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mark zuckerberg speaking

Facebook audit finds it’s not doing enough to protect civil rights

An independent audit of Facebook's policies and practices has concluded the company needs to do more to prevent election interference and value civil rights.
amazon prime video viewer profiles

Amazon now lets you create up to six viewer profiles on Prime Video

Amazon will finally allow you create multiple viewer profiles on a single Prime Video account. The update is now rolling out in phases across all regions.
Samsung UV sterilizer

Samsung’s new UV smartphone sterilizer doubles as a wireless charger

Samsung has globally announced a new UV sanitation box that can wirelessly charge your smartphone while sterilizing it with the help of ultraviolet light.
TikTok's Logo

The U.S. is ‘looking at’ banning TikTok, Pompeo says

In a Fox News interview, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the United States is "looking at" banning China-based social media apps, including TikTok.

TikTok is quitting the Hong Kong market over free speech concerns

TikTok says it's pulling out of the Hong Kong market in the wake of a controversial new security law that will require tech companies to hand over user data.
Trump in front of Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey stylized image

Social media platforms are finally acting like the mini-governments they are

Online platforms such as Facebook have begun actively taking action against hate speech. Are they finally getting better at governing their platforms?
Google Logo

U.K.: Google and Apple’s billion-dollar search engine deal stifles competition

United Kingdom's markets regulator says Apple and Google's billion-dollar search engine deal creates "a significant barrier to entry and expansion” for rivals.
Trump Twitter

Twitter takes down a meme tweeted by Trump for copyright infringement

Yet again, Twitter has taken down a meme tweeted by President Donald Trump over copyright issues after a takedown notice was filed by the New York Times.
Google Pixel Event

Google will announce new smart home features on July 8th

Google has announced a new developer-focused virtual event set to take place on July 8th for announcing its latest smart home features, tools, and initiatives.
TikTok phone hero image

India bans TikTok and 58 other Chinese apps over data privacy concerns

India has banned 59 Chinese apps including TikTok claiming they pose a threat to Indians’ data privacy and secretly transfer data to servers outside India.
Google Logo

Google cracks down on voting-related ads that mislead users to malicious sites

Google has taken down dozens of deceptive ads that mislead users to malicious sites when they looked up for voting-related information on the search engine.
Google phone call screening

Google will soon tell you why a business is calling on Android

Google is developing a new feature called Verified Calls for its default Phone app. It will soon begin telling you why a business is trying to get in touch.
Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

This could be our first clear look at Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung's upcoming smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch 3 has been leaked in a new render. The watch will have a familiar look and all the essentials, including GPS.
Jumbo privacy app

This app will help prevent Big Tech from tracking you

Jumbo's latest privacy control update — which disables third-party tracking — could be a nightmare for companies that furtively track what you do on your phone.
Amazon Logo

Amazon may be considering adding live TV to Prime Video

A new report and several job listings suggest Amazon is considering adding live TV programming and channels to its on-demand streaming service, Prime Video.
AirPods Pro taken out of case.

iOS 14 learns your charging habits to extend your AirPods’ lifespan

Apple has added a new feature called Optimized Battery Charging on iOS 14 that learns your charging habits to reduce how quickly your AirPods' batteries age.
iOS 14 Main Home

iOS 14 lets you perform actions by tapping the back of your iPhone

Apple has added a new accessibility option on iOS 14 that lets you perform actions like firing up Siri by tapping the back of your iPhone twice or thrice.
apple macbook pro dell xps 13 microsoft surface x deals amazon best buy fathers day sale 2020 2016 hero 1200x9999 2 720x720

Refreshed iMac and MacBook Pro said to be first in line for Apple’s own chips

A new analyst report claims a refreshed 24-inch iMac and 13-inch MacBook Pro will be the first Mac models to run on Apple's own ARM-based chipsets.
Woman reading and texting on smartphone in bed

A state of unrest: How working from home is screwing up sleep, and how to fix it

The coronavirus and other tragedies in the world, as well as an abrupt shift to remote work, has left many of us without sleep. Here's what you can do about it.
Trump Twitter

Twitter takes down Trump’s doctored CNN video over copyright issues

Twitter, for the second time, has taken down a video shared by President Trump for infringing copyright. The tweet has also been flagged as manipulated media.
Trump with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey stylized image

Twitter flags a video tweeted by President Trump as manipulated media

Twitter has cracked down a doctored video tweeted by President Trump on Thursday, and has slapped a manipulated media label on it though the video remains.
A person on the Google home page on a MacBook.

Google’s new Chrome add-on lets you create links to specific text on a webpage

Google has released a new barebones extension called Link to Text Fragment that lets you create and share links to a specific piece of text on a web page.
The Google Pixelbook on a desk.

Google is bringing desktop Windows apps to Chromebooks

Google is partnering with software maker Parallels to bring support for legacy, desktop Windows apps like Microsoft Office to Chromebook enterprise users.
Google Duo 32 person video calls

You can now video chat with up to 32 people on Google Duo

Google is expanding the participant limit for group video calls to 32 people on its consumer-facing platform, Duo. It's currently limited to the Chrome browser.
Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook will now let users turn off political ads

Facebook will let users turn off political ads, and launched a new information hub for the 2020 election that will offer users resources about voting.
Pocket Casts app.

Apple removes Pocket Casts from the Chinese app store under government pressure

Apple has removed the podcasts aggregator app Pocket Casts from the app store in China at reportedly the request of the country's official internet watchdog.
Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL Hands on

Google reportedly sold more phones than OnePlus in 2019

Google's Pixel division reportedly sold more phones than OnePlus in 2019. The company shipped an estimated 7.2 million units, 52% more than it did in 2018.
WhatsApp messaging app

WhatsApp says Google no longer indexes Click to Chat users’ phone numbers

After a researcher pointed out how anyone could access thousands of WhatsApp phone numbers, WhatsApp says Google will no longer index Click to Chat users.
IBM's Summit Supercomputer

IBM will no longer develop or research facial recognition tech

In a letter to Congress, IBM CEO Arvind Krishna said IBM is exiting the facial recognition business and called for new reforms to combat racial injustice.
Signal blur faces tool

How to blur faces in pictures before sending them on Signal

Signal has rolled out a new tool inside its secure chat app that lets you easily blur faces in pictures before sending them to someone. Here's how to use it.
Trump Twitter

Twitter pulls down Trump campaign’s George Floyd videos over copyright issues

Twitter has removed two tribute videos posted by president Trump's reelection campaign handles, Team Trump and Trump War Room for copyright infringement.
Dropbox Passwords

Dropbox is conducting trials on a password manager service

Dropbox has listed a password manager app on the Android Play Store called Dropbox Papers. It's available to select Dropbox customers in private beta for now.
tiktok ad monetization creator strategy analysis tiktokmoney illustration grain d 200528

TikTok isn’t paying its biggest stars, but they don’t really care

TikTok just had its best quarter as more people are tuning in than ever. But will the lack of ad monetization hamper its growth and popularity among creators?
A user on a Zoom call with four other participants.

Zoom won’t encrypt free calls, so it can help the FBI catch intruders

On an earnings call, Zoom CEO Eric Yaun told investors that the company won't encrypt calls of free users so that law enforcement agencies can catch intruders.