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The OG App running on an iPhone.

Can’t stand using Instagram in 2022? This app fixes everything you hate about it

The OG App is bringing Instagram back to basics by removing all of its worst features and giving users true control over the content they view.
Instagram app on the Google Play Store on an Android smartphone.

Instagram is building a ‘nudity protection’ tool for your DMs

Instagram is building another way users can control what they see in the app. The feature is expected to help users avoid seeing unsolicited nude photos in DMs.
Instagram being used on an iPhone.

Instagram appears to be down. Here’s what we know so far

You're not imagining it. Instagram is down. Here's what we know.
Screenshots of full-screen posts on Instagram.

3 reasons why Instagram Reels is failing to compete with TikTok

Instagram Reels doesn't seem to be doing so well. Here's a look at a few reasons why.
Closeup of the Instagram app icon.

Instagram has finally fixed the Stories sound bug in the latest version of its iPhone app

No, it's not just you: Instagram won't stay muted anymore, even if you have your mute switch on. Here's what you can do to get Instagram to be quiet again.
Instagram app icon.

Instagram to start testing a repost feature

Instagram is about to start testing a feature that will let users share other people's content by reposting it, similar to other social media apps.
Instagram app icon.

Instagram whacked with massive fine over child privacy

Meta-owned Instagram has been fined 405 million euros ($403 million) for violating the European Union’s privacy-focused General Data Protection Regulation.
Instagram's Not Interested option shown on a mobile device.

Instagram ‘Not Interested’ button could come to save your feed

Instagram is experimenting with two new features that will let users have more control over suggested posts and what they see in Explore.
Three mobile screenshots showing Instagram's Sensitive Content Control settings.

Instagram further restricts content for new accounts under 16

Instagram already expanded its Sensitive Content Control settings in June, but now it's adding a few more updates for its teen users.
Precise location setting on an iPhone.

How to turn off precise location on your iPhone (and why you should)

With social media apps like Instagram and TikTok sneaking peeks at your location, there are tools to keep your data safe that are built into your iPhone.
Turned on smartphone with Instagram app icon on its screen.

Meta confirms it’s making a BeReal clone for Instagram

Meta confirmed it's conducting an internal test on IG Candid, a clone of recently popular app BeReal that encourages authenticity.
A series of three mobile screenshots on a gray background showing the new Add Yours sticker for Facebook Reels.

You can now use the Add Yours sticker on Reels for Facebook and Instagram

Meta has added six new creator-focused features to its Reels feature for Facebook and Instagram. But the most interesting one is the Add Yours sticker.
Someone holding an iPhone. The screen shows a full-screen Instagram post.

The more Instagram copies TikTok, the more I hate using it

Instagram tried copying TikTok. Then it said it would stop. And now it's doing it again. And I'm so, so tired.
Instagram chief Adam Mosseri

Instagram’s chief is relocating to Europe, report says

Instagram boss Adam Mosseri is heading across the pond to live in London, England – reportedly for a variety of reasons.
New features for Instagram Reels

Instagram is undoing its TikTok-like changes you hated so much

Instagram is reconsidering its pivot to a TikTok-style video feed after recent changes proved to be extremely unpopular with its fan base.
Instagram app on the Google Play Store on an Android smartphone.

Why Instagram’s pivot to video is making everyone so mad

Instagram is clearly committed to competing with TikTok. But in doing so it's ignoring what its users really want. Is its pivot to video worth it?
Closeup of the Instagram app icon.

Instagram boss says to expect even more video content

Instagram boss Adam Mosseri took to his own platform on Tuesday to address a number of concerns that he's been hearing from the community recently.
Instagram turning all your videos into Reels

Instagram continues its TikTok makeover, will convert all videos to Reels

In the coming weeks, all videos under 15 minutes posted by a public account will turn into a Reel, open to viewing by everyone in the world and getting remixed.
Illustrations of natural FFHQ and StyleGAN2-generated images that are hardly distinguishable

AI-generated faces are taking over the internet

AI can easily generate realistic faces that are completely fake, and it's making it harder for us to stop the spread of misinformation
Instagram app on the Google Play Store on an Android smartphone.

Instagram now lets you buy products right through chat

Instagram is adding a new chat functionality that lets users purchase products from small businesses via DMs.
A woman seated at a table scrolls through her instagram timeline.

Instagram expands subscriber features to include DMs, Reels

Instagram has announced that it has added four new features to its creators' subscription program.
Screenshots of TikToks new age restriction features.

TikTok adds Twitter- and Instagram-like content control tools

TikTok is rolling out a few new content control features and they look a lot like Twitter and Instagram.
Image with languages displaying in front of a man on his laptop for Meta's 200 languages within a single AI model video.

Meta’s new AI research may boost translations on Facebook, Instagram

Facebook's parent company Meta has announced a new AI model for language translation and its research could improve translation on Facebook and Instagram.
A person seated at a table scrolls through their instagram timeline.

How to change your Instagram username

Need to update your Instagram username? We've got you covered. Here's how to change your username on IG via the mobile app.
A person holds an iPhone in their hand while on the Instagram app.

How to view posts chronologically on Instagram

If you'd rather just see the most recent posts first on Instagram, we can show you how to do that. But it's only a temporary fix.
OneDrive Stories feature.

OneDrive is getting stories, but it’s not what you expect

Microsoft is testing a stories feature in OneDrive to help you connect with the people who matter most.
Turned on smartphone with Instagram app icon on its screen.

Instagram is testing AI-powered video selfies to verify age

Instagram is testing two new methods for age verification: Uploading AI-powered video selfies and asking your mutuals to vouch for your stated age.
Instagram app on the Google Play Store on an Android smartphone.

How to use anonymous questions on Instagram

You can request and receive anonymous messages on Instagram using the popular anonymous question-and-answer app NGL. Here's how to use it.
facebook hacked

The new ways Meta will pay you to make content for Facebook and Instagram

Meta is expanding a few of its existing monetization programs for creators and adding some new ones. Here's what to expect.
Closeup of the Instagram app icon.

Are your Instagram Stories repeating? Here’s how to fix it

Instagram users are reporting watching the same Stories over and over again, giving them a severe case of deja vu.
Closeup of the Instagram app icon.

Instagram has new parental controls to help moderate use for teens

As Meta deals with lawsuits alleging its apps are harming teen users, the technology company has just announced new parental control features for Instagram.
Instagram being used on an iPhone.

How to make Instagram highlight covers

Those circles on IG are a great way to attract attention to your Instagram highlights. We'll show you how to make a highlight cover and how to add them.
A person seated at a table scrolls through their instagram timeline.

How to schedule Instagram posts

Yes, you can schedule your Instagram posts. And we can show you how to do it, whether you have a business or personal IG account.
Three mobile screenshots showing Instagram's newly expanded sensitive content control feature.

Instagram expands Sensitive Content Control feature

Instagram is expanding its Sensitive Content Control feature to allow users to control how much sensitive content they see in other sections of Instagram.