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How to view Instagram Stories on your computer

For the longest time, if you wanted the best of Instagram, you needed to go to the app. If you use a desktop as much as you use your phone, this could be frustrating. Slowly but surely, though, the social media favorite has brought more and more of the app features to the Instagram website. One feature that you can enjoy both in the app and online is Stories.

Currently, more than 500 million accounts use Stories daily, according to Instagram. That’s no surprise. These little glimpses into friends, family members, and complete strangers’ lives can be addicting. If you haven’t figured out how to feed your addiction using the Instagram website, here’s how you can view Instagram Stories on your computer.

Stories with a mouse click

Stories on Instagram Website

Viewing Stories on your computer is a lot like looking at Stories on the app. Stories are always located on the home page. It’s just located differently. In the app, you always see Stories at the top of the home page. On your computer, they are found on the right side of the home page.

Stories on Instagram Website

So, to find Stories, go to (not your profile page). Then, take a look under your profile picture and name on the right side of the screen. There, you will find Stories. You can browse Stories using the scroll bar and clicking on a photo to view the Story. Want it all? Click Watch All at the top of the Stories box to open a new screen that will, well, let you watch them all. When you’re done watching, click the X in the upper right-hand corner to leave the Story.

Story features that are app only

There are some Story features that still don’t work on the website. Unfortunately, there’s no way to mute an account’s Stories without going to the app. You can report an inappropriate Story by clicking on the menu icon at the top of the screen when viewing a story, though. Also, there’s no way for you to upload a Story of your own right now.


Stories on Instagram Viewers

Remember, just like in the app, once you’ve looked at someone’s Story, they can see that you looked at it. That means that if you’re creeping on an ex or an old boss, they’ll know. Tracking views can only be accessed using the app, though.

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