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Shubham Agarwal

Shubham Agarwal


Shubham Agarwal is a freelance technology journalist from Ahmedabad, India. His work has previously appeared in Firstpost, HuffPost India, and Tomsguide.

Someone holding a Google Pixel Tablet.

The Google Pixel Tablet is a bad idea that might just work

Google has repeatedly tried (and failed) to sell Android tablets. The Pixel Tablet could be more of the same, but it also might actually work this time.
people immersed in using their smartphones on a subway train.

Our phones are more addictive than ever — is there a way back?

Smartphone applications are often designed to be addictive, but there's a growing movement to replace those designs with less addictive alternatives.
A researcher looks at a protein diagram on his monitor

The next big thing in science is already in your pocket

By borrowing computing power from millions of smartphones and home PCs, researchers can crack big scientific problems faster than ever before.
Illustrations of natural FFHQ and StyleGAN2-generated images that are hardly distinguishable

AI-generated faces are taking over the internet

AI can easily generate realistic faces that are completely fake, and it's making it harder for us to stop the spread of misinformation
Google Logo

Google has a new plan to replace cookies. Will it work?

Google is on a mission to replace cookies with something better, but thus far every alternative it has built would give it even more power over the web.
Cloud storage for downloading an isometric. A digital service or application with data transmission. Network computing technologies. Futuristic Server. Digital space. Data storage.

The Interplanetary File System: How you’ll store files in the future

The Interplanetary File System is a radical new file storage protocol that could potentially lead to a tectonic shift in how information is stored on the web.
Lineup of all 5 Navlab autonomous vehicles.

How a big blue van from 1986 paved the way for self-driving cars

Despite being bigger than a moving truck and sporting less computing power than a first-gen Apple watch, the Navlab-1 was a surprisingly capable autonomous car
homeplenish-splindle toilet paper holder

This gizmo tracks your TP usage and automatically orders more when you get low

Homeplenish's smart toilet paper holder tracks your usage and automatically orders more so that you never run out.
CES 2022 Feature

CES 2022: The biggest news and announcements so far

We rounded up all the biggest announcements and news that have surfaced so far at CES 2022. Enjoy!
anker video bar

Anker’s all-in-one webcam/mic/light is the gizmo we all still need

The Anker B600 Video Bar is a videoconferencing accessory with a webcam, microphone, speakers, and light all rolled into one.
Linkface Dearbuds

These weird new earbuds are designed to dehumidify your ears while you listen

A Samsung-backed startup called Linkface has introduced a radical new pair of earbuds that dehumidify your ears to prevent infection.
Sengled health monitoring bulb

This light bulb can track your sleep and monitor your heart rate from afar

At CES 2022, Sengled debuted a new light bulb that can track sleep and heart rate with a clever application of radar and IoT technologies.
Targus backpack with Apple Find My support

Forget AirTags. This backpack has Apple’s ‘Find My’ tech built directly into it

Targus' latest backpack comes built-in with the tech behind Apple AirTag, which means you don't need a separate puck-sized tracker to keep tabs on it.
Solar Superstorm Internet Composite Illustration.

Scientists think the next big solar storm could create an ‘internet apocalypse’

Scientists say that our existing internet infrastructure -- namely undersea cables -- isn't equipped to weather the next big solar storm. Here's why.
Apple Watch 6 fitness monitor.

Are smartwatches and fitness trackers making us more anxious?

Modern smartwatches and fitness trackers can capture more health data than ever before, but in some cases, that data might be doing more harm than good.
teachers thriving coronavirus distance learning students in front of the lombardy region building

Paper vs. E-ink vs. LED: Does the display affect how well we absorb information?

Does your brain retain more information when you read something on a paper page, or on a screen? Here's what scientists say is better for comprehension.
an anti-5G protestor holing a sign

Inside the strange and scammy world of anti-5G accessories

Fears about cell phones emitting harmful radiation have been around for decades. Now that 5G is rolling out, sketchy retailers are using that fear to cash in
Desktop monitor displaying the Digital Trends homepage.

The internet’s ‘phonebook’ is flawed and outdated. It’s time for an upgrade

DNS, aka the internet's phonebook, has been the foundation of the worldwide web since the 1970s -- but that foundation is starting to crumble and crack.
Man using Optery on laptop

Here’s how I tracked down the people selling my data, then stopped them

Shady online data brokers collect and sell your personal information without your permission. But with the right software tools, you can stop them
Person using Google on a laptop.

Will Google ever lose its throne as king of search? Here are its main contenders

Google has been the king of search for decades and has worked hard to keep competitors down. But there's a small group of startups that refuses to back down.
Blockchain graphic with person working on computer

India’s plan to end spam texts was a colossal failure. But it’s worth revisiting

Early this year, India rolled out a groundbreaking new plan to fight spam calls and texts. Unfortunately, it failed miserably -- but it still has potential.
facebook server hardware data center servers

Should Big Tech pay you for your data? It’s possible, but also problematic

There are a handful of companies on the web that aim to give you control of your data, and even pay you for it. But doing so could potentially cause issues
6 important tech tasks you should get over with while social distancing chores computer privacy getty

Your digital fingerprint is tracked everywhere online. Brave wants to change that

No matter how hard you try to remain anonymous, websites can often determine who you are using a technique known as fingerprinting. Brave wants to change that.
non fungible tokens concept, NFT neon sign-picture on circuit board, crypto art

NFTs have a climate problem, and the solution isn’t coming fast enough

NFTs have an absolutely massive carbon footprint, and while there are many solutions in the works, very few of them are expected to roll out anytime soon.
lg mobile obituary g5 friends camera battery

To save the planet, phone makers need to bring back removable batteries

Smartphones have an astonishingly large carbon footprint, and most of it stems from the fact that they don't have swappable batteries anymore.
girl using phone with headphones

Silicon Valley is racing to build an audio-only internet, and I hope it succeeds

I used audio-based apps like Clubhouse as my main source of media for a week, and now I'm convinced they're the future of the internet.
Tik Tok app

TikTok has a gun problem, and it’s doing nothing to fix it

Tiktok is huge. Millions of videos are posted to the platform every day, and as a result, problematic firearm-related content often slips through the cracks.
Chrome Smartphone stock image

Google has an ingenious plan to kill cookies — but there’s one big drawback

Cookies are a privacy nightmare for all of us, but Google's plan to eradicate them could cause just as many problems as it solves.

The future of Facebook is Instagram

As Facebook itself slowly declines, Facebook Inc. is seemingly shifting its focus to Instagram and using the platform to test new ideas and approaches.
coronavirus crisis not ready for an online first world analysis zoom conference lifestyle image

Follow these 5 simple tips for a healthier relationship with technology

If you've developed an unhealthy dependency on technology, here are a few easy steps you can take to fight back and cultivate a healthier relationship with it.
Popsockets PopGrip for Magsafe iPhone 12

Don’t worry, iPhone 12 owners: MagSafe PopSockets are coming soon

Popsockets is upgrading its line of grips and holders to work with the latest MagSafe-compatible iPhone 12.
Dolby Voice

Dolby Voice is here to make your conference calls suck less

At CES 2021, Dolby has announced new tech for laptops called Voice that will improve your conference calls' audio.
LG transparent rollable smart bed TV

LG’s swanky, futuristic bed concept has a pop-up transparent OLED TV on the end

At CES 2021, LG is showing off a transparent 55-inch OLED TV that sits at and rolls up from the foot of a bed.
Samsung Digital Cockpit

Samsung’s Digital Cockpit is a futuristic concept for self-driving car interiors

Samsung has announced a concept tech that imagines turning cars of the future into mobile offices and entertainment centers.