's how to figure that out.
the og app instagram alternative ad free ios

The OG App, an ad-free Instagram client, is no longer on the App Store

The OG App, the ad-free alternative to Instagram, has been removed from the App Store just days after launch.
The OG App running on an iPhone.

Can’t stand using Instagram in 2022? This app fixes everything you hate about it

The OG App is bringing Instagram back to basics by removing all of its worst features and giving users true control over the content they view.
Instagram app on the Google Play Store on an Android smartphone.

Instagram is building a ‘nudity protection’ tool for your DMs

Instagram is building another way users can control what they see in the app. The feature is expected to help users avoid seeing unsolicited nude photos in DMs.
Instagram being used on an iPhone.

Instagram appears to be down. Here’s what we know so far

You're not imagining it. Instagram is down. Here's what we know.