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apple watch stroke study series 5 ecg

The Apple Watch 6 could be capable of detecting blood oxygen levels

The Apple Watch may soon be able to measure blood oxygen levels. As per a new report, Apple is likely developing two new health features for its smartwatch.
Man in Wuhan wearing a mask amid coronavirus outbreak

Online platforms like Facebook are losing yet another ‘infodemic’ war

With cases of Coronavirus on the rise around the globe, online platforms like Facebook and Google are struggling to stem the resulting tide of misinformation.
how to set up voicemail on an iPhone

Can switching to an old, outdated smartphone cure your addiction?

With huge screens and endless battery, modern phones are built to fuel your addiction. So can an old iPhone 6S help?
iOS 13 Hands-on

Apple now allows iOS apps to send ads through push notifications

Apple's new updated guidelines include a change that allows iOS developers to send you ads through notifications -- as long as they have your consent.
Chrome OS Ambient EQ feature

Your Chromebook may soon be able to adjust its screen based on your surroundings

Google has announced a new Chrome OS feature called Ambient EQ that will automatically adjust the display’s color and white balance based on your surroundings.
pixel 4 motion sense gestures

Latest Google Pixel update lets users pin Google Pay to the power button menu

Google’s March Feature Drop has arrived. Along with the March security patch, it brings a handful of features Pixel owners have been requesting for a while.
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

Samsung may soon launch an affordable variant of the Galaxy Tab S6

A new leak offers the first look at Samsung's next midrange tablet, called Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, that's expected to arrive sometime in the "next few weeks."
firefox chrome back end mozilla symbol hq headquarters building sign convention open source

Mozilla Firefox’s new feature will make it harder for ISPs to spy on you

Mozilla will soon begin enabling DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) by default in the United States making it harder for internet carriers to snoop on your browsing data.
india tech focus analysis feature getty

Why India is the newest hotbed for tech experimentation

Tech giants have been actively trying to break into the Indian market with exclusive and experimental features that are designed for the local audience.
Google Logo

Chinese phone makers are challenging the Play Store. Should Google be worried?

Huawei, Xiaomi, Vivo, and Oppo are joining hands to build an app store. Since they dominate nearly half of the global market share, should Google be worried?
Pixel 4 XL Face Unlock girl

Skip the screen: Android 11 has a secret way to get stuff done

Android 11 comes with a hidden gesture code-named ‘Columbus’ that allows users to perform actions by simply double-tapping the back of a Google Pixel.
LG V60 ThinQ press render leak

LG’s next flagship phone, the V60 ThinQ, leaks after MWC cancellation

LG’s next flagship phone, the LG V60 ThinQ, has broken cover in a new leaked press render. It features a tiny notch, gold frame, and a Google Assistant button.
how to use instagram voice message feature feat

Instagram may soon bring back the reverse-chronological feed

Instagram may bring back the old reverse-chronological feed. It's experimenting with a new Latest Posts tab, but that's in the testing phase and far from public release.
Facebook Hobbi screenshots

Facebook’s latest experimental app lets you document your hobbies

Facebook has released a new, experimental app called Hobbi, which allows users to document and keep tabs on the progress of their favorite hobbies and projects.
whatsapp group admin feature telegram

WhatsApp follows Facebook and YouTube to over 2 billion monthly users

Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp announced in a blog post that its 11-year-old app now hosts over 2 billion monthly users -- up from 1.5 billion in 2017.
Best email apps for Mac: Edison Mail

Here’s why you should never trust those ‘privacy-focused’ email apps

Some third-party email clients have been scraping their users’ inboxes and selling anonymized data to corporate giants in the finance and e-commerce sectors.
Taika Waititi

Oscar winner Taika Waititi calls Apple’s Butterfly keyboards ‘horrendous’

Moments after accepting his first Academy Award, Jojo Rabbit writer and director Taika Waititi lashed out at Apple’s flawed keyboards while taking questions from the press.
galaxy z flip

Samsung previews foldable Galaxy Z Flip phone in Oscars ad

Two days before its official unveiling, Samsung previewed its second foldable phone, the Galaxy Z Flip in a 30-second advert during the 92nd Academy Awards.
keychron k2 review experience mechanical keyboard

The Keychron K2 is the mechanical keyboard for Mac I’ve always wanted

The Keychron K2 offers just about everything you'd want from a wireless mechanical keyboard today and more. It's backlit, compatible with all major operating systems, and can last weeks on a single charge.

Instagram may finally let influencers make money off their IGTV videos

Instagram may finally share a piece of its $20 billion ad revenue with creators. The social network is found to be testing a monetization platform for IGTV.
Motorola Edge Plus leak

Motorola’s next flagship with 90Hz wraparound screen previewed in new leak

A new leak offers the first look at the Motorola Edge+. It will reportedly feature a curved screen that wraps around the edges along with a 90Hz refresh rate.
Whatsapp-encryption-header 2

WhatsApp fixes bug that could have allowed hackers to read your desktop files

WhatsApp patched a security loophole in its desktop apps last month that could have potentially allowed hackers to access your computer’s local files.

Apple may have a solution for that annoying crease on folding devices

Apple may be gearing up to throw its hat in the folding device ring. Apple has been issued a new patent that features a hinge mechanism for "an electronic device that uses a flexible display." The design's highlight is a pair of "movable flaps" that prevent the display from being creased when folded.
Google Photos

Google Photos bug shared some users’ private videos with strangers

Google has informed a few Google Photos users that a bug may have caused their private videos or partial archives to be accidentally shared with strangers.
whatsapp group admin feature telegram

WhatsApp contains ‘dangerous’ and deliberate backdoors, claims Telegram founder

Telegram Messenger’s founder, Pavel Durov has called using WhatsApp “dangerous”. The 35-year-old has accused WhatsApp of deflecting blame and claimed that WhatsApp’s security bugs were in fact, intentionally planted backdoors to comply with and appease local enforcement agencies.
Super Bowl LIV Behind the Scenes

Roku will likely lose all Fox channels a day before Super Bowl LIV

In a surprising turn of events, Roku has announced it will pull all of Fox cable channels from its platform on February 1st -- a day before the Super Bowl 2020 takes place. Viewers who wish to stream the annual sporting event will have no choice other than to subscribe to a separate streaming service.
Google Assistant at the bottom of a phone.

Google’s next virtual assistant could chat your ear off on just about any topic

In a new paper, Google detailed a "human-like" chatbot called Meena that can "engage in conversation on any topic." Meena, unlike its peers such as Google’s own Assistant, is an open-domain chatbot and is designed to contextually and constantly converse with you -- no matter the topic.
Moto G8

Motorola’s next affordable phone, the Moto G8, previewed in new leak

A new leak offers the first look at one of Motorola’s next pair of affordable smartphones, the Moto G8. The phone is expected to feature a hole-punch cutout for the selfie camera, a familiar polycarbonate exterior, and an LCD screen that will go nearly edge to edge save for a thick chin.
instagram igtv tiktok youtube 2020 analysis broken feat

Instagram wants to be both YouTube and TikTok, but it’s succeeding at neither

Instagram's dismissal of the IGTV button on its main app signals the video platform's growing troubles as competitors like TikTok continue to rise. IGTV, while trying to take on both TikTok and YouTube, has evolved into a confusing offering and pushed users to look elsewhere for their vertical content.
Amazon Echo Input Portable buttons

A battery-powered Amazon Echo? I wish all smart speakers had this feature

After a week with Amazon's Echo Input Portable, I'm convinced that a rechargeable battery should be a must-have feature in smart speakers. The addition of a battery unlocks several new use cases and lets the Echo Input Portable work like any other smart speaker -- without being tied up to a power outlet.

Latest beta update brings dark mode to WhatsApp; here’s how to try it yourself

At long last, WhatsApp is embracing the dark side. The Facebook-owned instant messaging app, after months of testing, has begun rolling out a dark mode toggle to Android users on the beta channel. The new black theme works across the entire app and even overhauls the backdrop of the settings menu.
Sign in to iCloud

Report says Apple doesn’t secure iCloud backups because the FBI asked it not to

A new report claims Apple backtracked on its plan to end-to-end encrypt iPhone owners’ iCloud backups after the FBI, citing that the move would harm investigations, hounded it not to go ahead with it two years ago. Before launching, the company consulted the FBI and upon objection, it dropped the plan.
Google envelope digital wellbeing app

Google releases 3 more Android apps to help you spend less time on your phone

Google has released three more Android apps that help you spend less time on your phone called Envelope, Activity Bubbles, and Screen Stopwatch. The new apps have emerged from the Experiments With Google division and offer unorthodox solutions to beat smartphone addiction.

WhatsApp will be ad-free because Facebook has a better plan to make money off it

Facebook has shelved its plan to bring ads to WhatsApp Status. However, the decision was unlikely to have been driven by a moral call. Instead, Facebook has apparently found a more lucrative and scalable monetization route than ads. Here's what seems to have motivated the decision.