Vonnen can make you a 911 Hybrid before Porsche can

Vonnen has created an aftermarket hybrid system designed to boost performance on Porsche 911 models made since 2012. The system installs over the stock drivetrain and adds up to 150 foot-pounds of torque.
the porsche 911 hybrid is here from aftermarket firm vonnen 2

Here’s how fast the Note 10 Plus’ battery charges compared to the competition

Samsung has lagged in charging speed for years. The Note 10 Plus changes that -- here's how it fares.
Note 10 Plus charging test

The evolution of NASA’s moon buggy is even wilder than where it landed

In 1971, NASA launched the first car to go to the moon. They also sent astronauts to drive it. The further you dig into their design, the more amazing the rovers, which still reside on the moon, become.

Verizon just flipped 5G live in Chicago, but finding it is like panning for gold

Verizon activated its first 5G network in the U.S. on April 3, a week ahead of schedule, and we flew to Chicago to see what it’s like. There’s a high cost of entry, so is it worth it -- at least in 2019?
verizons 5g network is live heres what its like to use verizon moto5g feature 8