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Instagram enhances midnight scrolls with dark mode — here’s how to turn it on

Instagram has a new dark mode, thanks to similar updates on iOS 13 and Android 10. The new Instagram dark mode is rolling out along with updates to prevent phishing and remove the Following tab. Learn how to turn on Instagram's dark mode on iPhone and Android.
Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg | The future is private

Instagram ditches Following tab, disappointing online stalkers everywhere

Instagram's notification center will no longer be split in two. The Following tab that details what your friends interact with on Instagram is being phased out of the app beginning today. The feature raised privacy questions, while the goal of the section has already been replaced by Explore.
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Threads, a more private Instagram, automatically updates your status for you

Still wondering what Facebook's definition of a private social network is? Behold Instagram Threads, a network designed only for your closet friends, but that will auto update your status based on your phone's location. Facebook says the data isn't stored long term or used for ads.
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Instagram restricts influencer posts for diet and cosmetic surgery products

Instagram is now placing age restrictions on posts linked to particular diet products and cosmetic surgery procedures, and in some cases will remove them entirely. The new rules, which also affect Instagram's parent company, Facebook, come amid concerns that such posts can affect the mental health of its younger users.

Private Instagram posts turn out not to be as private as you thought

Instagram accounts set to private aren't as private as you might think. Researchers have found that web links to images and videos in private posts can be located by followers who delve into the page’s source code. The links could then be shared — or the content downloaded — without the account owner’s knowledge.
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Does Facebook have a monopoly over your data? Network faces antitrust scrutiny

Facebook's family of apps have more than 2.7 billion monthly active users -- but did the network's efforts to gain those users violate antitrust laws? An investigation from the attorneys general of eight states and the District of Colombia aims to find out if Facebook has a monopoly on data and ads.
Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg | The future is private

Instagram’s Threads app would allow your friends to monitor your every move

Facebook is reportedly working on a new Instagram messaging app called Threads that will give your friends automatic status updates, including information about your movement, location, speed, and even phone battery life. Users will need to opt into automatic status updates.

Instagram has more ads than ever and it’s all Facebook’s fault

If you’ve noticed more ads while scrolling Instagram, you're not alone. Last year, Facebook gave Instagram instructions to “roughly double” their ads. The Facebook-owned app displays its ads in the Stories feature, right in your feed, and in the Explore feature. 

Celebrities are falling for a years-old Instagram scam. It’s all a big hoax

Celebrities, politicians, and regular old Instagram users have fallen for yet another hoax claiming Instagram has changed its rules to make “everything you’ve ever posted” public. Rick Perry, Tom Holland, Usher and Taraji P. Henson have all fallen for the scam.
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How to post a GIF on Instagram

Instagram doesn't have a direct means for sharing GIFs on your profile. With Giphy and Stories, it's finally possible to post GIFs to Instagram. Here's how
Dayton Mass Shooting

Can social media predict mass shootings before they happen?

In the wake of two mass shootings over the weekend that left more than 30 people dead, President Donald Trump called on social media companies like Twitter and Facebook to “detect mass shooters before they strike.” Can social media actually predict if someone is going to carry out a mass shooting?
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Instagram will give users chance to fix accounts in danger of being banned

Instagram will start issuing warnings for accounts that are in danger of being banned, to give users the chance to change how they post on the platform. People will also be able to appeal for the restoration of deleted content through the notifications, so they will not have to go to the Help Center.
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Instagram is crashing repeatedly for some users. Here’s the latest on the outage

Thousands of Instagram users said Tuesday that the social media app was repeatedly crashing or not opening at all, the third time in just over a month that the social network has experienced issues.
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Instagram will now guilt you with a warning when you try to post a nasty comment

Instagram is trying to stop bullying and trolling on its platform by warning people before they post offensive comments. The new A.I.-powered feature will detect potentially nasty content and ask the offending user if they still want to post it. 
Best social media management tools for small businesses

The best social media management tools for small businesses in 2019

Social media is a great way to spread the word about your business, connect with customers and network within your niche. There are some online tools that can help you schedule posts, keep track of engagement and much more. Here's the best social media management tools for small businesses.
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Brace yourselves. Instagram is getting ready to show you even more ads

Hate Instagram ads? You're not going to like what's coming -- Instagram ads will soon be part of the Explore section too. Instagram says it's a way for users to find new brands to connect with, while advertisers can reach additional users. The update will roll out over the next few months.
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Instagram CEO says the app doesn’t listen to your conversations

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri told CBS News' Gail King in a recent interview that Instagram does not listen to its users, even though you may see ads related to products you were talking about with a friend, but never actually searched for.
instagrams new explore grid tempts you to open your wallet mobile technology applications

Instagram is back up after being offline. Here’s the latest on the outage

Instagram finally came back online Thursday afternoon after an outage that lasted just over an hour. The Instagram outage was one of several that hit at the same time, including a several-hour failure at the PlayStation Network.
how to use Instagram Stories

How to link Instagram to Facebook

Instagram and Facebook are built to work with one another, though, learning how to properly integrate the two can be confusing. Thankfully, with just the press of a few buttons, you'll soon be posting and sharing photos across the web with greater ease. Here's how to get started.
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Will this deepfake of a power-hungry Zuckerberg make Facebook rethink fake news?

Just how committed is Facebook to earlier statements on leaving deepfake videos intact but demoted? A fake video of Mark Zuckerberg proclaiming power over your data has lasted for four days on the platform, testing the company's earlier stance on removing deepfake videos.
instagrams new explore grid tempts you to open your wallet mobile technology applications

Getting weird ads? Here’s how to find out what Instagram thinks you like

Instagram thinks it knows a few things about you, but how does it actually find that information? As the social network prepares to deliver ads from influencers that you don't follow, learn how to see what Instagram gets right and wrong about your interests, and what you can do to change that.
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Sponsored posts will soon infiltrate your Instagram, even if you’re not a fan

Sponsored posts are a common part of Instagram, but they are about to get even more widespread. The new branded content ads allow businesses to promote influencers' sponsored posts beyond their own followers feeds. That means you could start seeing sponsored posts from influencers that you don't follow.

Snap reportedly wants more music in Snapchat to compete against TikTok

Snap is in discussions with major record labels for broader licensing deals, according to the Wall Street Journal. The plan is to add more musical features to Snapchat, in order to better compete against the offerings of rival apps such as TikTok and Instagram that allow song clips to be added to posts.
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Vertical video haters win the war — Instagram’s IGTV has a horizontal view

Not yet sold on the idea of vertical video? The traditional horizontal aspect ratio is headed to Instagram's IGTV, thanks to today's update. The change allows horizontal images to fill the screen with the device rotated -- a small change, but one that could play a big role in growing the young platform.
instagrams new explore grid tempts you to open your wallet mobile technology applications

Millions of Instagram influencers reportedly had private data exposed online

As many as 49 million Instagram influencers have reportedly had their private data exposed in an online database that had no password protection. The database was apparently created by a marketing firm and has now been taken offline. Instagram says it’s currently investigating the security breach.
the british royal family is looking for a social media whizz

Help wanted: British royal family seeks social media wiz to run its accounts

The British royal family is looking for a social media expert to help it communicate its role and activities to the masses. Anyone can apply for the position, though you'll need plenty of experience of using social media in a high-profile environment to have any hope of succeeding.
how to manage multiple Instagram accounts

How to manage multiple Instagram accounts

Whether you own a small business or have separate Instagram accounts for your five cats, you may be wondering how to easily switch between your accounts. Since 2017, switching between Instagram accounts couldn't be easier. We'll walk you through the process on your Apple or Android devices.
instagrams new explore grid tempts you to open your wallet mobile technology applications

Instagram’s new Explore grid tempts you to open your wallet

Instagram has made some changes to its Explore tab that might tempt you into the occasional shopping spree. A newly designed navigation bar pins a Shop button to the front of the bar and offers access to category filters. It's also planning to add Stories to the grid, alongside photos and videos.
how to manage multiple Instagram accounts

How to save Instagram videos

Wish you could save your favorite Instagram videos to watch over and over again? We know it's easy to screenshot your favorite Instagram photos, but saving a video can be a little more complicated. Here are six simple ways to save videos from Instagram onto your phone or computer.
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Instagram ditches plans for stand-alone Direct messaging app

After testing a stand-alone messaging app beginning in 2017, Facebook is shuttering the tests for an Instagram Direct app. While the messaging features remain intact inside Instagram, the separate app will be discontinued within the next few weeks as the company shifts its focus to privacy.
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Photographer sues Ariana Grande after she posts his images of her on Instagram

A professional photographer is suing Ariana Grande after she posted photos on Instagram that he'd taken of her. Grande used the post to promote one of her albums, but the photographer says she used the images without permission. He’s now asking for $25,000 for each of the images or the profits generated by the post.
instagram create mode f8 2019 instagramshoppingtags

Instagram’s new camera feature, Create Mode, isn’t for taking photos or video

Want to share something on Instagram without taking a photo or video? Instagram's upcoming Create Mode gives users a blank canvas to decorate with stickers and effects. During the annual F8 conference, Instagram also shared details on an upcoming product tag and a fundraising sticker inside Stories.

From Oculus Quest to a Facebook redesign, everything announced at F8 2019

Facebook F8 is finally here, and Facebook has taken the wraps off of a number of new products and services, including a major Facebook redesign, a Messenger desktop app, and more. Here's everything Facebook announced at Facebook F8 2019, its annual developer conference, held on April 30 and May 1.
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Photography News: Instagram sues fake like factory, Zeiss launches luxury lens

In this weeks photography news, see why Facebook is suing a company that sold fake likes on Instagram. Find out why photo editing on the iPad is rumored to improve with iOS 13. Check out Zeiss' latest luxury lens, the newest Polaroid Originals instant camera and special edition film, and more.