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Boy bullied for love of books gets big surprise on Instagram

There was a happy ending for 13-year-old Callum Manning after he was mocked by fellow students for posting reviews of his favorite books on Instagram.
moment rtro camera app announced for iphone 3

Moment’s new ‘vibey’ video app Rtro is your ticket to TikTok stardom

The iOS app serves up 14 filters inspired by old film and TV effects. Free to download, an in-app purchase is required to unlock the full collection of looks.
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5 alternatives to Instagram and Facebook for photographers

Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter changed the way we share our photographs. But as photographers become more frustrated with algorithms and ads, it might be time to consider some alternatives.
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Instagram CEO: Stand-alone app for iPad not coming soon

Instagram doesn’t have enough people on its team to develop a standalone Apple iPad app, according to the CEO, adding that it has not seen much demand for one.
michael bloomberg big tech breakup nasty mike

More than Bloomberg: Facebook OKs influencers working with political campaigns

Following Michael Bloomberg's sponsored meme drop on Instagram, the social media giant is issuing new guidelines for creators working with political campaigns.
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Instagram may soon bring back the reverse-chronological feed

Instagram may bring back the old reverse-chronological feed. It's experimenting with a new Latest Posts tab, but that's in the testing phase and far from public release.

Instagram may finally let influencers make money off their IGTV videos

Instagram may finally share a piece of its $20 billion ad revenue with creators. The social network is found to be testing a monetization platform for IGTV.
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Instagram now lets you see why the same accounts keep appearing in your feed

Instagram users can now see the accounts they interact with the most, and least using a new tool in the app. The feature will begin rolling out in a few days.
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Instagram appears to be raking in even more ad cash than YouTube

If you thought YouTube's 2019 ad revenue of $15 billion was a lot, then how about Instagram? Sources claiming to have knowledge of the matter said recently that the popular photo app generated around $20 billion last year. In 2018, Facebook reportedly told Instagram to double the number of ads its shows.
instagram igtv tiktok youtube 2020 analysis broken feat

Instagram wants to be both YouTube and TikTok, but it’s succeeding at neither

Instagram's dismissal of the IGTV button on its main app signals the video platform's growing troubles as competitors like TikTok continue to rise. IGTV, while trying to take on both TikTok and YouTube, has evolved into a confusing offering and pushed users to look elsewhere for their vertical content.
igtv stand alone app vs inside instagram 3

Here’s why Instagram removed the IGTV button from its home screen

Instagram has erased the IGTV button from the main page of its app because "very few" people tapped on it. The company says users are accessing IGTV content in other ways, but the loss of the button, and lack of any metrics from the company about IGTV app downloads, has left some wondering how it’s really doing.
Taking photo of food

Instagram food porn: Top U.K. chef reignites debate over diners’ meal pics

To snap a pic or not to snap a pic. That is the question currently being asked by restaurateurs after a top chef said recently that it bothers him when diners spend time taking photos of his dishes. Heston Blumenthal said a lot of people seem more interested in snapping a picture so they can post it on social media.
Screenshot of Instagram Direct Messages on a desktop computer

Send a DM with a real keyboard as Instagram tests messaging on desktop

Instagram users could soon have access to Direct Messages on the desktop. Instagram confirmed a global test of the feature launched today for a percentage of users, after testing internally last year. The update brings most of the messaging features to the Instagram website.
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How to print Instagram photos, from mobile printers to online photo labs

Ready to get your Instagram photos out of your profile and onto your walls? While Instagram doesn't have a built-in option, printing Instagram photos is actually fairly simple. Learn how to print Instagram photos, using your own printer, an app, or a website to create everything from prints to gifts.
comedians facebook followers raise 30m for aussie bushfire aid australia weather fires

Comedian’s Facebook followers raise a colossal $30M for Aussie bushfire aid

Australian comedian Celeste Barber only aimed to raise $30,000 with her online fundraising campaign to help those affected by the bushfires in her home country. But her social media followers have given way, way more, so far donating $30 million in the space of just four days.
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The 2010s were a difficult decade for photography, but it’s not black and white

A decade of decline for camera sales was met by a cascade of creativity resulting from the rise of the smartphone and social media. It hasn't all been good, but photography remains a core component of human expression.
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Instagram bans influencers from promoting tobacco and vaping in branded content

Social media influencers on Instagram aren't allowed to promote vaping, tobacco products, or weapons anymore as part of a new update on the platform. This is the first instance where the social media platform is restricting the kind of items that can be promoted through branded content.
robots taser weeds small robot company

Digital Trends Live: Instagram’s warning to users, NOLA ransom, weeding robots

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, we dig into the top trending tech stories of the day, including Instagram’s warning to users, illegal streamers plead guilty, New Orleans declares state of emergency after cyber attack, a swim-powered lung, weeding with taser robots, and more.
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Instagram will warn you before you post offensive or bullying captions

Instagram is going to use artificial intelligence machine learning to notify its users if a caption contains possibly offensive language, so users have the chance to change their words before posting. The A.I. would be able to learn and recognize different forms of bullying and verbally offensive material.
influencers bizarre plot to steal a domain name results in hefty jail term adams ii rossi

Influencer’s bizarre plot to steal domain name results in hefty jail term

An Iowa man who took extreme action in order to secure a domain name for his social media business has been handed a 14-year jail term for his efforts. The offender also involved his cousin in the plot, but things took a turn for the worse when they visited the victim’s home to force him to give up the domain.
episode 270 snap unveils gucci edition spectacles 3 film shot via by kids director harmony korine 1280x600

Digital Trends Live: Instagram’s age requirement, Spotify Wrapped, and more

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, hosts Caleb Denison and Drew Prindle dive into the biggest trending stories in tech, including Instagram’s age requirement, Nintendo Switch’s record sales, making a movie with Spectacles 3 glasses, Spotify Wrapped 2019, and more.
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No kids allowed, for real this time: Instagram will begin enforcing age rules

Instagram will begin asking users for their birthdays in order to enforce legal age restrictions starting today, the company announced. Technically only people age 13 and older are allowed on Instagram’s platform, but the app had no way to check or confirm a user’s age until now.
episode 263 figure1

Digital Trends Live: Uber loses London, Cybertruck pre-orders, and more

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, hosts Greg Nibler and Adrien Warner break down the biggest trending stories in tech, including Uber losing its London license, more on the foldable Razr, Cybertruck pre-orders, eyeball-tracking driving monitors, Instagram’s A.I. process, and more.
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Facebook says white supremacists ‘cannot have a presence’ on the social network

Facebook has removed more than 200 white supremacist organizations from its platform for violating both terrorism and hate speech community standards, a Facebook representative told Digital Trends, part of a broader crackdown on harmful content.

Apple removes Like Patrol’s Instagram ‘stalking app’ from the App Store

The Like Patrol app that alerts you when your Instagram followers like or comment on a photo has been removed from Apple’s App Store for violating its guidelines. Like Patrol has received criticism as a stalking app since it lets its subscribers see every move that the people they follow make. 
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Clone wars: Instagram is ripping off TikTok because no one likes Facebook

Instagram is capitalizing by the popularity of lip-syncing apps like TikTok and launching its own tool for music videos to Stories. Instagram Reels is a tool that allows users to record 15-second videos to music. The tool is first launching in Brazil today.
igtv stand alone app vs inside instagram 2

Instagram’s IGTV contracts won’t allow creators to make political videos 

Instagram's answer to YouTube is IGTV, a platform for longer videos. It's not nearly as popular but is trying to attract talent by paying for some production costs of creators. Yet the contracts stipulate that the videos can't be political --- that includes social issues like health, education, and immigration.
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Instagram will begin hiding like counts as part of a U.S. test next week

Instagram continues to tweak its user experience, recently making changes such as removing the following tab and promoting the new version of the explore tab in its place. Now, the company has begun testing out one of its most controversial changes in the United States: Hiding like counts.
facebook logo update 2019 new company brand

Facebook rebrands to make its ‘monopoly’ more obvious across apps

Facebook has a new look -- no, not that Facebook, Facebook the company. The change is designed to differentiate the company from the network, as well as make Facebook's ownership of other apps more obvious. The new logo uses simple text, but comes in many different colors.
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Instagram expands ban on content related to self-harm and suicide

Earlier this year Instagram banned photos related to self-harm and suicide. Acting on calls for greater action, this week it expanded the ban to cover fictional depictions of such subject matter, including memes and drawings. Instagram’s boss said it was determined to do what it can to keep vulnerable people safe.
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Instagram is looking for a way to help you improve your feed

If your Instagram feed could do with some attention, a new feature currently undergoing testing offers a quick way to filter the accounts you follow into various categories, making them easier to manage. There’s no word yet on whether Instagram will roll it out, but it could be a handy way to better curate your feed.
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Instagram now lets you better manage third-party app access

If you've forgotten about all of the apps and websites you've allowed to access your Instagram account, a new feature lets you quickly review and change your permissions. It is also introducing a new authorization screen so that you'll know precisely what kind of data third parties are requesting from you.
episode 227 instagram threads

Do Threads’ sparse downloads mean Facebook’s best days are in the past?

Instagram Threads only saw a small percentage of downloads in the first week -- so is the new app destined for failure? Data shows a small number of downloads as Threads joins Lasso in the list of Facebook's attempts to captivate Gen Z, both with slower growth than competing apps.

How to download Instagram Stories on iOS, Android, and desktop

Curious about how to save someone's Instagram Story to your phone? Luckily for you, it can be done -- but it does take a few extra steps. Here's what you need to know to save Instagram Stories on both iOS and Android. Each requires a different app, but the steps are straightforward from there.