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You can now use the Add Yours sticker on Reels for Facebook and Instagram

As of today, Facebook and IG creators have six new features they can use for their Reels content. But of the six, the most intriguing feature is support for a sticker prompt that was first used and popularized in Instagram Stories.

Meta announced via a Facebook video post that, in addition to all of its other new Reels-focused features, it would now offer support for its Add Yours sticker prompt in Reels for both Instagram and Facebook.

Yes, that’s right, IG and Facebook users are now able to add the Add Yours sticker to their Reels to create an interactive element for their posts. The sticker essentially allows viewers of a given Reel to add their own response to a prompt given by the Add Yours sticker.

Once other users begin adding their responses to your Add Yours sticker prompt, both Facebook and IG will generate a page filled with the responses to your sticker and that page shows who started the sticker prompt trend at the top of it.

A series of three mobile screenshots on a gray background showing the new Add Yours sticker for Facebook Reels.

We’ve tested the new support for the Add Yours sticker on both the Instagram and Facebook mobile apps (on an Android device) and it appears the new Reels functionality is already live. On Instagram, you should be able to use it by creating a Reel as usual and then selecting Preview > Sticker icon > Add Yours sticker icon. You can then write your own prompt or select the Dice icon to generate a random prompt.

On Facebook, you can use the feature by creating a Reel as you normally would and then choosing the Stickers icon > Add Yours sticker icon. From there, you can write your own prompt. We didn’t see the Dice icon for the random prompt generator functionality in the Facebook mobile app.

As for the other five new Reels features Meta announced today, you can expect to see: Creator Studio analytics for Facebook Reels, the ability for creators to earn money on Facebook Reels via being sent Stars, support for remixing Reels, support for sharing Instagram Reels to Facebook, and the ability to “auto-create” Facebook Reels from existing Stories or Memories.

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